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Today I'm thankful for fangirls. In general, fangirls always make my life better. In particular, I'm on vacation with [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and we've gotten to spend good food + fannish discussion time with two other fangirls on this trip.
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Today I'm thankful for a trio of fannish things:

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Today I'm thankful that other people talked to me about kitten AGally today, because that was fun.
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I've made a few false starts at trying to write out this story and I've told bits and pieces of it before, mostly in tiny comments over Twitter, but I haven't told the whole thing to anyone, not even my closest friends. I didn't want - and still don't want - anyone to tell me my feelings are wrong or give me advice. While I might be able to manage it now, at the time I didn't know how to say, even to the people I'm closest to, "This thing happened and my feelings are hurt. Please only say things to me that can be rephrased as 'Poor baby. I'm sorry that happened to you. I love you/think you're great/know you're awesome.'" Telling this story to all of you feels scary and vulnerable: I'm telling you about something that hurt my feelings, I'm telling you about the soft places where I can be hurt, and I just have to trust that you're not going to use it to hurt me.

A Story )
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Today I'm thankful for fandom. Fandom is, in many ways, my home. It's a place where I fit in. It's a place where I met some of my very closest friends. It's a place where I get to tell stories about existing characters or people. It's a place where people enjoy those stories. It's a place where I get to read an ever-expanding collection of stories that are exactly the kind of story I want to read. It's a place where I don't have to ever mention that I have this whole life that can be hard to explain to outsiders because you're all in that life with me. ♥
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So yesterday all I was thinking about was that Tyler Seguin somehow found my post about him, and I thought it was hilarious that he was so bored that he somehow found it. I said a lot of things here and on Tumblr about how I believe in having posts open. This morning I went and read the anon memes and other opinions about it, and I realized that in thinking about how it was my post that got linked, I didn't at all think about how it would affect people who commented on or were linked in the post. I'm sorry. I agree that we have responsibilities to each other in this community, and I'm genuinely sorry that I fell down on those responsibilities and hurt people. :( At this point, the only remaining comments on that post are from people who are okay with their comments remaining or people who commented after it was linked to by TSegs.

I am not going to change my opinion on keeping my posts open. I still very much believe in open fandom. (While also believing that it's not okay to push it at the objects of fandom.) But if this kind of thing ever happens to me again, I will be better about protecting the limits of the other people who were involved in my posts.
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I was going to do things today, but then I got home from running errands after having lunch with friends to find this:

Yes, that is Tyler Seguin tweeting my Tylers Seguin-Brown picspam at Tyler Brown as part of his continuing jealousy over Tyler Brown's girlfriend. (For the record, I talk a lot on Twitter about how adorbs TBrown and Julie are, because they're totally adorbs. No hate here!)

Anyway, I promise I'm not the type to freak out and I won't lock or delete anything because of it. I may, however, not get anything else done today because I might never stop laughing.
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Today I'm thankful for [personal profile] puckling's Anti Lockout Squee Fest. Having to check in on my progress is good for me, and it's been a good way to start to get to know more people in hockey fandom. Plus, the picspam component is always great.
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I'm too far away to give [ profile] lakeeffectgirl actual hugs, but the good thing about living in the internet age is that there's always another picture of Mike Richards, so I made her a picspam instead. (Aren't picspams basically the fannish version of hugs anyway?) By way of introduction, a few caveats and whatnot: First, these are not new pictures. (Ha! Like I could ever find Carts or Richie pictures that [ profile] lakeeffectgirl hasn't already seen.) The idea here was just to put a bunch of pictures together in one place. Secondly, although I snuck in some source citations (because our lives are full of jokes that require citations), this is not a primer. For that, you want either [ profile] riadsala's fantastic primer/introduction or [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's extensive primer/timeline. Thirdly, this ends on a tin-hat defying heterosexual note, so if that's not your thing, you might want to skip the last two pictures.

Lots of pictures of these drunken, reunited married dudes. )
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Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write).

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical au
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. high school / college au

I restrained my impulse to annotate this list (What is "drunk!fic" anyway? Is it just fic where people get drunk? How does that reach the level of a trope?), but since I've seen other people do it, I did cross out the things that made me hesitant to do this meme for fear that someone would want me to write them. I will take hockey prompts, obviously, and possibly other things - feel free to ask and I'll see if it's something I think I can do.
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If you're in hockey, you probably already know about this, but in case you don't:

[ profile] puckling is hosting an Anti-lockout Squee Fest which will last as long as the lockout does. The idea is that you can work on something you might need a push to finish, and people can encourage/help you in the weekly check-ins. There is also miscellaneous squee in the comments.

