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Summary: It only happened once, when they were still learning to live together, still getting used to sharing the same space. Sean reached around Tom into the fridge, and she flinched, jumped, pushed him away hard enough to send him careening into the counter. They both apologized, and Tom laughed it off, sounding strained. For the sake of harmonious living, Sean didn't call her on it.

Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] siryn99 for encouragement and talking this out with me. Any remaining roughness is due to me, not her. Title from Empires' "Spit the Dark."

Warnings: Past domestic violence and discussion thereof. Past abortion and discussion thereof. Villainous Mike Carden.

Story on AO3

Free Fall With Me )
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I actually have a Google doc titled "plot bunnies" to keep track of these things (sort of; I know a lot of them get lost because I forget to copy them into the doc). If you love any of these and end up writing them, please let me know about it so I can read the story! (Unless you take the disturbing one and write a serial killer story, because I'm not into serial killer fic.)

You know, we always assume Pete is all subby, but there should be a story where he gets turned into a werewolf and turns out to be an alpha. No one is more surprised by this than Pete. Patrick swears a lot when Pete uses his alpha thing to get his own way.


Ryan (Luciani, not Ross) ends up pregnant. Mike K, being the only sensible person in that group, explains that he's going to have a baby and he can't live in his car/people's couches. The Stegers are practically family, so Ryan moves in with Max and the Steger parentals. Then Max/Ryan, obviously.


Possibly horrifying plot bunny: Zack quietly takes care of anyone who might hurt Brendon or Spencer.


You know all that fic where Pete sexes up Patrick to show him he's attractive? There should be fic like that about Max. I would even read fic where Pete (creepy or not) is the one sexing him up.


Andy Hurley and Misha Collins both tweeted about the protests in Barcelona. Where's that cracky fic? They meet, and Misha's like, "I already have a threesome," and Andy's like, "That's cool. Want to have sex anyway?"


Once upon a time, I was going to make an illustrated Black Cards mini-primer/plot bunny, but I didn't get my act together and then they kept losing members, and now this is all that's left of it.

There are four people in the Black Cards:

Pete Wentz (bass, frontman): formerly of Fall Out Boy, father of Jessica Simpson's nephew, soon to be ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson
Bebe Rexha (vocals): the girl, formerly of a publicly unnamed wedding band
Nate Patterson (guitar/keyboard): the one I know nothing about
Spencer Peterson (drums): Cobra Starship's Nate Novarro's best friend and former drum tech

You do have to pay close attention, though, to know there are four of them. Publicity is all Pete or Pete and Bebe. The sense I get from Twitter is that Nate, Spencer, and Bebe hang out together. I would love to read a story that examines that. Possibly something about how Pete feels very alone/isolated - he has this whole new band full of people who seem to like each other more than him, he's getting divorced, so many of his friends live far across the country - and how he slowly comes to realize he can be part of this group with his band.
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[ profile] lalejandra recorded podfic of Brothers, my trans!Max story. I am obviously delighted that she liked the story enough to want to do that, and you should check it out if podfic is a thing you like!
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Summary: No one's quite sure where Tom and Sean got the baby, and they're not telling. But now they cart around the baby and a diaper bag in addition to guitars and American Apparel hoodies, tour plans include figuring out the babysitting, and Sean's newest song includes a reference to the softness of a baby's skull.

Notes: This started life as a tiny snippet for [ profile] schuyler on a bad day, and then I kept writing bits and pieces of it over time. This story is mostly a lot of excuses to have Sean holding a baby.

Story on AO3

Family Portrait )
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We arrived in time to catch the second half or so of Colour Revolt's set. This was not a good decision. Colour Revolt is a lot of very loud noise. They really like their reverb at the end of songs. Lucky for me, this was the second show in a row where I remembered to bring earplugs. Unlucky for me, Colour Revolt still sounds like a bunch of noise even with earplugs.

Let me pause to describe the venue. After they check IDs and the will call list, they slap a wristband on you and send you up the stairs to the venue proper. It's about a third as wide as it is long, with the stage at one end and the bar at the other. There's another staircase to the U-shaped upstairs. There's a second bar, merch, and a railing around the inside of the U where you can lean and look down. There's a wooden sculpture above the stage that you can't see during the show because it's too dark. There's a spiral staircase that comes down from upstairs onto the stage.

