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There should be a story where Fred does all kinds of kinky things to Segs, and it takes Segs forever to realize it's because he lets him.

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If this were a whole story, it would be a mostly unacknowledged V relationship ongoing negotiation thing. Like, Tyler and Segs have a tendency to make out a lot when they're together, and they've gone farther than that a couple of times. Segs and Fred are pretty much together now, but in an open (really open) relationship sort of way. Tyler and Fred know each other, a little, and they're cool with each other the way all of Segs' bros are cool with each other, but they've never really hung out together much.

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I keep saying I refuse to write this story, but I keep coming up with variations, so clearly there's something I want out of it. (I really hope that there isn't a TSegs sexuality crisis story yet only because someone is writing an epic version of it.) Uh, this snippet doesn't have a happy ending. Or an ending at all, really.

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I had a lot of Fred/Segs being married feelings last night, and had to tell myself a story about them as I was falling asleep.

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Uh, so I was plot bunnying in my head, and then this got jossed, and I don't really want to write it anyway, so have the plot bunny. (Someone else should totally write the epic Fred/Segs long distance relationship story.)

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Yesterday Danny Briere signed with the Canadiens (I can totally be a Habs fan; they have the Gallys, Prust, PK, Carey Price, and a non-hideous logo) and Tyler Seguin got traded to Dallas. This josses pretty much everything I have in progress, including one of the snippets I posted yesterday that I only started writing yesterday morning. But that's okay, because I have no shortage of new ideas. Also, my two long, in progress hockey stories were already jossed, and I've decided I'm too deep in (they're both over 50,000 words now) to try to fix that. They'll just be AUish.

On draft day, I actually said, "Seguin trade rumors: but Fred can't move with him (yet)! He still has another year of college and this isn't a Christian Kane song." But then yesterday afternoon, Fred tweeted the results of a Google search for D3 in Dallas (Note for the confused: Fred plays NCAA Division III hockey and refers to himself as a "D3 warrior."), so maybe this is a Christian Kane song after all. (There's even a lyric about Texas.)

The song, for reference. )

If Fred doesn't move to Dallas with Segs (I'm pretty sure he can't unless he drops out of school), I want someone who is not me to write long distance Fred/Segs fic where Fred and Marshall live in the house Segs just bought in the Boston area and they miss each other a lot even though they know they only have to make it to next summer when Fred graduates and can move to Dallas to be with Segs.
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Having a job again means I once again have real three-day weekends. It also means that as I've been adjusting to working, the only writing I've been doing is on very long projects (all three of them are over 40,000 words now), and I could use some creative refreshment. Therefore: three-day weekend prompt snippets!

Leave me a prompt by, say, Saturday evening, and I will write you something by Monday night. Fine print/guidelines: One per person. Lurkers welcome. I will write hockey, but not Patrick Kane. I may write other fandoms; feel free to ask if you want something else. I may veer from your prompt. I will take lyric prompts, but be forewarned that I'm not necessarily good at them. I make no promises about length, but in the past prompt snippets have tended to be 300-3000 words. If there are a lot of prompts, filling them may stretch into next weekend.
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Summary: Tyler's just off center, a little to one side, and there's a space between him and the arm of the chaise. Tyler's phone is sitting there, but that's easy enough to deal with; Fred puts both of their phones on the bookshelf and fits himself into the space.

Notes: First there was a picture of Fred and Marshall napping on a chaise longue. Then there was a picture of Segs doing the same thing. Then [ profile] ninja_orange had a bad day and I wrote her a little something about that to cheer her up. This could be read as gen if you're so inclined.

Story on AO3

Let It Snow )
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Summary: Five times Andrew Ference acts like Tyler Seguin's big brother and what that means for Tyler's relationship with Fred.

Notes: For [ profile] ninja_orange because we were talking about Ference being Segs' big brother and also Segs and Fred legit dating. Thanks to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for helping me figure out the first section.

