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Here we are on the last day, and today's fandom is SPN/CW RPF. I hope you appreciate the segue from the last book yesterday.

First up is "Yield Strength" by [ profile] t_fic. This is a Jensen/Chris story in which Jensen subs for Chris. I'd only read it once before, and it made me shiver as I read it again today to make sure I wanted to rec it. This is also part of a a whole verse that's mostly J2.

Secondly, "Rules of Engagement" by [ profile] siublach. I've talked about this briefly before. It has some seriously hot sex. It's a J2 hooker AU, so the consent is dubious at best, and the whole thing is a seriously unhealthy dynamic, so, you know, if that's not your thing, don't read it. If you can handle that, though, it's an excellent story even beyond the hot sex.

Thirdly, "Swimming Blindly (To Throw Myself On Your Shore)" by [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside. This is not really kinky, and I've been debating about whether or not to rec it in this series, but it's so hot I can't not. Jensen gets turned into a girl. Things from there progress more or less like a traditional genderswap story. Then Jensen and Jeff have sex, which is the part that's totally hot. They do have sex up against a wall, which is marginally kinky, maybe. There's also a schmoopy sequel, "Like a Simple Question."

Fourthly, and lastly for this post, "Cream" by [ profile] nilchance. This is J3 genderswap porn in which Jeff has been turned into a girl (in the prequel "Cherry," which you don't have to read to understand this one). There's double penetration, which makes it kinky enough to go on this list with no reservations. It's also totally, totally hot. I have bookmarks for both this and "Swimming Blindly (To Throw Myself On Your Shore)" with keywords for easy access.
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Today's rec is a somewhat qualified one. The series is [ profile] phantisma's Daddy!Kink series (there are apparently more stories not included in the master post, but I've only read one of them; it's not quite good enough for me to go looking for more if it's not easily/consistently indexed/tagged), which is J3, with appearances by nearly everyone else they've ever worked with (this is only a slight exaggeration). When I've recced this story to people before, I've called it fake daddy!kink, because Jeff could be Master or Sir and it wouldn't substantially change the story. I tell you this so you know you might like the story even if the idea of daddy!kink doesn't sound like your thing. The story has some problems - it requires some serious suspension of disbelief, the friend who recced it to me wondered how JDM doesn't have a heart attack with all the sex he's having in it, the story where Jensen safewords does not at all go how I want a safewording story to go, she seemed to be going in a Jared/Sandy and Jeff/Jensen direction and then her futurefic timestamp is firmly J3 again, and she has a terrible habit of changing verb tenses so frequently it sometimes happens in the middle of a sentence - but it's also so hot I kept reading in spite of them, and inconsistent tenses are usually enough to make me run screaming in the other direction. My favorites are Filthy/Gorgeous, The Trouble With Keys, and Down and Dirty. Doctor Daddy gets an honorable mention because I would have said medical fetish is really not my thing, but she made it totally hot.
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[ profile] norwich36 wanted to see the biting from the J3 Hooker AU bunny, so I wrote a paragraph. And then she wanted more from that and had a JDM sad face icon to ask with, so I wrote that too. So if there's something you specifically want to see more of from that universe, request it here or in that post, and I'll see what I can do. My brain had two requests:

Graduation )


Jensen's First PT Client )
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I read the OT3verse by [ profile] beanside and [ profile] nilchance (and this fandom is weirding me out with the way I keep running into the same people from the past - I knew them back in Metallica fandom seven or eight years ago, this morning I read a de-aged Dean fic by Emily Brunson, and [ profile] jstabe who I know for her hot Buffyverse threesome series has a J2 banner), and it sparked this. This is the long explanation of a bunny with more bits of story than I expected to write. I was going to just email to Molly and Sky and Nora, but then I thought some of you might be interested too. Plus, it's kind of long now.

J3 Hooker AU Bunny )


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