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Happy Halloween! Welcome to the fourth annual edition of virtual trick-or-treating.


Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment. (I will be offering treats until nine PM Pacific Time, but if I don't get to it by then, I'll leave you a treat tomorrow morning.)

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user jeremympiehler, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.)
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Title: You Can't Kiss A Movie
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Gabe/Victoria (background Mike Carden/Greta Salpeter, Cassadee Pope/Selena Gomez)
Rating: FRT
Word Count: 25,000
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Summary: Two years ago, director Victoria Asher made her first feature film - and fell in love with her star, Gabe Saporta. She thought he loved her too, but then he slept with his costar. Now she has a new script, and she knows that Gabe would be the perfect person to star in it. No one, not even Victoria, thinks this is a particularly good idea, but she knows they can make an amazing movie together. In truth, Victoria never stopped loving Gabe, but can she learn to trust him again?

Notes: Thanks are due to a large number of people. Thank you to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, [ profile] siryn99, [ profile] megyal, and [ profile] mayqueen517 for reading along, which kept me on track and meant I actually finished this. Thank you to [ profile] eleanor_lavish, [ profile] schuyler, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, and [ profile] siryn99 for answering questions and helping me talk out plot points. Thanks to [ profile] icanbreakthesky who made a helpful and insightful comment about Pete and was also excited about this story. Thank you to [ profile] morganya and [ profile] a_dreamwithin for choosing a story I wasn't sure anyone would want to make a mix or art for, and for the mix and art, respectively. (Your more extensive thanks are in the mix and art posts.) Thank you to the [ profile] bandombigbang mods for running this challenge. Title from Jean-Luc Godard via [ profile] morganya.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Mix by [ profile] morganya

Art by [ profile] a_dreamwithin
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So I wrote pretty much nothing yesterday, and I'm supposed to be doing stuff for my writing group, but instead I'm writing out plot bunnies. If you read either of these on Twitter this morning, you should know they've been expanded from that.

Post-split girl!Brendon/Spencer

She cries so much she makes herself sick. )


girl!Mike/girl!Kevin High School AU

Kevin's a nice girl. Mike plays aggressive field hockey. )
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Okay, so I know Cobra Starship has done some less than amazing things recently, and the way some of the people I love and respect are done with them makes me feel a little guilty for how much I love them, but I'm new to this whole bandom thing and haven't had time to get sick of them yet. There are three Cobra things in particular that I've come across and loved over the last couple of days.

"Good Girls Go Bad" Video

In case you haven't seen it:

Video! )

I love every single thing about this video. I have a whole not-it plot bunny post (contains spoilers for the video) over at the newly resurrected not-it community on Dreamwidth. Suffice to say, it sets up an awesome Leighton/Vicky-T AU that someone who is not me should write.

Promo Pictures

Then there are some new promo pictures. Here's my favorite one:

Picture! )

Here's what I imagine is going on: Ryland just said something funny, but kept a straight face while doing it. Alex was maybe involved. Nate knows he's not supposed to be laughing and is covering it up. Vicky-T is laughing, but she's keeping her eyes on the camera because it's a photo shoot. And Gabe doesn't care; he's cracking the hell up because it was funny, but he's also carefully/casually holding onto Vicky-T so she doesn't fall off his lap when he laughs so hard he has to bend over.

Fic Rec

Oh, come on, I wasn't going to make a fannish post without a fic rec! The rec is "We Use Our Wings To Swim" by [ profile] formerlydf, which is an awesome GSF/wingfic story.
Fic excerpt! )
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Femslash: The Other Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name actually made it onto the main track this year. On the one hand, that's good. On the other hand, I'm fairly sure it only made it because there weren't very many panels suggested.

As usual, attendees were enthusiastic and excited to talk about girls, and as soon as I very loudly announced that the femslash panel was starting, the folks from the previous panel skedaddled.

As promised, I took home the flip chart paper we used (complete with alternating colors - a good charting habit) to type up. ([ profile] typhoidk says, "That's what we like about you. We don't have to take notes.") I also remember some of the other things I and other people mentioned. If you recced/talked about something I neither wrote down nor remembered, please feel free to comment with whatever it was!

