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If you don't know what knotting is, fanlore has a good overview. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting stories to tell about alpha/beta/omega worlds, but I'm not in it for those stories. I'm totally in it for the porn. Overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks to read, and knotting totally plays in to that. These recs tend toward the shorter and plotless side.


Working Hard/Hardly Working by [ profile] poor_choices. Chash has done a fair number of knotting stories around the question of "What about the girls?" and this is my favorite of them all: Jared Padalecki/Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese, "Jared has the best job ever, in that he gets to fuck hot omegas and make out with a hot beta during his downtime." Bisexual threesome; what more do you want?

There's a jangle of bells, and Danneel sighs. "Customer," she says, slumping back against him. "What do you think, yours or mine?"

"I hope mine," he says. "I've got a raging hard-on and you're not available until eleven."

"Longer, if this girl wants a proper knotting," Danneel says, smugly. Jared isn't allowed to get off with Danneel during work hours, because he needs to be ready to take care of the omegas if they stop by. Which works for him--he just follows Danneel home and fucks her on her own bed.
Sure to Lure Someone Bad and its sequel, You Are A Fever by faviconObstinatrix, faviconmistyzeo Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, "Jensen plans to take care of his heat the way he normally does: alone. But there’s a stranger on the subway that has a better idea."

“I’m Jared,” the guys says, very quietly. “And I’m gonna fuck you.”

It should be insulting. It should be ridiculous, and outrageous, and the exact opposite of really goddamn hot, but it isn’t. Jensen sucks in a sharp breath, a pulse of want and need rocketing though him. His cock is fully hard now, throbbing in his jeans, and he has his briefcase positioned just right to not scandalize the whole train. Jared takes another step into his space, gets a foot between Jensen’s boots where he’s bracing against the subway’s movement, and his hard thigh between Jensen’s spread legs. His crotch is against Jensen’s ass, and Jensen can feel the solid line of his dick.

“Jensen,” Jensen says, choking on a moan as the guy, Jared, ducks his head to the curve of his neck and inhales. He’s obviously got his animal instinct in check, just enough that he can keep up the charade of normality in public, but Jensen’s got a feeling this guy will take him apart.
X-Men: First Class

Reading XMFC fic usually just makes me irritated with the movie all over again, but we're just in it for the porn here, so the plot doesn't really matter. (This is also why the not quite 60s elements of the porn don't bother me much.)

Fighting Acceptance by faviconheeroluva Hank/Alex, "Not all of Hank's changes are so obvious, and he has problems adjusting. Alex finally gets through to him."

Alex’s mind abruptly supplied him with a vivid image of what it would look and feel like fully erect, but Alex pushed it aside. Mouth suddenly parched, Alex swallowed thickly, his tongue darting out in a failed attempt to wet his dry lips. Forcing his gaze upward, Alex met Hank’s terrified, wide-eyed gaze. He was obliviously prepared for rejection, for disgust or fear.

Those were the things farthest from his mind at that moment, and probably one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. Alex said as much. “You’re hot.”
much in common by favicon1001cranes Hank/Alex, "Kink meme fill. Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what's coming."

Hank catches him staring, and that's it, the awkward-face is back.

"Don't even," Alex says, and he launches himself at Hank for good measure. Literally launches, and he knocks Hank onto the bed more by surprise than force. "I can't wait," he slurs, because sex does this to him, it knocks him out, it makes him languid, it makes him want. He gets pushy and malleable all at once. "I want to suck your cock so bad," he croons, shoving one hand between Hank's legs, fingers sliding just over the head, and Hank makes a noise like he's been shot.
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Title: New In Town
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Jared/Jensen/Danneel
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 4400
Disclaimer: Totally made up.
Summary: Jared's new in town. Jensen and Danneel make him feel more than welcome.
Notes: The idea for this story actually belongs to someone else. Unfortunately, I was foolish when I read it and did not bookmark the post. Someone somewhere had a post of both Danneel and Jared's car photo shoots with some bad porn dialogue, and then there was a lot of speculation in the comments about threesomes and such. Someone said they thought it should be Jared with car trouble, and that's what I ran with. If anyone knows the post I'm talking about, let me know and I'll credit it properly.