If hockey is your fandom, I highly recommend playing in some way or another. (My signing up comment, if you want to know my plans, is here.)
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Alternate post title: Fandom: Someone's Doing It Wrong

I'm now caught up on Teen Wolf, although if I really want to be involved in it, I should probably start over and rewatch it all from the beginning because I wasn't paying that much attention the first time around. You can talk to me about it all you want, though. (Warning: comments to this post may contain spoilers.) The thing is that I don't really understand the fandom. A pair of lists:

Teen Wolf fic I want to read:
  • Scott/Stiles

  • Scott/Stiles, Scott/Allison V relationship poly fic

  • Erica/Stiles

  • Isaac/Stiles

  • Isaac/Erica/Stiles

  • Jackson/Danny

  • Anything about how lonely Jackson is

  • Anything about how lonely Lydia is
Teen Wolf fic people write:
  • Derek/Stiles
If you want to try the show out, you should be aware that Derek/Stiles only starts making sense at season one episode nine, and if it still doesn't make sense, the explanation is that Derek/Stiles is this decade's Spike/Xander. (I still don't understand why the OTP of the show isn't Scott/Stiles, but at least I understand the dynamic fandom loves.)
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I realized recently that I haven't bothered to update my master posts or my delicious bookmarks for my fic since before I did 31 Days of Fic in March. Everything is also on AO3, so I'm not sure if it matters. Therefore: poll time!

[Poll #1852026]
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I loved Snow White and the Huntsman. The friend I went with only liked the first hour, and another friend who saw it opening weekend hated it, so I was expecting more varied opinion, but after collecting opinions, they're still the only two people I know who didn't like it. I thought about writing about the movie before, but I didn't really know where to start or what to say; I loved nearly everything about it, and it's the kind of movie I should have seen alone (and did see alone the second time) so I could just enjoy and revel in it without having to talk about it. But I've read a couple of things about it - a small handful of delighted fannish posts and a meta post - none of which get anywhere close to talking about the things I liked best about it. (In the interests of full disclosure, part of the reason I haven't written about the movie is that summer meltdown number one was about this. Even while I was in the midst of it, a part of me kept thinking, "Snow White and the Huntsman, really? This is what's going to send you into a meltdown?" It wasn't about the movie, of course, but about feeling like I was wrong, which I'm even less emotionally equipped to handle in the summer.) So here's a short list of some of the things I liked about the movie, and why I disagree with the tiny part of fandom I've seen talking about it.

Spoilers/Literary Analysis/Fannish Disagreement )
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It seems like all my hockey posts are just repeating [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, but as much as I feel like I've abandoned the rest of my fannish friends (there's a clear divide: the two of us are into hockey; everyone else is all Avengers all the time), this really is what it's like when we're in the same fandom. Anyway, have some links.

First, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's hockey nicknames spreadsheet that anyone can edit. If you know nicknames that aren't on it, add them! I used the spreadsheet this week, so it is useful for writers. (You will get bonus points in my book for including a source citation.)

Secondly, she also transcribed Sticking Together, the definitive January 2011 news article that lays out the Briouxs' domestic arrangements. Highlights include Danny asking Claude to move in repeatedly, neither one of them thinking there was anything weird about their living arrangements, and the kids preferring Claude to pick them up from school.

And then there's her series of Brioux snippets. I am the lucky first recipient of these snippets in my email, and they make my day every time. I don't even know if I can put into words why I love them so much. They are just exactly the kind of story I want to wrap myself up in. They're domestic and soft and full of cuddling and oblivious marriedness. If you don't know anything about hockey, all you need to know for these to make sense is that Claude Giroux lived with divorced Danny Briere and his three sons for a season, then moved out. (Alternately, you can read the news article from the previous paragraph, since it works perfectly well as a Brioux primer.)

Unrelated to the Briouxs, you could also go read this Mike Richards and Jeff Carter article from the Philadelphia media. It's not fan fic, but it might as well be. Richards can only speak in the couple's we and the writer informs us, "While Mike Richards grew to enjoy life in L.A. this season, Jeff Carter seemed to be dying a slow death in Columbus and didn’t hide his unhappiness." I honestly think the hockey media might be even more invested in this relationship than the fangirls.
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I keep thinking I should post about hockey more so we can have more conversations about it and do all that fannish stuff, but (a) I'm not very industrious when it comes to things like pictures and video and (b) I think [ profile] lakeeffectgirl is the person most interested in it, and she and I email about hockey all day long anyway. And speaking of, go read her snippet about the Briere kids wanting Claude to move back in. It's so great! Also, I really want all the stories about the Briouxs and their kids. ALL THE STORIES. (Well, actually, only the good ones. Badly written ones can stay unread.)

