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Christian Kane is at the top of a new list: bands I would go to Sacramento to see again. The concert was fucking awesome, and the experience was tons of fun.

The Stoney Inn is a funky place: you come into the small front bar, which has karaoke, stairs to a tiny upstairs area, bathrooms, and the door to the back bar/performance space. In the back bar, there are tables and bar-height seating around the dance floor that's right in front of the stage. (If you paid for either level of expensive tickets, you got a reserved seat. The rest of us stood, which was fine with me and [ profile] norwich36 hung around the edges and sat when someone either didn't show up or vacated their reserved seat.)

The first opener was a girl named Pammie Lowe. Everything she was wearing sparkled. Her bassist and drummer were about as young as she was (I found an article saying she was 21 as of November 2010). Her two guitarists (she was also playing guitar) and the keyboardist were all old enough to be her dad, or possibly even her grandpa. (If you've seen Country Strong, Pammie Lowe reminded me a bit of the first time we see Chiles on stage, only with less stage presence and no stage fright.) There was a woman on the dance floor trying to get people to dance. I assume it was Pammie Lowe's aunt as mom was probably the woman right in front of the stage taking pictures. There were a few truly skilled couples who did some country swing dancing, and the people who seemed to be Stoney Inn regulars eventually started line dancing. After the first one, I joined in even though I didn't know what I was doing - the regulars were used to this and kept pointing us newbies in the right direction - which was tons of fun.

Picture )

The second opener was the Brodie Stewart Band. They did a couple of covers that were fun - including Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," which only made us feel more like we were in a J2 AU - but that's really all there is to say about them. The most notable thing about their set is that there is a teeny tiny balcony area up above the stage, and Steve was up there watching for part of it. (I decided not to be ultra creepy and refrained from taking a picture of him up there.)

Between sets, there was line dancing, and I mean serious line dancing. The dance floor cleared enough space for a large group of people to line dance and then the DJ called each dance and counted everyone in. There were two women I couldn't stop watching.

Picture )

This is not the best picture of them, but you can get the idea. They spent a lot of time dancing together, which was interesting in that it wasn't quite the girls dancing together for the attention of men thing (although the two drunk guys with cowboy hats - Jared and Jensen in the AU - did come dance with them a bit later, which kind of ruined my enjoyment of them for those brief periods of time), but more that they were just having fun. Both [ profile] norwich36 and I hope they're actually lesbians and not just friends out having fun together. (In the AU, they're Danneel and Katy Cassidy. Alternately, I now kind of want to read or write a country novel where there's a lesbian couple and a gay couple and they go to shows together because it's less dangerous/more socially acceptable.)

Kane (at the very end, Chris said, "We're Kane," which was awesome since I thought they'd abandoned that as a band name and were doing everything under Christian Kane) finally came on around ten. They were so fucking awesome. I'm an Original Kaniac (as silly as the term is), so obviously I was going to think they were awesome, but they really were totally awesome. I worked my way up so I was in the thick of the crowd (maybe five or six people deep from the stage), and despite being short, I managed to see both Chris and Steve. People, I don't know how to tell you how much I loved this experience, so let me stick to highlights:

This got long. )

Pictures! Kane on stage and me with Steve. )

Out of order (but complete, I think) set list: The House Rules; Callin' All Country Women; American Made; Let's Take a Drive; Let Me Go (Chris said this is going to be the next single); Thinking of You; Whiskey In Mind; Seven Days; Middle American Saturday Night; Luckenbach, Texas; something of Jason's that I didn't catch the name of (maybe "Faith"? It was the one song none of us knew); Blaze; and Rattlesnake Smile as the encore.
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Today is Chris's turn to be featured here on 22 Days of Music. I'm sure he's very proud. (I have to tell you that I set up a comprehensive Google alert for him, and since I have my LJ set to let Google index it, when I post about him, it shows up in my Google alerts the next day, and makes me laugh.)

I thought about picking one of his new songs as Christian Kane, but I've already told you about how much I like "Let Me Go." Plus, when I'm listening to him, I'm usually listening to Kane songs off of their two CDs. (For those of you who don't know: Kane was Chris and Steve and sometimes some other people, while Chris's solo career now has varying other band members backing him up.) According to iTunes' Top 25 Most Played feature, there are two Kane songs off of Kane: Acoustic Live In London! (I swear the exclamation point is there on the CD even though it doesn't show up that way on the merch page) tied for my third most listened to song. (While twenty of the twenty-five are Kane songs, neither of the top two are.) "Track 29" seems more appropriate for the day before Valentine's Day because their intro commentary for it tells us that it's about a girl and because part of what I love about it is that Chris is laughing at the beginning. But it's also Friday the 13th, which seems like a day for turning things on their heads, which is why today's song is "Mary Can You Come Outside." Where else are you going to find a badass country singer doing a song about the dilemmas involved in overhearing a domestic violence situation? In the intro track just before this begins, Chris says, "I went over and politely knocked on the door and then politely beat the shit out of him."