New In Town )
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Title: The Popsicle Man
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Chris/Steve (past Steve/Danneel)
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 3000
Disclaimer: Completely made up.
Summary: "Look! Ice cream!" Kayla tugged at Steve's hand. "Please, Daddy, please can we get some?" AU.
Notes: This started as a writing exercise from my writing group (I had the prompts "look," "full house," and "plant," which became bushes in the end). I eventually realized I wanted to write the beginning and something that's near the end, but not all the intervening parts.

The Popsicle Man )
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This is the last of my kink fic recs for this series, and this is the superstar to end all superstars. If you read only one story out of this series, read this one. Even if you don't read kink fic, read this one. Even if you don't read J2, read this one. It's not only my favorite of all of these recs, it's quite possibly my favorite piece of fan fic of all time.

The story is [ profile] technosage's Break Loose Ranch series. The main story arc is J2; there's also some Chris/Steve, Chad/Steve, and Chris/Dave.

Break Loose Ranch is a half-AU in which Jensen became an actor while Jared has a ranch in Texas. They meet when Jared's right-hand man Chad drags him to a Kane show. It's not particularly kinky on the surface, but there's a beautiful d/s undertone to Jared and Jensen's relationship:
Jared splays his palm over his lower back, steadying. "Where's the lube, baby?"

Not, do you have any? Not, did you bring? Quiet, confident, knowing - because, whether he's saying it or not, Jensen is his, and he always carries slick for Jared. For them, so they can have each other wherever and whenever inspiration strikes, because Jared, fucking Prince Charming, won't take him without - not unless he's got time to lick him wide and wet.

"Jacket...pocket," he pants out, and Jared doesn't ask which. Right, always right. Jared's right-handed and so is he. Make things easy, easy for Jared.
But even if d/s isn't your thing, you should read this series because the language and the tone are so beautifully perfect:
In Jared's experience, you can tell a lot about a person from what they eat and how. Take Jared, he prefers flapjacks for breakfast, straight up, nothing fancy in them, just a golden brown batter with a hint of nut, real creamery butter with salt for just the right mix of flavors -- and a spill of thick maple syrup worth pushing a stack of pancakes around a plate to catch the last ever-loving drop of. He figures that says a lot about him, like he's a good 'ol boy, appreciates life's simple pleasures, but he wants what he wants and he'll go to some serious lengths to get it.

Now Jensen, on the other hand, well, Jensen eats about as pretty as he does everything else. Prefers waffles to pancakes, which don't make no never mind, like his mama always says. Jared's got batter for both in the fridge and about now, he'd make Jensen chicken cordon bleu if he asked for it. But when Jared sips his cinnamon-laced chicory blend and watches Jensen cut each bite two squares by two squares, bisecting the ribs of the waffle so the syrup won't run, now that's something worth noting. He figures it means Jensen's had plenty of rough times and takes his happiness where he finds it, always expecting it to run out on him. Not like Jared hadn't figured that out already, but somehow a stack of waffles eaten neat and tidy as you please kinda cements it.

Sunlight streams through the window, kissing Jensen's fresh-showered chest and biceps like Jared wishes he was. Fact is, Jensen looks good in his kitchen, damned good, like Jared could see every morning for forever and never get bored.
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Here we are on the last day, and today's fandom is SPN/CW RPF. I hope you appreciate the segue from the last book yesterday.

First up is "Yield Strength" by [ profile] t_fic. This is a Jensen/Chris story in which Jensen subs for Chris. I'd only read it once before, and it made me shiver as I read it again today to make sure I wanted to rec it. This is also part of a a whole verse that's mostly J2.