Story on AO3

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I was thinking that I hadn't written much in the way of hockey AUs, which meant that I started thinking about them. I'm still probably not going to write an AU (at least not right now), but here's a plot bunny for one. (There's another plot bunny, but it will have to wait for another day when [ profile] ninja_orange needs an incentive.)

Junior year is supposed to be awesome. Tyler's going to be an upperclassman, which means he's going to be one of the cool ones in the house (not that he wasn't cool before, but now he's cool with power), he's studying abroad fall semester, and he's going to be able to buy alcohol with his real ID when he gets back. That's the plan, and it's supposed to work even though Brownie's graduated and moved on to real life. Because Tyler and Brownie aren't just about the house. They're solid. Friends for life. And, like, they don't really talk about the fact that they've drunkenly hooked up a couple of times, but Tyler's always kind of thought that once they were both out in the real world, they'd end up together. Except that's not going to happen now, because Brownie met Julie. More than met. Is dating. Is in love with. Is happy with.

It's kind of a relief to go to Switzerland for a semester.

Tyler has a good enough time in Switzerland. He's not sure he really learns all that much, but he parties a little, goes to class when he's supposed to, and makes friends (mostly with other dudes there from Canada and the States, but it's better than nothing).

Then he comes back and being a junior isn't what he thought it was going to be. Everyone else has settled into their places and roles in the house, and they make room for him - of course they do; these are his brothers - but it's not the same as if he'd been there the whole year. They get spring pledges, which he thinks is going to be awesome because without other house responsibilities, he's totally going to be a big brother, which means he's going to get to show someone else how to be awesome. But then his little is Dougie, and Dougie is cool and all, but somehow he's already awesome. Like, the guys all like him and it's spring so he already knows almost everything about campus, and even though he's a freshman, he already has a major and, like, a plan for his life.

Things aren't really going the way Tyler planned.

The only thing that's really working for him is that he's rooming with Fred. Fred also has his shit together - he has a real major, not like Tyler's bullshit communications major - but he's not a jerk about it. He's actually totally awesome. He's one of Tyler's best friends, and he's fun to hang out with. He also doesn't say anything if, sometimes, when it's late and dark, Tyler crawls into bed with him.

So Tyler spends a lot of time with Fred, hanging out at the house, doing their homework in the lounge designated as the study room, going out to bars. They go out to dinner sometimes, just the two of them, and talk and grin at each other over burgers and beers and a giant shared basket of fries.

It takes kind of a long time, until they're at a party and none of the sorority girls seem to be taking Tyler seriously, not that he's really trying all that hard, before Tyler takes a good hard look at his life, and then goes to find Fred and ask him if they're dating.

There's an awful lot of whistling when Fred kisses him instead of giving him an answer with words.

Tyler doesn't have to sneak into Fred's bed after that.
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Summary: "Dude," Fred says, "you are not jerking off in my bed."

Notes: Way back in September, Tyler Seguin and a bunch of his bros went to a Patriots game. The next morning, Segs tweeted a picture of a shirtless Fred that was clearly taken from Fred's bed. At some point, I promised to write [ profile] ninja_orange jerk off porn that takes place between those two events. Title from Nicki Minaj's "Va Va Voom."

Thanks to [ profile] ninja_orange for talking out details with me (even though she didn't know what I was doing with them) and for suggesting I look at Nicki Minaj lyrics for a title. Thanks to [ profile] puckling for keeping the anti lockout squee open for a last week of last things and for making me laugh with her suggestions for title finding methods.

Story on AO3

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Those of you who don't shamelessly hang on every adventure of Tyler Seguin and his harem on Twitter may have missed what happened the other day. Fred and Segs bet on a game of NHL 13, with the loser having to shave his head:

Fred and Segs playing video games. )

Fred lost and Segs shaved Fred's head in the kitchen, and then they had a rematch where Segs lost and also got his head shaved. What's most important here, aside from the ridiculousness and the photographic proof that you can put at least three people on Fred's bed, is that my Fred tag on Tumblr now includes three pictures of his bedroom and one of his kitchen because Tyler Seguin has spent so much time there over the last couple of months.