Mary Can You Come Outside - Kane
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You had to know that Chris and Steve were up next. I just want you to admire my restraint - I could have cheated it and done four days of them with the letter but not spirit of the law argument that Steve Carlson, The Steve Carlson Band, Christian Kane, and Kane are four separate artists, but I resisted.

Today's song is Steve's "Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl," which I very much like and which has the advantage of being a love story and therefore appropriate for the approach to Valentine's Day.

Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl - Steve Carlson
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In case you haven't been in close touch with me recently, you should know this: Christian Kane is my new fandom. Seriously. At a later date, I promise to write up a recs list (including the special sex in the cab of a pickup section), but this is a music entry, and so let me fangirl about their music.

They have a few clips of older songs on their website, and four whole new songs on their MySpace page. I've been wanting to talk about the new stuff, so if you haven't listened to it and want to follow along, this entry will wait for you.

I didn't like "The House Rules" the first time I listened to it. It seemed too generic country. But then I listened to it a few more times, and now I love it. Love it! "So before you come in here with some kinda attitude / you better read the house rules."

I like "Something's Gotta Give" as a song, but you can hear Chris trying too hard. He needs to relax and just sing.

My current favorite song is the acoustic version of "Mary Can You Come Outside" from Acoustic Live In London, but I don't like the new version. It's a little too polished and almost whimsical, which doesn't work for the subject matter. The live acoustic version better captures the emotional impact.

My first impression of "All I Did Was Love Her" was, again, that it was pretty typical country. But, like "The House Rules," it's grown on me. It could be about the Jack/Annabeth relationship from Close to Home, which makes me wonder about its origins. It also makes the part of me that devours Jennifer Crusie novels go weak in the knees.

Mix CD Request
I want a Kane influences mix. They have a couple of influences listed on their MySpace page, but I don't really know the music of any of them, except, of course, for "Hotel California," which is possibly a little too pop to really count. My hope is that one of you has a better handle on their influences and would be willing to make me a CD.

It did also occur to me that buying single songs by a bunch of different artists is what the iTunes Music Store is made for, but I wouldn't even know what to buy. If no one wants to make me a Kane influences mix CD, maybe one of you could come up with some things that should be in a mix and could make me a list of things to buy.

Mix CD Offer
New Friend Sarah made me a mix CD for my birthday, so I dug out songs from CDs, learned to use iTunes, and slaved over a playlist. Songs for Sarah has everything: true love, Jesus, nuns, oppression, domestic violence, dancing, and even a lesbian or two. It's meant to be listened straight through from song 1 to song 22, but it wouldn't fit on one CD. Instead, it comes as a two-disc set with songs 1 through 11 on one and 12 through 22 on the second. If you'd like a copy, let me know and I'll burn one for you.

Songs for Sarah Track List )

The Wreckers
I got caught up in watching CMT's top twenty (This is all Kane's fault, and I quite enjoyed Josh Turner's "Your Man."), and the host interviewed The Wreckers for some reason. I thought they were a pop duo, so this made no sense to me. What did make sense to me was the relationship. Please, please tell me there's Wreckers femslash out there.

Saving Jane
Is it just me, or is Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door" the femslashiest song to hit the airwaves since T.A.T.U.'s "All The Things She Said"?

Pussycat Dolls
I wouldn't want to actually own a Pussycat Dolls CD, but I stop to listen to them on the radio all the time. I saw them on TV on New Year's Eve, and I thought, "They're like the Spice Girls. Only not as hot. And not as good at singing. And not as polished. And there are more of them."

Natasha Bedingfield
I keep hearing "Unwritten" on the radio as if it's newly popular. But I heard it on the radio a whole bunch months ago! That's part of what got me interested in Natasha Bedingfield in the first place.

I heard "Hips Don't Lie" for the first time today. Twice. I loved it, and it reminded me of how much I like Shakira.
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I'm looking for a non-evil place to buy DVDs at a reasonable price. I won't go into Blockbuster, Best Buy, or Circuit City anymore; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Tower are very expensive; and Target's selection is pretty limited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lesson 1
When grating cheese, be careful of your grip. Grate only the cheese, not your knuckles.

Lesson 2
Next to the door of the synagog is an intercom with a sign that says, "Doorbell. Push to talk. Release to listen." Isn't that the truth.

Good Thing 1
My boss complimented my outfit today. Twice.

Good Thing 2
Listening to the Once More With Feeling soundtrack this afternoon made me happy, and then I realized that Sky gave me her tape of the episode, which I will be watching as soon as Threshold is over. Mmm, Threshold.

Good Thing 3
When I came home today, the new Kane CD was on my porch! I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm very excited about it. So excited that I promptly broke off one of the corners on the plastic case while taking the shrink wrap off. Doh!


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