Secondly, "Rules of Engagement" by [ profile] siublach. I've talked about this briefly before. It has some seriously hot sex. It's a J2 hooker AU, so the consent is dubious at best, and the whole thing is a seriously unhealthy dynamic, so, you know, if that's not your thing, don't read it. If you can handle that, though, it's an excellent story even beyond the hot sex.

Thirdly, "Swimming Blindly (To Throw Myself On Your Shore)" by [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside. This is not really kinky, and I've been debating about whether or not to rec it in this series, but it's so hot I can't not. Jensen gets turned into a girl. Things from there progress more or less like a traditional genderswap story. Then Jensen and Jeff have sex, which is the part that's totally hot. They do have sex up against a wall, which is marginally kinky, maybe. There's also a schmoopy sequel, "Like a Simple Question."

Fourthly, and lastly for this post, "Cream" by [ profile] nilchance. This is J3 genderswap porn in which Jeff has been turned into a girl (in the prequel "Cherry," which you don't have to read to understand this one). There's double penetration, which makes it kinky enough to go on this list with no reservations. It's also totally, totally hot. I have bookmarks for both this and "Swimming Blindly (To Throw Myself On Your Shore)" with keywords for easy access.
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Today's rec is unusual in that it's a story I've only read once, whereas most of the rest of them are things I've read multiple times. The story is [ profile] thenyxie's "But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This," which is a J2 AU wherein Jared is a spoiled rich kid and Jensen is his new physics teacher who decides he needs to learn self-control. Much of the sex is hot, but since I'm into the sinking into subspace thing, I really liked the part where Jensen uses Jared as a table and grades papers on his back while Jared feels restless and then sinks into it.
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Today's rec is [ profile] pez_gurl's "we killed it (all night)," J2. Her summary for the story is, "Jensen needs to be fucked. It’s just that simple." And, yeah, it's totally hot (it's one of those I have bookmarked with a three-letter keyword for easy access), and it has that thing I love where Jared makes him take more than he thinks he can. Plus dirty talking. How can you go wrong?
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Today's rec is [ profile] felisblanco's "Whatever Makes Him Happy," J2. I don't really know how to summarize it or tell you what it's about, and there isn't one specific quote that sums it up well. What I like about is not what they're doing, but the feeling of love and care and ownership/control/submission.
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I always feel guilty when I post long, serious things, like I should immediately follow it up with something more fun. So this is more fun! Two miscellaneous Chris/Steve AU bunnies:

The Chef AU

For some reason, the chef AU became very popular in a very short amount of time. I think I read four different J2 chef AUs in the period of a week or so. And because my mind is (almost) all Chris/Steve all the time, I thought they should have a chef AU too.

Steve is the head chef at 67, owned by Eric Kripke. Let's make Danneel his sous chef (if Chris has a female sous chef, we'll give Steve one too), Jared the pastry chef, and Jensen the cute waiter. Maybe the three of them can have a threesome thing going on. Jeff would have to be there too. Let's make him the sommelier. Maybe Mike's the crazy busboy and Tom's the other cute waiter.

Chris is the head chef at Hyperion, owned by Joss Whedon. Stephanie Romanov is his sous chef. Dave has to be there somewhere, so let's make him the sommelier. Alexis Denisof is the pastry chef, and he and waitress Alyson Hannigan have an adorable love affair going on. Mercedes McNabb is the hostess. James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter are bitchy waitstaff. Vincent Kartheiser is the broodingly teenage busboy. (Hmm. Except for the part where he's not actually a teenager. Maybe the fact that everyone thinks he is is part of what he's broody about.)

67 and Hyperion are competitors, of course, in the high-end restaurant business. Chris and Steve somehow meet outside of that and fall in love and there's possibly drama about them working at competing restaurants. I don't know. I mostly just wanted to cast it.

The Werewolf AU

Steve's Alpha of his own pack now, a group of musicians, artists, actors: people doing the work their souls tell them they should be doing.