From the flip chart paper:
  • Some kind of Valentine's Day femslash challenge on LJ. I think it was probably the femslash_today v-day porn battle (Part 1, Part 2).
  • [ profile] femslash_today for multi-fandom listings of fic and [ profile] girls_today for HP fic listings.
  • [ profile] sg_femslash for Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis femslash.
  • [ profile] girls60 for Studio 60 femslash.
  • Passion and Perfection, a multi-fandom femslash archive. (One I'd never even heard of. Ooooh. D.E.B.S. fic. I wonder if it's any good...)
  • [ profile] stargateficrec for, uh, Stargate fic recs.
  • Yuletide, a rare (for large values of rare) fandom challenge thing. Apparently there's Fried Green Tomatoes femslash that's good, although I think I remember someone saying it's not explicitly sexual.
  • [ profile] crack_van for multifandom recs. (People mentioned it in this panel, so it must have some femslash recs too.)
  • Circlet Press, which someone mentioned has good variations of erotica.
  • "Are You Sweet On Your Sister," a Kara/Vala fic that [ profile] hederahelix posted a fic search for during the panel.

Other Things I Mentioned
  • Substitute For Love by Karin Kallmaker, which I brought up as an example of bad lesbian romance novels. You can read more of my thoughts on this here. (Wow. That was over four years ago, and I'm still mad about it.)
  • Hunter's Way by Gerri Hill, which was an example of a better lesbian romance novel despite the fact that they always eat cheeseburgers and never eat the birthday cake. (And Molly caught that they misstate the number of victims in one place.)
  • The Woods, which is mostly terrible despite the presence of Patricia Clarkson. (Why, Patricia, why? You're so much better than this movie.) We don't recommend the movie, but it does have a very nice Heather (Agnes Bruckner)/Marcy (Lauren Birkell) falling in love (although they never explicitly say that's what's going on) montage set to Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me." And you know how I like a good montage.
  • Bandidas, which you may be tempted to watch because it's Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek robbing banks. Don't be taken in by that. It's bad, and they're cast against type (Penelope is the populist peasant girl and Salma is the European-educated Don's daughter) to the movie's detriment.
  • "Parts" by [ profile] reremouse, the Spike and Xander both get turned into girls and have sex story that's the only femslash I've read in a long time.
  • Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica - the lesbian cowboy erotica collection I mentioned working my way through. (I can't believe no one else had even heard of it.)

Other Things Other People Mentioned
  • Sarah Waters novels. I think we specifically mentioned Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet.
  • Um... You all will have to fill in here. I know there was some BSG and SGA talk I didn't understand, but I don't remember what else people said.
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These are the lists that we made on the flip charts at the panel, with a few annotations.

  • Pretty Persuasion
  • Jawbreaker
  • Saved
  • Mean Girls
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels by Libba Bray
  • The Craft
  • DEBS
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Grey's Anatomy RPS
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Bring It On
  • Far From Xanadu by Julie Ann Peters
  • Bleak House (miniseries only or also the book?)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Battlestar Galactica RPS
  • The L Word
  • Alias
  • Marcia Cross/Felicity Huffman
  • Katy/Lucy (I don't know who this is; the Katy might be spelled some other way.)
  • Katy/Michelle Forbes (I don't know who the Katy is; it might be spelled some other way.)
  • Foxfire (movie only or also the book?)
  • Angelina/Winona
  • NCIS
  • Blue Crush
  • South of Nowhere
  • CSI
  • Sarah Waters novels
  • Wonderfalls
  • Xena
  • Deadwood
  • Firefly/Serenity
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Ensign Ro! (I think the exclamation point was just because I was so excited that someone else has a thing for her.)
  • Star Trek
  • Heathers
  • Popular
  • Cold Mountain
  • Bewitched
  • Soccer
  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Underworld
  • Buffy & Angel
  • Dark Kingdom
  • Cybill
  • Will & Grace (someone wanted Karen slash)
  • Wicked (Apparently there's some kind of split between musical and book fans.)
  • West Wing
  • Girlfriends
  • Coupling (UK)
  • Farscape
  • Space: Above and Beyond

LJ Resources

Future Panel Idea
  • Femslash sex tips (Apparently someone has a vulva puppet and a full vulva costume.)


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