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I was explaining that I have too many things I'm working on to be able to actually write the werewolf AU, and I remembered that this is one of the things that just needed a quick read-through and then posting. So here it is!

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers all the way through the end of season 3.


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I've been haphazardly rewatching Friday Night Lights this week. (It goes a lot faster the second time around because I can skip parts that are less interesting to me.) Anyway, I watched the Bo episodes yesterday or the day before, and wanted a timestamp kind of thing.


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So remember what I said about how Friday Night Lights was hard to watch and I wasn't sure if I could watch more of it? Well, you should ignore me when I say things like that. In the twelve days since that post, I've watched the other 48 episodes of the show. (Note: NBC has only aired and posted to Hulu the first six episodes of season 3, but all thirteen episodes apparently aired on DirecTV, so I was able to find them online. This post may contain spoilers all the way through that thirteenth episode of S3.) I think marathon watching was actually the way to go - the impact isn't quite so startling when you watch them at a stretch. Also, I was going to move on to something else when I was done, but I can't. Instead, I'm rewatching the bits I really like from previous episodes.

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I'm now ready for some fic recs, especially Jason/Tim/Lyla or Tim/Lyla or really, anything with Tim. Some recs from me:

40 Miles North of Presidio by Jae Gecko - Lovely Tim/m story.

Five Things Jason Street Was the First to Say by [ profile] hth_the_first - Nice Jason/Lyla/Tim story.

Hotassery is Not Special Dispensation to be an Ass by [ profile] hackthis - Amusing and nicely done Tim and Landry gen fic.

The Pursuit of Happiness by [ profile] brandil - Awesome Tim/Lyla/Jason set during "Let's Get It On."

Riggins & Winchester by [ profile] thisisbone - The most amazing FNL/SPN Tim/Dean crossover. Oh, I loved this story.

Texas Forever by Ishafel - I don't know if this is supposed to actually be a happy story; I found it sad.

Texas Forever by [ profile] t_fic - Excellent gen Tim future fic.
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A couple of years ago I taped the Friday Night Lights pilot when it was very first on. I think I was still getting The Sacramento Bee then and it was Rick Kushman's recommendation that made me do it. I remember thinking that it looked fantastic, but that there was no way I could watch it. It was on at a time when I wasn't home, and I thought that I would put off watching episodes because they would be so heart wrenching and then I would have several episodes at a time and there's no way I could watch very many of them at a stretch, which is also why I thought watching it on DVD would be a problem.

I've been rewatching my way through the first seasons of both The O.C. and One Tree Hill on Hulu as I lift weights, but they've now reached the end of seasons one and haven't started posting seasons two. I was browsing Hulu to see what else I could watch, and discovered that they have every episode of Friday Night Lights. (There are other shows I'd like to watch but am not willing to start in the middle of.) So I watched the pilot again. It's so good. And I wasn't sure if I could watch more of it. In fact, I've been putting off watching it. Instead, I've seen a couple of episodes of The Daily Show, and a few episodes of Arrested Development (even though I recently finished rewatching all the way through all three seasons for the second time in less than a year). Today, though, I decided to brave the second episode. It's so good. And I'm not sure if I can watch more of it.
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You may remember that I've been working on a high school football novel. When I wrote the first draft, I watched the movie version of Friday Night Lights. Now that I'm rewriting it, I thought I should read the book, especially since my novel takes place in Texas in (I think; I need to make a timeline) 1988. I looked at it on the shelf in the library twice before I could bring myself to check it out because I was afraid it would be depressing.

I was right.

I can't believe how horrible it would be for these kids to have the whole world of their whole city riding on them, and to know - and have adults tell you - that once your football season is over, the rest of your life is just a slow slide toward death.

The book is fascinating, even though it's depressing. In addition to the football, Bissinger covers the social world of the town: racism and its historical role in the town, the effects of the oil boom-bust cycle, the way academics takes a distant second to football. The writing has a tendency towards overwrought, but it mostly fits the subject matter.


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