Chris is Steve's mate, which makes him pack second, although he'd probably be that even without it. Steve took Chris from another pack, or, more accurately, Chris came from another pack because Steve didn't fight for him head on. First of all, he wasn't entirely sure he could win that fight with Chris's Alpha, and secondly, he was pretty sure Chris was the type of guy who wouldn't mind being reminded of who he belonged to but wouldn't appreciate being taken in the first place. So Steve went the long way around and applied his music, his cooking, and the firm certainty of his love until Chris left his pack and joined Steve's of his own volition.

Aldis came from Chris's old pack too. He's barely a pup, and he adores Chris. Steve's had to growl to most new wolves and too many older wolves new to the pack that they're to obey Chris as they would him; Chris had to take Aldis aside and tell him to obey Steve as he would Chris. Even though Aldis is new to the pack and hasn't quite learned to read the lines of power, he knows that Chris is Steve's.

Powerful wolves can tolerate silver, and silver jewelry is one of the things wolves look for when they're sizing each other up. Chris has a box full of the stuff. Steve buys him a piece to add to his collection, a wide cuff to cage his wrist. He has the inside engraved with four words in delicate script: wolves mate for life. It makes him feel better. Chris wears it to bed, nuzzles at Steve's neck and lets the metal rest against his skin. Steve doesn't need Chris's whispered "for life" to know what he means.

The thing about having Aldis around, though, is that he makes Jared look mature. Jared's older than he acts, although he hasn't said how much. Steve has some guesses he doesn't share. For a long time, Jared was a floater of sorts. He wasn't a lone wolf, exactly - he had pack ties, it's just that his pack was in Texas while he was in LA - but he hung out with any number of different packs. That was before he met Jensen. Jensen's been with Steve's pack almost since it formed. His previous pack wasn't bad, exactly, just not quite what Jensen needed. Jensen has a habit of getting himself into occasional trouble, nothing too big, just enough to be worrying. It was on one of those occasions that Jared met him, stood at his back and between them they finished the fight Jensen might or might not have started. Jared's been at Jensen's back since then.

This is where the villain should be introduced. The villain is a member of Chris and Aldis's old pack who is displeased that their Alpha (David Boreanaz, of course) didn't go get them back. I don't know who that should be, though. I only know that it can't be J. August Richards. The other subplot is about J (J.? Jay? He apparently refers to himself as J. and IMDb lists "Jay" as his nickname, but figuring out how to style this in prose without annoying or confusing readers is, well, annoying and confusing.) wanting Aldis to come back to their pack because he genuinely likes/is fond of/maybe loves Aldis and wants him there.
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This has not been a good writing week. I've managed to eke out the requisite hundred words per day, but nothing more than that, and I need to both remind myself that this is easy and do some writing. So I'm taking requests!

It can be anything - het, gen, slash, goofy, porn, new, timestamp from something else I've written - as long as it's a fandom I know. I'm also willing to write original bits if that's what you want. I won't even limit you to only one request, although if you make more than one, I can only promise to do at one of them, with the assurance that I'll do my best to do all of them.
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I downloaded a bunch of mixes, mostly fic soundtracks. The one to the fic that was so bad I couldn't believe I was still reading it was possibly worse than the fic, and so I won't include it on the list. But let me give you a rundown of the others:

A Soft Place to Fall (the soundtrack is at the end of the entry) - The story itself has some problems that are mostly due to the fact that the author isn't a native speaker, but she did a really nice job of capturing the atmosphere of the world she was developing, and the soundtrack does a mostly good job of reflecting that atmosphere. The third track, Dar Williams' "The One Who Knows," is a good song but out of place, both because all of the other singers are men and because all of the others are country songs, but other than that, I've really been enjoying it.

Do It Again and Dreams of Men and Machines - These two are fanmixes rather than fic soundtracks. I don't know how much I like either of them on their own, but they both do a good job of capturing the mood they're going for.