When it was time for Empires, [ profile] siryn99 led the way into the crowd so we could get closer. We ended up about seven rows back, slightly to the right side of the venue where all the other short people were. It was an interesting height division. I could barely see Ryan, and I didn't know the bassist, so I wasn't paying much attention to him. They are Sirs Not Otherwise Appearing In This Entry. Tom looked better than I've ever seen him. His hair was still messy, but more like he slept on it than like an unkempt werewolf. Sean started the show in a leather jacket, but eventually stripped to his black Henley. The rest of our group was not thrilled with Sean's dance moves. The literal choreography is pretty ridiculous - and I couldn't see what his hips/legs were doing from my vantage point - but I thought he was better than he was when I saw him in May, and yet I wasn't quite was willing to follow him off into his cult. There is a possibility that both of these are opinions brought on by seeing him from a slightly larger distance. What I really liked were his interactions with the crowd. The stage has a block with monitors on it in front of it, and Sean kept stepping down onto it. He came all the way down into the crowd to start "Hello Lover," and then kept pointing up into the balcony. He came down again for "I Want Blood," and that time he came so far into the crowd that he stopped right in front of us.

I'm not sure if it was them or me, but it took two songs through - "Bang" and "Damn Things Over" - for me to get into the show. Then, though, I was hooked, at least partially because they played a lot of my favorite songs (this is out of order, but will give you the idea): "Hello Lover," "The Night Is Young" (which they started out soft), "Voodooized," "Spit the Dark," "Hell's Heroes" (which also had an amazing opening), "Hard Times," "Shame."

Tom looked happier and more into it than I've ever seen him. Sean sang a whole round of "Does anybody else know / does anybody else know / does anybody else know you like I do?" to him. On the other side of the stage, Sean went over to sing to Max a few times - including a block of "b-b-b-baby" - and every time, Max tossed his hair out of his face and just beamed at him. Where is the Sean/Max fic? Or even the Tom/Sean/Max fic?
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Disclaimer: Fictional.
Summary: Tom has a collar.
Warning/Enticement: Kink of the collar and d/s variety.
Notes: I wrote the very beginning of this in December as part of a batch of snippets I emailed to friends. The rest of them have been posted here, but I held onto this one because I knew I wanted to do more with it. Title from Patti Smith's "Because the Night" because I've been listening to it all day.

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A note to those of you who have arrived here via Google Alerts: I am the fan fiction writing variety of fangirl. The plot bunny section of this post is wholly imaginary and meant for fun, not as either reality or an insult.

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I've been thinking recently that Empires' lyrics are interesting in how few of them are gender specific. "Hayley" is about a girl, and "My Poor Lover" uses "she," but the pronouns in pretty much everything else stick to first and second person. Then, recently, there's "Darko" which is possibly (but probably not) about kinky bisexual exhibitionist sex with strangers: "Mystery man, will you watch my back / while I breathe her deep through the evening cracks" and "Man, oh man, if you watch my back / I will breathe you deep through the evening cracks." And now there's "Hell's Heroes," which starts with "My first love / he went away." Even though I liked their gender neutrality, I'm surprised by an actual male first love.

Several of my friends are into Hawaii Five-0. I watched two eps and got why fangirls like it but didn't care. [ profile] norwich36 keeps telling me about the fic, though, and then she sent me some links, so I read some fic. And then I read some more fic. And then I started to run out of easily findable fic that was good. (There's a lot, but some of it, even some of the high hit count things at AO3, is not good.) So then I started watching the show from the beginning, and now I care about it. The thing is that I'm used to fan fic, where we take tiny things and blow them up into something much bigger. This is not a fandom where that's happening. All the things I assumed were tiny things that happened once or were fannish invention are, instead, actual plot points from the show. Steve and Danny are basically dating from the first ep. People involved in their cases start asking them how long they've been married in episode four. I expected them to hold hands and the end of episode eight. Danny starts calling Steve "babe" in episode ten. I'm also finding it fascinating in how it's not so much homoerotic as homodomestic - Steve and Danny's interaction is less sexual and more domestically familiar.
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I had this goal to post something ficcish every Sunday to Saturday week this month, and then this week turned out to be very busy. So instead of actual fic, have some plot bunnies. If you're a regular [ profile] anon_lovefest reader, some of these might seem familiar.

Cross-Band Threesomes )

Empires )

Cobra Starship )

The Cab )

Panic! at the Disco )

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This is for [ profile] trcunning's prompt: "Emp: trans!Max, no pairing, just something about the fact that Tom and Max go waaaay back."

Many thanks to the friends who talked this idea through with me. You made it a better story.

I reread [ profile] azurejay's Document recently and found that it has greatly influenced this story. Hudson's FTM Resource Guide was a good reference for research that didn't explicitly make it into the story. The title is from this.

Warnings: One instance of homophobic/gender policing language. Story about a trans character where the main character is a cisgendered straight man.

