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The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search
The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search's two-hour finale overlapped with Conviction's two-hour finale, and I knew I would want Conviction on tape, but I couldn't bear to wait until tomorrow to watch it, so I watched the first hour of The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search's finale and then both watched and taped Conviction's finale. This is a long explanation to basically say that I'll be catching the last episode of The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search tomorrow afternoon, so don't tell me who wins!

AU femslashy spoilers. )

In which I jump up and down and use run-on sentences, and other spoilers. )

Close To Home
I neither watched nor taped the season finale of Close To Home, but I did go find myself some spoilers to see if I was right. Spoilers )
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I had a great time in Chicago. We got a lot out of the conference professionally, and the time away was good for my writing. I wrote the Mal/Kaylee bit I've been thinking about (which, now that I've reread it, needs a lot of work), and I have several pages of the start of a CK/DB high school football and cowboys AU. (Um. It's supposed to be. I keep forgetting the cowboy part.)

We arrived on Friday, and the stupid hotel does not guarantee non-smoking rooms. So once I dropped my stuff in my smoking room (let me emphasize the grrr), I went downstairs to sit on the grand ballroom steps with the art teachers. It was fascinating to me that once the National Art Education Association was gone, no one else sat on the steps. After the step sitting, we went out for real Chicago pizza. I'm not sold on the deep dish thing being the best pizza ever, but our end of the table had a fantastic garlic, tomato, and cheese pizza.

After dinner, I spent some more time on the steps, and then went back up to my room in time to watch Conviction. The show is really growing on me. The last two episodes. )

If you're interested in knowing what the hell I'm talking about, iTunes apparently has Conviction episodes for sale.

On Saturday morning, I went to The Art Institute of Chicago. I have a minor problem with art museums: I just don't appreciate art that much. This is the problem I have with comic books, too. Without a solid appreciation for the art, a comic just isn't a good entertainment value. (Graphic novels are much better.) So after attempting a systematic wandering of the museum, which did take me through a fantastic photography exhibit (The Concerned Photographer), I decided I was too tired for that and headed off to the European art. For the record, the art I like best is sixteenth century European religious art, and The Art Institute didn't disappoint. In addition to all the sorts of things you might expect, I came across a very interesting Mary Magdalen by Alessandro Boncivino (Moretto da Brescia). I have good luck with Magdalenes. When I visited The National Gallery in London, I saw Giovanni Girolamo Salvando's Mary Magdalene across the room and immediately recognized it from the cover of Graham Joyce's Requiem.

The Art Institute also offered me a chance to use my overeducation as I recognized an El Greco by its style and recognized the style of a Goya without being able to put a name to it.

After lunch and a nap, I headed off to the Shedd Aquarium. I was disappointed. Instead of being an aquarium the way, say, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is, it feels a lot like a museum with small windows of fish instead of paintings. I was also very uncomfortable with their whale tank. It seemed way too small for five whales.

On Saturday night, Molly came down to visit. We ate a ton of food while gossiping and then headed off to see Inside Man. ) The theater itself was entertaining as we stood in a very long line, found the not to exceed 426 persons sign in our theater, and then discovered we were in the 11:00 showing that was not anywhere near sold out.

Molly went home on Sunday morning (sad!), and I went off to a really good working session on evaluation.

Sunday evening, I was in my room for Malcolm in the Middle. I find I write more commentary when I'm in hotel rooms because I have my notebook open. This episode had a very slashy plotline about Dewey and Malcolm finding a new mattress. Yeah.

My presentation was on Monday afternoon, and it went very well. We had a lot of compliments from the participants.

On Monday night, we went to Second City, which was awesome.

Their first skit was all about MySpace. At one point, one character doubtfully approves another one as a friend and then writes back to express his concern that "you didn't even mention Lost."

In the intermission between the second and third acts, there was a crowd around the door to the restrooms at the edge of the stage. One of my coworkers went over there and got Dan Aykroyd's autograph on the back of a business card. When the third act started, we found out that there's a young Belushi working as an understudy in the touring company.