Just Want to Drive 'Til I Run Out of Money - I read the story before I downloaded the soundtrack, and I didn't expect to like the soundtrack based on the story. I'm not sure why; I just reskimmed the story and the story makes it obvious that it's more country than the indie/alt rock I expected. I love this soundtrack. I had a hard time getting to this post because it took me so long to force myself to stop listening to this one and see about the others I hadn't yet listened to.

Nosce te ipsum - This is an interestingly odd mix. I think it does capture the feeling of the fic (which is also excellent). There's one song that I may have to also copy over into my Belly Dance folder.

Open Mike Night at the Fremont - I like some of the songs, but I'm not sure it's that good either as a mix or as a representation of the story, which is fantastic. (I did say out loud, "Hey, it's that song. I love this song!" when Matt Nathanson's "Come On Get Higher" started playing.)

The Fortress of a High Mind (soundtrack at the end of the post) - I didn't think I would like this based on the story, and I was right. I mention it here because some of you might like it - it's not bad in itself, just not my kind of music.

Veterans of the Psychic Wars (WARNING 1: This contains spoilers for the story; scroll to the bottom to the soundtrack download link if you haven't read the story yet. And you should read the story, even if you're not into J2. It's a fantastic piece of sci fi, and there isn't that much sex. WARNING 2: One of the songs will only unzip from the file with WinRAR; see the comments on the post for more information.) - This is another awesome soundtrack where I both like the music and think it beautifully captures the mood of the story. You may be tempted to dismiss it because it includes a Backstreet Boys song. Don't. Trust me when I tell you it fits and it all works.

Walls - I thought I would like this more than I did. Some of the songs are good, but it kind of left me cold, and I did like the story.

why don't you do right? - I haven't read the story yet, but I downloaded the soundtrack anyway. It's awesome. I listened to it while reading a trashy novel today, and it's sexy enough for that use too.

Yes Sir (I Don't Mean Maybe) - I mentioned this before, and it hasn't really grown on me since then. I do like some of the songs, but there are too long stretches where I don't. It might be more your thing than mine.

Bottom Line
If you're going to download only my highest recommended of these, that would be Just Want to Drive 'Til I Run Out of Money (country), Veterans of the Psychic Wars (rock, I guess), and why don't you do right? (jazz). (I was going to recommend one best, but I couldn't narrow it down to just one!)
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Today's song is one I heard for the very first time yesterday: "You Are The Light (by which I travel into this and that)" by Jens Lekman. One of the fic soundtracks I downloaded was made by [ profile] dark_reaction for [ profile] hkath's "Yes Sir (I Don't Mean Maybe)" (soundtrack link). I liked the way it started out - it really had the feeling of the beginning of the fic, and made me want to go read it again - but I got tired of it by the middle or so. "You Are The Light," however, is awesome, and made me laugh. I love the contrast the lyrics and his deep voice make against the breezy big band tune.

You Are The Light (by which I travel into this and that) - Jens Lekman
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So a couple of weeks ago, [ profile] schuyler said, "text me," and since I wrote the HPRPF sheepherding bunny via texts to Sky and Molly, I thought I should text her something about Jared, Jensen, and sheep (but not like that). I have no idea if she ever got any of them - I don't have a cell phone, and so I sent all the texts via LJ's text feature.

Writing via text, with each bit 152 characters or fewer, is an interesting thing to do. I didn't want to break in the middle of a sentence in case one text went missing. One sentence came out shorter than I originally intended because the original sentence was more than 152 characters.

So Merry Christmas, have some cracktastic fic.

And Bring Their Tails Behind Them )
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Today I'm thankful for the effect of YouTube and the internet on fandom. Not only did I not have wait and then search far and wide to find out what Jared and Jensen did at Creation con this weekend. No, I only had to follow links around and I could watch them myself (or part of them anyway; the person whose videos I was watching hadn't uploaded all of them) today. They're not quite as cute as previous ones. I think I need to just wait for the short little clips that show the cute bits instead of watching the entirety of each panel.
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This isn't really a story, more like potsherds of a story that you'll need the glue of your imagination to bind into something that can hold water. It also has a pretentious ending. Consider yourself warned. Also consider that you might not want to read author's notes ever again because we tend to be kind of annoying.

