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There were good parts of 2012, but it was also a very rough year for a lot of us. People lost friends, family members, jobs. People struggled to get through challenging times while feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. People experienced trauma that left lives irrevocably changed.

We can't ever truly put these things behind us. Everything that happens to us becomes part of the fabric of our selves. But we can learn to live with who we are and the world we find on the other side.

So this is my wish for all of us for 2013: I wish for healing. I wish for peaceful hearts. I wish for better fortunes and more love. I wish for good memories and good times. I wish for strength and support in the inevitable hard times. I wish for peace and joy, love and light.

Goodbye 2012; hello 2013.

Happy New Year. ♥
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Summary: Sid's fast, faster than he's ever been before. He's finally, finally at one hundred percent again. He's at what should be the prime of his career. And there's no hockey.

Notes: For [ profile] dine, who asked for "something with Sid."

Story on AO3

through to the other side )
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Summary: Molly knows the sex was never really about her. She makes the choice to keep the baby anyway. She's not, to her surprise, alone in raising her son.

Notes: Title from Florence and The Machine's "Between Two Lungs."

Story on AO3

the breath that passed from you to me )
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Summary: Gabe and Victoria are drunk when they get married, and they aren't in love, but they make it work anyway.

Notes: In case it's not obvious from context, I wrote this two or three years ago, before Gabe and Bianca broke up and before Victoria started tweeting pictures of her professionally done nails. Consider it to take place within that time period. Thanks to D and S for providing nail polish advice, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for reading through this and talking it out with me, and anyone else I may have talked to about this but forgotten now. Any errors and rough patches are due solely to me, not to them.

Story on AO3

Repent At Leisure )
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I've been replied to by an author, a dancer in a reality show, and a costume designer on Twitter before, but today it was John Rogers acknowledging that his show's pairings really are Nate/Sophie and Eliot/Parker/Hardison:

(Assuming I don't manage to break the fourth wall again, your regularly scheduled ficcish treats will resume tomorrow.)

(Also, why are my screencaps a mess? If you view the image, it looks fine, but when I previewed the post or when I try to post to Tumblr, they're a disaster.)
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Summary: Amelia is Jeff's daughter, but Mike's in this with him.

Notes: I originally started writing this for [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's birthday, and then realized it was too large a story for that. I did email her bits and pieces of how the story would go, but at this point, it's going to be not!fic forever.

Story on AO3

The Most Important Things )
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For today, have three of my favorite holiday songs. First, Dido's "Christmas Day":

Next, The Lonely Island featuring Justin Timberlake, "Dick In A Box," which only gets funnier over time:

Thirdly, the Muppets Chickens' rendition of "Joy to the World":

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Summary: "It's like you got us a child," Donna says. "A cockblocking genius child."

Notes: Once upon a time, I wanted a story where Donna and Harvey were married (and poly).

Story on AO3

Hard Work )
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Summary: She and Bob have been friends for a good long while now, and nothing's happened. Maybe they're just not cut out to be two. The two of them and Spencer could make a good, strong triad, and she at least wants the chance to try.

Notes: I started writing this as a cheering up snippet for [ profile] icanbreakthesky with the idea that five things she liked were cupcakes, space AUs, Bob, Greta, and Spencer; and then I kept writing bits and pieces with encouragement from her and [ profile] siryn99.

Story on AO3

The Sweet Shop Girl's Triad )
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Summary: John gets off the bed and goes over to rub her bare shoulders. "Yes. Mind you, when I say he thinks we should have a baby what I mean is that he thinks the three of us should have a baby."

Story on AO3

Settled )
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I've never watched Generation Kill, but I have read a lot of GK fic, largely because [ profile] lakeeffectgirl started writing it. (This sometimes causes confusion when I run into GK gifsets on Tumblr; none of them look the way I imagine them in my head.) This is a four-story rec set because I couldn't find the fifth story I was going to rec.

we should do it again (Brad/Nate, 6378 words) by Lake
Summary: In which Nate has issues, and occasionally sleeping with Brad is the least of them.

You should really go read all of [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's GK fic, but I'm choosing just one for this rec set, and I'm choosing this one because of the three I love best (the other two are Après moi le deluge and and my glory shall be love), this is the one I didn't beta read, which means I never commented on it as it went along, and I also meant to leave a comment on the finished story and never did. If I'd left one, it would have been something like, "Wow. This packs a lot of intensity into a fairly short story."

for my move, well I'm making it (Brad/Ray, 3226 words) by stolemyslumber
Summary:Ray has been a chick for three days when he sits down next to Brad on the couch, puts a hand on his knee, and says, “Brad. I think you should fuck me.”