After the show, as we were waiting for cabs back to the hotel, we saw Dan Aykroyd across the street while a group of intoxicated audience members asked me to take a picture of them with the Belushi kid and one of the other actors (Brad Morris, I think). And then we got a cab so I couldn't continue to watch the Belushi kid and the other guy be slashy together. However, our cab driver did then just barely avoid running over Dan Aykroyd

On Tuesday, I went to one of the best sessions I went to all week: The Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: New Ideas and Brain Research. I was a little concerned that they would focus on teenagers, but they were actually talking about young adults, which, depending on the researcher, means 18-25 or 18-35. One of the things they talked about is that only around this time do we start to be able to engage in relativistic thinking. So, for example, only when we reach that stage are we able to understand that people offering constructive criticism may actually have our best interests in mind. Now, doesn't that just explain a whole lot about fandom?

Wednesday was our last day, and I started out the morning in a session on lgbt families, which was excellent and gave me ideas of some things we need to steal for our trainings.

At the airport on Wednesday evening, I saw a guy in a pink "Virginia is for lovers" shirt with another guy. Hee!

I went in to work on Thursday after not much sleep, and I was okay until about 3:00, when I was ready to crash.

On Thursday evening, I was home from belly dance in time to catch Without a Trace. I've been reading my way through The Danny/Martin Slash Archive, and the overabundance of slash is starting to show. Spoilers )

Because I worked on Thursday, I took yesterday off and spent the time starting to catch up on my taped TV and watching six episodes (for a total of nine hours) of Taken. I have only two episodes to go, and it's killing me to have to wait until the next disc gets here from Netflix. I even went out to Hollywood Video today to see if they had it, but I had no luck.
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I'm not home when CSI is on, so I've been taping it. After several weeks of this, I decided that the show was well over the shark and I wasn't going to do that anymore. But then there was a Lady Heather episode, and I love Melinda Clarke, so I continued taping. And the episode after that was the femslashiest episode ever. Ever. But last week was the reality show episode. And it was horrible. Horrible. So that's it for me. I might catch reruns and such, but no more taping.

The Unit
I've been watching The Unit. Or, more accurately, I've been taping The Unit and watching it later. Its bad points outnumber the good, so let's start with what's good. I like the action bits. I like that kind of super-secret unit carrying out missions thing.

And now the bad:
  • Scott Foley just looks dumb. I think that's his role on the show.
  • There are no women in The Unit. I have issues with this.
  • The men sound okay, but the women don't. They're completely unreal! Molly Blane is the Magical Negro of the show. Serena Brown is way too high-strung to be married to a soldier. And Tiffy Gerhardt is very boring.
  • In addition to sounding unreal, these women's sole role in life is to support their men. Blech!
  • The women's story of this week's episode was that the husband of one of the other women on base was killed in Iraq. As all the women of the neighborhood were going into her house to comfort her (apparently none of the women on the base have jobs, except for the secretary who garbles Serena's phone message), I thought, "I wonder when they'll have the soldier's wife dealing with domestic violence episode." Then, the trailers for next week show Mack hitting/shoving around/otherwise being violent to Tiffy.
  • Dennis Haysbert will now always be the Allstate Guy to me. It does lend him an air of authority, but it's distracting during the show.
Close to Home
This show is bad. Bad, bad, bad. And yet I keep watching it. Christian Kane wasn't even in this week's episode.

Conviction is not very good either. It seems to want to hinge around Nick Potter as the newest DA, but he's boring. Although Jordan Bridges looks good in a dress. And yet I keep watching despite the badness. There are three reasons why:

Stephanie March as Alexandra Cabot. They don't give her much to do, but she sure is pretty. It would be nice to know how she got out of witness protection, though. And whether or not Olivia knows.

J. August Richards is on it. He doesn't get much to do either, but he's also pretty.

The romance. I sure hope what they're doing with Brian (played by Eric Balfour, who looks like a Hollywoodized version of [ profile] max243732) and Christina is leading up to a romance.Rambling about the relationship. )

If I keep watching and this goes nowhere, I will not be happy. On the other hand, if anyone knows where I can find some Brian/Christina fic worth reading, I'd give it a try.


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