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Title: Sanctum
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Fandom: Dogma
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob
Rating: FRAO for m/m interaction.
Spoilers: Post-movie, but nothing specific
Disclaimer: They're Kevin Smith's, curse him.
Summary: Jay and Silent Bob get a little quality time together after the events of Dogma.
Author's Note: Jay and Silent Bob are one of my favorite couples ever. I wish there were more fic about them.

Sanctum )
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Title: Between Heaven and Earth
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Fandom: Dogma
Pairing: Bartleby [Ben Affleck]/Loki [Matt Damon]
Rating: FRT for m/m affection.
Spoilers: Um, yeah. For the movie
Disclaimer: I don't think Kevin Smith would be very happy if I stole his toys, so I'm going to stealthily go put them back now.
Summary: Loki's reasons.

Between Heaven and Earth )


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