Now That You're Here )
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Yeah, so I'm apparently the kind of person who will read a lot of fan fic, know nothing about the canon, have no intention of ever being involved in the fandom, and then be unable to sleep and scribble out almost 400 words of fan fic at midnight. *grumblegrumble*. Anyway, what attracted me to this was the opportunity for snappy dialogue, which I would love to share with someone, but the person I would have shared that with in the past is someone I haven't been friends with in years.

If you can spoil reality, consider this to have spoilers. (To be fair, it's something the world only found out about yesterday.) The thread that sparked this is here.

Average Nudity )
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When I asked for novel-length fic recs, I got two things: [ profile] dine recommended "Lust Over Pendle" (I tried, really, and I made it farther than I ever have before, but I just couldn't get into it.) and [ profile] norwich36 pointed me at her recs from the Big Bang, which, as best as I can determine without doing any actual research (like, say, clicking a link to it), is a novel-length SPN and SPN RPF fest/challenge. I find myself weirdly reluctant to read the FPF. I keep thinking that I have such a no-spoilers policy (I wouldn't even read the inside flap of the last three HP books), and what if I want to watch SPN someday? I will have been spoiled! (Yes, this is silly, and I will probably go back and read all of those next.) Instead, I've worked my way through the RPF. Below is what I thought about the things I did read. I will forewarn you that these are (a) spoilery and (b) somewhat on the snarky side (because I have a bad attitude, and I'm hypercritical when it's not my fandom).

General Observations
First: I continue to stand behind my claim that fan fic doesn't teach you to write description. Despite reading 14 Jared/Jensen stories and even with occasionally going to IMDb to remind myself what they look like, I don't have a good picture of them in my head. The only characters I can really see are Chris and Chad (who I knew something about before) and Sandy (because I discovered partway through this that the real Sandy looks nothing like I imagined from the first story I read).

Second: I didn't find the sex in most of these very hot. There's only one that has some really hot sex, and it's also more than a little twisted. (Er. I'm not sure if that says more about the fic or about me.) I'm not sure if it's because I can't get a handle on what they look like (see the above paragraph) or if it's because I don't have a strong emotional attachment to the fandom (except that I fell for the romance in many of them) or if it's because [ profile] norwich36 and I have different tastes.

Question: Characteristic of the fandom or selection bias?
As I write this paragraph, I've read four of these stories. They are all third person limited to Jared. Is this the way most of the fandom is, or is it a selection bias issue in that this is what [ profile] norwich36 likes to read?

After writing the aforementioned paragraph, I started keeping a tally:

POV tally:
Third Jared: 6
Alternating Third Jared/Third Jensen: 2
Alternating Third Jared/Third Jensen/Epistles: 1
Third Jensen: 3
Third Omniscient: 1
Alternating Third Jared/Third Jensen/Occasional Third Other: 1

In Production by [ profile] reccea
Read more... )

Relax, It's Just Sex by [ profile] enoughoflove
Read more... )

Do I seem bulletproof to you? by [ profile] fleshflutter
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Old Hideaway by [ profile] ivy03
Read more... )

Open Mike Night at the Fremont by [ profile] audrarose
Read more... )

Late Night Double Feature by [ profile] vorpalblades
Read more... )

Spin the Light to Gold by [ profile] belyste
Read more... )

Walls by [ profile] dhvana
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Any Road Will Get You There by [ profile] doodle_writes
Read more... )

Rules of Engagement by [ profile] siubhlach
Read more... )

Yes Sir (I Don't Mean Maybe) by [ profile] hkath
Read more... )

Bright Lights (The Kind You Like to Flaunt) by [ profile] raphaela667
Read more... )

Nosce te ipsum by [ profile] rei_c
Read more... )

Veterans of the Psychic Wars by [ profile] kalireynn and [ profile] kellwyntar
Read more... )


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