Of course this rec set needs a hot suddenly a girl story. (stolemyslumber has also written a bunch of other GK fic. If you're going to read more, I highly recommend both we can take it easy if you want me to and then I pick up the pieces and run.)

For What It's Worth (Brad/Ray, 10876 words) by SarahJeanne
Summary: Neither of them really notice it's happening, until it has.

Very good accidental d/s relationship fic.

Bright College Years (Brad/Nate, 7780 words) by fourfreedoms
Summary: Bravo platoon as a fraternity.

This is possibly my most favorite frat AU ever. The throughline of the story is the Brad/Nate relationship, but it's also, in many ways, an ensemble story, and I love the other povs.

The lost story: the fifth story I was going to rec is the Brad/Nate one where Nate is sometimes female and sometimes male. I'm pretty sure I didn't hallucinate it, so if anyone knows what it is, leave a note in the comments!
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Summary: It only happened once, when they were still learning to live together, still getting used to sharing the same space. Sean reached around Tom into the fridge, and she flinched, jumped, pushed him away hard enough to send him careening into the counter. They both apologized, and Tom laughed it off, sounding strained. For the sake of harmonious living, Sean didn't call her on it.

Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] siryn99 for encouragement and talking this out with me. Any remaining roughness is due to me, not her. Title from Empires' "Spit the Dark."

Warnings: Past domestic violence and discussion thereof. Past abortion and discussion thereof. Villainous Mike Carden.

Story on AO3

Free Fall With Me )
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Jerry/Kramer is my Seinfeld OTP. It's possible that's entirely because of the episode where Kramer gets a job. Some kind YouTube user has excerpted only the Kramer's job bits from the episode, and I'm inclined to think Jerry/Kramer was also the writers' OTP for this episode. The video is not embeddable, but you can watch it here.
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The biggest change hockey has brought to the way I live my fannish life is that it's the first fandom to really make me like vids. This Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall one is completely charming (let's not talk about how many times I've watched it):

And if you like them, you might want to see their apartment tour:

Video )

Or you might want to watch the interview about their ice cream dates:

Video )
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What about mixing up the nanny AU? Claude has a baby and hires Danny (who has three kids and knows what he's doing) to be the nanny. He has his own place, butspends days and evenings when Claude has games at Claude's with the baby. When Claude has away games, Danny stays over at his place and the kids are with Sylvie.

The backstory for Danny being a nanny would be that Danny and Sylvie owned a day care. When they got divorced, he knew someone who wanted full-time daycare and trusted him, so she got the business and he became a nanny. This also means that she often has kids on a field trip to the boys' hockey games, so there's someone Danny can leave Claude's baby with while he coaches.

More )
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Chico is a relatively small place, which means that our local community ballet company is also relatively small. They only do one full-length ballet a year, so they switch off: they do The Nutcracker every other year, and varying other ballets in non-Nutcracker years. This year was a Nutcracker year. I love The Nutcracker, and I love their version of it. They have community members play some of the adult roles: two of my mom's friends are Mother Goose and a maid, and the District Attorney plays Clara's father. They use the same costumes year after year, which also gives it a continuity. And because it's a smallish community, you get to see the kids grow up through the years. The tiny girls who played the angels this year will be the Claras and Sugar Plum Fairies of the future.

There were two very interesting things about this year's production. First, they had more men. The Sugar Plum Fairy has always and forever been a solo role in their production, but this year they gave her a Cavalier. Instead of having a waltz of the flowers, they had The Grand Cotillion, with Debutantes and their male Escorts. I was extra excited that one of my favorite dancers (partly because her movement is so natural and partly because she's the only one who would smile at me from the very beginning when I took class with the teenagers) got to dance a pas de deux role, which I haven't seen her do before. Secondly, for the Arabian Dance, they had The Peacock and The Sultan. By making the girl a Peacock instead of a harem girl, they completely desexualized the dance, even though they used a lot of the traditional movements, including the lift where she's on his shoulder and his whole hand is covering her stomach.

I tried this morning to find a good Nutcracker excerpt for today's treat, but my time is limited and I didn't quite manage it. So instead have this, Patricia McBride and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Balanchine's Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, 1979. It's still Tchaikovsky, and it looks perfectly effortless, especially the lifts.

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Summary: Mike and Jeff are a pack, and for a long time, that's all it is.

Notes: This was written entirely in emails to entertain [ profile] lakeeffectgirl. What you will find here: lots of touching, talking about their relationship, sex. What you will not find here: plot.

Story on AO3

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