Then Segs was off in Toronto last night looking like this:

You can't actually prove I've had this open in a tab for hours again today. )

I have so many feelings about this picture that I can barely contain them, but opinions differ on what's going on. At least one person on Tumblr thinks he looks high. [ profile] ninja_orange said she thought it was probably just an awkward photo. I think he looks sad and/or cold. (Honey, it's January. Put on a sweater.) And if he is sad and/or cold, what he really needs are cuddles. Which more or less brings me to my plot bunny. (This was also half just an excuse to post both of those pictures because I may never get over them.)

There should be a story where now that the lockout is over, Segs is in Boston full-time, but his place doesn't really feel lived in because he hasn't been there much since the end of last season. (Or possibly it's an entirely new place; he seemed to be staying in a hotel last time he was in Boston.) So he ends up sleeping at Fred's a lot. And staying at Fred's means staying in Fred's bed, and Segs is totally a cuddler. Segs takes Marshall to Fred's with him too, because he's not irresponsible enough to leave his dog home alone. He's trying to be a good, responsible doggy daddy, but sometimes he gives in and lets Marshall sleep on the bed with them, which just makes it all that more snuggly.

It gets to be a hassle sometimes to go home before he goes to the rink or whatever, so Segs starts bringing some of his stuff over to Fred's, until they get to March or so, and Fred looks around and points out that Segs is living with him. At some point, they get half a clue and realize that if they're going to live together, they could do it at Segs' place, which is bigger. Also, they figure out that they want to have sex, and it's a lot easier to lock Marshall out of the bedroom at Segs' place than it is to contain him anywhere in Fred's place.

When they have to tell people about the change in their living arrangements, Fred (unsuccessfully) tries to argue to Nick (his dad) that he should get some of the rent money Nick can now charge someone else to live in the condo. Segs hooking him up with some of the sweet gear he gets for repping Bauer goes a little way toward making his failure in that endeavor up to him.

Now, if only I can incept more of fandom into being Fred/Segs shippers, maybe someone will write that.
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There should totally be a story where Kane and Toews are actually straight dudes who are just weird about each other, but Segs is cheerfully bisexual and poly/slutty. (I mean slutty in a good way, of course.)

"I think he just doesn't do dudes," Tyler says to Brownie over Skype, and Brownie looks as confused as he feels. It doesn't make sense, but Tyler's pretty sure by now. He's given it his best material, everything but straight out asking, "Wanna fuck?" and Pat hasn't gone for any of it. People who are into dick fool around with him or tell him they're not interested by this point.

And then Jon comes to visit, and he and Pat are hanging out at Tyler and Marc's place, and they're chirping each other, like they do, and Marc says something about how Tyler is "just mad because he's not getting laid."

Jon says something about how he could go out and hook up, and Tyler says, "It's so much work, especially when you don't speak the language."

Marc laughs and says, "It's not about that. He has a boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend," Tyler says.


Tyler rolls his eyes. "He's not. He just gives the best head of anyone I know."

"He gives the best head because he's been blowing you since you were sixteen and knows what you like," Marc says.

Pat and Jon are just watching them, and doing a very bad job of hiding their surprise.

"I guess you don't have to go out if you have someone at home," Jon says carefully.

"Not at home, exactly," Tyler says. "In the summer, yeah, but he's four hours away during the season. Good thing Fred lives in Boston. Not quite as good at giving head, but he makes up for it in other ways."

And then Pat and Jon are even more baffled by the whole thing.

I have no idea where this would be going; I just reached my limit for everyone's gay in Switzerland stories.
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Happy Halloween! Welcome to the fourth annual edition of virtual trick-or-treating.


Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment. (I will be offering treats until nine PM Pacific Time, but if I don't get to it by then, I'll leave you a treat tomorrow morning.)

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user jeremympiehler, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.)


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