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Google Docs informs me I haven't worked on this since the end of May, and since I no longer remember all the details and am busy with other projects, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get back to it. I have written out all the things I do remember.

This plot bunny originally started out as a Mike/Kevin idea, but it quickly morphed (in my head) into a gen story about Mike the gay man joining the Jonas Brothers' backing band and becoming Frankie's mentor.


Mike Joins the JoBros )
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So some people have had some of these emailed to them, but others of you might find them interesting and one of them is new, so here they are! (I cannot believe I now need a JoBros tag.)

These first two are the angsty!Spencer stories I'm hoping are obvious enough that someone will write them and I can just read them.

Angsty!Spencer: Option 1
They're all very rational about it. It's been coming, and when Jon and Ryan finally say they need to do their own thing and they all agree about it, it's fine. Later, Spencer goes home (aside: does he have his own place in LA or does he still live in Brendon's guest room?) and falls apart. (This may not be my first Spencer the with-it one falls apart vague idea.) And then, I don't know. Brendon makes it better (with his cock)?

Angsty!Spencer: Option 2
They've left the studio and have moved on to MKII when both their phones buzz. The first thing Spencer feels when he sees the picture is a burst of white hot anger, and he thinks, "How could you do this to us?" And then he remembers that he doesn't have that right anymore, that Ryan's not his anymore.

He still wants to call and yell at him, because, Jesus Christ, cocaine?

And then he wants to call Jon and demand to know if he knew about this.

He can't do either one because they're not his anymore.

He's still staring at it when Brendon wraps his arms around him and presses his face against Spencer's back.

And then, I guess, they're all cuddly and eventually there's sex?

Do you think Ryan Ross has any concept of how he comes across? Because this really did not make him seem particularly sympathetic to me.

So Zack said, "Then sometimes you need to take a nap in my lap," and I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed that the accompanying picture was a puppy and not Brendon. There should totally be (a) more Brendon/Zack fic and (b) fic where Brendon's all tired and cranky and Zack knows, and knows, too, that Brendon's not going to settle down by himself, so Zack tugs him down into his lap, and then Brendon falls asleep there. (I can't figure out if bandom really doesn't have the diversity of stories that J2 does or if bandom folks just don't tag things quite as granularly. It's surprisingly hard to find what I want when what I want is more than just a pairing. Witness: j2+cuddling vs. brendon/spencer+cuddling.)

Joe/Nick d/s
I don't really have a specific bunny for this, but I was reading a Joe/Nick story yesterday that was almost on the verge of being about power issues. I can't decide what I want more: Joe taking over and forcing Nick to give up control, or Nick being totally in control and Joe just giving up everything to him. If any of you happen to find such a thing of either type, you should tell me about it. (I did write the beginning of something like this today, but I don't know if it's going anywhere.)

Bonus Jonas
What if Frankie grows up to be gay? I don't know where I would go with this, but I kind of like the idea. Like, Frankie doesn't grow up ignored, exactly, but by the fourth kid, his parents pretty much trust that kids can take care of themselves, plus his brothers are the ones in the spotlight all the time, so he doesn't get a lot of the same kind of attention and pressure his brothers do. So he gets to just quietly be gay. And even when he starts dating, no one notices, even though he and his dates sometimes show up on things like TMZ. Even they don't think his dates are dates, just friends. And maybe Frankie never put on a purity ring, so no one really cares about that either. And then there's a guy who is just amazing. Sweet, and hot, and totally into Frankie. And they keep dating, and eventually Frankie brings him home to meet his family, and it takes them a while to realize that this isn't just a friend, this is Frankie's boyfriend. (I appear to be writing a snippety version of this, too, but if someone wanted to write the epic version, I would love you forever.)


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