Mostly my everyday tiny hockey things go on Twitter or Tumblr. I have a confession about Tumblr: sometimes I open things with the intention of reblogging them, and then don't because tagging them seems like too much work. (And I refuse to reblog without tags. My biggest Tumblr pet peeve is untagged and uncaptioned pictures. You can't interest me in people if you don't tell me who they are.) I think I use Tumblr all wrong anyway because I almost never just reblog things. Everyone who follows me and is interested in whatever it is probably also follows the person I'm reblogging from, so there's no real point in reblogging unless I'm going to say something about it, which I don't think is how you're supposed to use Tumblr. You all know I'm wordy anyway, so of course I can't just use Tumblr for pretty things. I also often open things and then decide that, no, I'm not going to pick a fight about it. (But I think there's at least one thing that's getting some angry commentary if I see it a third time.) See? This is why I can't just be fannish, because I overthink things and refuse to just capslock. Semi-relatedly, I'm horribly jealous of how much time people seem to have for fandom. Why can't I have a job where no one cares if I watch videos of hockey players taking us on tours of their houses at my desk?

I must have more time than I think, though, because I ran out of hockey fic to read. (If you know of things I'm not likely to have read, meaning things not at AO3, you should tell me about them!) I tried reading some Generation Kill fic instead (because I generally love GK fic even though I've never seen the show), but it turns out I've read an awful lot of it already, particularly the AUs, which are what I like most. I don't know what to read now. Is there new good Star Trek reboot fic?
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Patrick Kane

I love some varieties of fictional Patrick Kane. The real thing, not so much. I agree with pretty much everything in [ profile] meiface's post on the subject (and her conversation with [ profile] diora1 in the comments). Here's my problem: I have a number of in progress stories about him that I want to finish because I like them. But I don't want anyone to think I'm endorsing anything about how he chooses to behave. Maybe I'll have to just slap a "this story does not imply any endorsement or approval of actual Patrick Kane" disclaimer on things. (I expect this whole thing won't have a huge impact on fandom as a whole, since one BNF seems to be saying yes to fictional Patrick Kane/no to real life Patrick Kane and the other BNF seems to be ignoring it completely.)

Reunited Marrieds

This reads like the fake news story in an epic Jeff Carter/Mike Richards fic, except that it's an actual article on See also the primer, the reading of which made them my current favorite hockey story because they have a narrative plot. I would read so much fic about them. Specifically, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I would like someone to write a soulbonding story where they're just soulbonded dudebros until they get separated, at which point just being bros is not enough. I started telling myself part of that story yesterday, and then I skipped to imagining Richie holding girl!Carter up against the door after she provokes him into fucking her the way she wants. (Whatever, like you didn't already know that was my kind of thing.)

Marrieds with Kids

Once upon a time, Claude Giroux and Danny Briere lived together in matrimonial bliss with their three kids and two dogs:

Videos. Yes, this is all real news footage. )

Then Claude moved out and baby rookie Sean Couturier moved in:

Video. Sean actually is the fourth kid. )

For some reason (most likely a combination of no BNF interest and a "they're so slashy; why bother writing about them?" approach), there is very little fic about all of this. For an even more unknown reason, I'm very invested in Danny and/or Danny and Claude being parental towards Sean. (I may have written approximately nine hundred words of them all being a family yesterday.)
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Project Appreciation, v. AO3
I'm sometimes amazed by the things AO3 does, particularly in terms of what already exists in the tag sets, and then I have to remember that, right, this is a thing built for us, not some other system we're trying to bend to our will.

Tiny Thoughts on Feedback
I read a few comments on someone's post on how people use AO3's feedback features, which has me thinking more about them. (I don't recommend reading those sorts of discussions. I would rather have not know how some people use the Kudos feature.) I am terrible at leaving feedback. Terrible. I sometimes feel guilty about it, but not guilty enough to leave more feedback. I'm more likely to leave feedback (a) on stories written by friends and (b) on stories posted on LJ. In a twist of contradictory thinking, I never leave Kudos because I don't want people to see what I'm reading, but I dislike AO3's comment system because comments aren't immediately obvious to other people. I will sometimes skim down the comments on fic on LJ to see what other people are saying/what kinds of conversations people are having with the author/if anyone I know has already commented on it, but I only ever click to read the comments on someone else's story on AO3 if I'm looking for something specific (such as checking to see if anyone notified them they mistagged the pairing on their story). What I'm much better at is reccing things. My impulse if I loved something isn't, "I should tell the author I liked this." It's "other people should read this." You might wonder what I'm talking about because I don't post that many recs here. That's because I feel like if I'm reccing something for a wider audience, I should put some effort into it to explain what it is and why you might like it, and then quote from it. That makes recs here less frequent. But what I do when I like a story on an average day is switch over to my Gmail tab, find the appropriate thread, and send a rec that reads something like this: [adjective] [pairing] story where [some enticing detail]: [link]. At least it pushes people's hit counts up?