Brothers )
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New Moon Bound ends where it does because that's the way it works as a story and that's where that story ends. But when I was writing it, even though I knew that it was a complete story, I kept imagining someone asking me, "Do they get married?" We do write fan fic about closed canons, so you can think of this excessively fluffy wedding coda as fan fic for that particular piece of fan fic. You probably need to read "New Moon Bound" for this to make sense. (Just don't ask me about kids, because that goes to a horribly angsty place in my head.)

In Every Way Possible )
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I really have no idea what my plan for this was. As it is, it was mostly just an excuse for me to use the phrase "metaphorical pants."

girl!Tom/Mike High School Breakup )
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This is not really a story. Like so many other things I've written, I really wanted to write the beginning and the end, and not so much of the middle. To be a real story, this would need a lot more of Tom and Mike spending time in the middle. This is a high school AU, and I had fun incorporating everything I know about Mike's high school activities into it.

Not Your Girl )
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Summary: Sean sits on the arm of Tom's chair, on the side between her and them, putting him close to her and higher than both of them. He can't see her as well as if he'd taken the other side, but he's in a better position to protect her. She's pack. (And just that, only pack, he keeps trying to make his wolf understand.)
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Notes: Parts of this were originally posted here and here.

New Moon Bound )
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A couple of weeks ago, I read this Alternative Press article about how bands don't make any money. They mention that the best thing you can do to financially support a band is to go to a show and buy a t-shirt while you're there. The article made me feel horribly guilty for not spending money on music. I don't really go to shows and I don't want band t-shirts (so not my style to wear things with designs, plus I only wear v-necks) or other merch (I'm not into buying stuff these days). And yet, I really want to financially support bands I support in other ways. [ profile] lakeeffectgirl pointed out that Empires has a donate button on this page of their website (it's hidden waaaaay at the bottom under the Twitter box, and the layout breaks and hides it in Chrome), so I gave them some money. This resulted in not one but two thank-you notes (possibly from a template, but definitely not auto-generated as they came one and two days after I donated), one from management and one from Tom. This is part of why I adore this band; they are truly that sweet and that dedicated to being close to their fans. If you want more than just a thank you for your money, you can buy some of their merch or one of Tom's prints. (If you like Tom's style but not any of the specific prints there, he does rotate them - as soon as one sells out, he puts up something new. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog/[ profile] tomconradsyn to see when he puts up something new.) You should also read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's post which says all this more fervently and more eloquently than I just did.

There is also an easy, non-financial way you can support Empires. They are one of sixteen bands in a contest to be the first unsigned band on the cover of Rolling Stone. However you feel about Rolling Stone as a publication, this is awesome exposure for Empires. Go here and give them five stars. If you have access to multiple computers with different IP addresses, vote from all of them!

And if Empires isn't your speed, then take this opportunity to support whatever bands or artists are your speed. As Tom's header says, "Buy art, even if it's not from here." ♥
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These have all been scavenged from my email/Twitter, so they probably look familiar to some of you, but may be new to others.


There should totally be some trans!Max fic. It would explain the layers and the hair and the hiding!


Kinky Boywives )


I've also spent a lot of time contemplating girl!Sean. This is difficult because, as I've mentioned before, I'm having a terrible time conceptualizing girl!Sean. A few possible plot bunnies:

At least one incarnation of her sometimes/often wears Tom's clothes because they wear all the same stuff anyway and she doesn't have that many clothes (for a girl) and that lets her get a little more variety.


Angsty Tom/girl!Sean/Mike )


girl!Tom/girl!Sean Kink )


girl!Sean/Ryan Stealth Dating )

WIP Post

Feb. 15th, 2011 09:05 pm
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I've seen a couple of different WIP posts/memes floating about, and I love both reading and doing those. This is bits from everything I think I might actually write more of or finish editing, except the Leighton/Vicky-T, which I still might finish for [ profile] bandombigbang and so can't be shared elsewhere. There are a lot of things I don't think I'm going to write more of, and if you all will help me remember, I'll do some snippet/plot bunny posts this weekend. (You'll notice there are no Mike/Kevin bingo squares in here. I don't think I'm ever going to finish any of those. I'll eventually post them as never finished fic instead.)

I had to retrieve one of these and a couple of things for the plot bunny posts from Twitter, where I also found that I'd said this: "Description of my Twitter habits: Sometimes I write kinky sex. And then sometimes I interrupt the kinky sex to write different kinky sex." So true!

WIPs )
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Summary: Sean stops thinking about it. Touching Tom becomes his default.
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Notes: Written for a specific unnamed person. There's a lot of touching, but no sex. Consider yourself forewarned if that's not your sort of thing. Title from Melissa Etheridge's "Sleep."

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