Friend Appreciation, v. Fannish
I absolutely love the fact that I belong to a group of friends where if you're having a bad day and you're in the same fandom as someone else, there is a good chance someone will write you babyfic/kidfic/deaged!fic. I'm usually on the writing snippets side of that, but yesterday I was having a terrible day, and [ profile] lakeeffectgirl sent me the most adorable babyfic snippet that did, indeed, make my day better.

Friend Appreciation, v. Increasingly Famous
Puck Daddy asked The Production Line to write their Blackhawks season eulogy. I only sort of care about this. What I really care about is that [ profile] stevie_roch is The Production Line's artist, so her drawings (Patrick Kane with a pacifier! Hair gel jokes! Patrick Kane with a lifejacket!) are an integral part of the article.

Three Stories I Would Read That No One Will Ever Write For Fear of Being Called Creepy

  • Trina Crosby gen fic.

  • Taylor Crosby/Stephanie Lemieux. (Reference. Note also that Taylor is a goalie.)

  • A story where some Penguins rookie moves in with the Lemieuxs and he and Austin Lemieux fall in love.
My commitment to writing and plot bunnying things fandom as a whole has no interest in remains strong.
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Here's the rule for this post: I will talk about this show. I will even talk about things not in this post if you want to bring them up. However, you cannot ruin it for me in the comments. If you hate the things I love, talk about it elsewhere, not in the comments to this entry. I realize I'm being weird and neurotic about this show, but you're either going to have to just put up with it for now or skip these entries. (Also, in case you're not someone I talk to on a regular basis: I'm having a rough couple of weeks and I stayed home sick today, hence the exacting expression of my control issues.)

Four things:

Detail from "A Scandal in Belgravia"
Spoilers )

Detail from "The Hounds of Baskerville" and "The Reichenbach Fall"
Spoilers )

I want an "I ♥ Molly Hooper" button.
Spoilers )

Is the ending spoiler a spoiler?
Spoilers? )
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I'm feeling very between fandoms and non-fannish* at the moment, which means I will probably go back to my between fandoms mode of occasional random fic posting and no discussion. (Watch: in two weeks I'll be in love with something new and won't be able to stop talking about it.)

In other fannish news, I have imported all my fic into AO3. Total number of stories: 409. Even taking into account the fact that that includes some permanently unfinished things, that's a lot of fic. I tried to count how many fandoms it was yesterday, but I got tired of counting at thirty. It's probably somewhere over fifty, even doing things like collapsing individual bands into bandom. I knew I had written a lot of fic in a lot of fandoms over the last thirteen and a half years, but that was possibly even more than I expected.

One more piece of unrelated fannishness: I have Netflix again for a while. (Thanks [ profile] allegram and [ profile] dedalvs!) My plan was to watch some TOS so I could get all the references in Star Trek reboot fic. Instead, I'm watching/rewatching (I haven't yet hit the point where I stopped watching the first time around) Grey's Anatomy. It's so soapy and sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in it, but I can't stop watching. I loved this show when it started - A soapy medical drama with lots of female characters? Totally my kind of thing! - and then at Escapade one year someone ruined it for me by saying hateful things about Meredith. (I gather she's generally not well-liked. I always liked her.) Alex/Izzie is my Grey's Anatomy OTP forever. I would take fic recs!

Other things I've been watching: Nikita (my favorite show on TV right now), Once Upon a Time (I wasn't into this week's ep; we'll see if that's the show or my mood), Hawaii Five-0 (I'm an ep behind, and I keep holding out hope that it'll get better, but we'll see how it goes), Revenge (love this show, and they hit the reveal I've been waiting for this week), Leverage (sometimes I love this show, sometimes it's just okay), Ringer (I still love this show for its interesting plot).

* My heart and mind are completely occupied by Sherlock but (a) I don't feel qualified to write fic for it (pay no attention to the Google doc behind the curtain), (b) I don't want to talk about it as much as just hold it in my heart, and (c) I don't really want to read discussion about it because I know that if I do, someone will ruin it for me. [back]


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