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People, let's talk about Burlesque. It is totally worth seeing - if you like this kind of thing. If you've seen the trailers and you ever watch movies, you know exactly how this movie goes.

Spoilers )

The bottom line is that if this movie looked at all like your kind of thing, you will like it. And you should go now, because there's no way it's staying in theaters for very long.
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Oh, Fred/Christina. My old-school pop fandom pairing of choice. In this, Christina has a bit of a breakdown. I have no idea where it was supposed to go after this, but at least I finished the sex scenes.

Christina has a breakdown. )
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I had an epic plan for this fic, that it was going to fill in the personal contacts between their press sniping at each other. I never even finished the sex scene.

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Title: It's Paradise
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera
Rating: FRAO for m/f interaction.
Disclaimer: Not mine; didn't happen. The song lyrics she sings actually belong to her.
Summary: Fred and Christina spend some time together.
Author's Note: Limp Bizkit had to cancel concerts because Fred was having throat troubles. Then Christina had to cancel concerts for the same reason. It was a very inspiring bit of news.
Thanks: To Amatia for the read through and to Nette for the summary.

It's Paradise )
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One. According to Carson Daly, Christina Aguilera's sister is garnering attention for her artwork, including a portrait of Christina in lingerie. Carson claims that some guy who has something to do with a museum (this is what you get when I don't write it down right away) says that it really expresses the relationship between Christina and her sister. Carson agreed in a tone with the proper amount of nasty insinuation.

Two. Every cop or cop-like fandom needs a good undercover BDSM story. I seem to have decided that Klaus and Dorian can live out theirs in my fantasy world.

"You could have this," Dorian says, leaning across the desk. "You could have me at your side every day and in your bed every night. I'd even let you tie me up sometimes." He looks up through his lashes and plays his last card. "If you let me do the same to you."

Three. Will you think less of me if I admit that I think a That 70's Show Red/Kitty sex scene would be really hot?

Four. Jerry and Kramer need to have sex. With each other.

Five. Yet another idea that will send me straight to hell. The Secret Garden. Mary lies on her back on the grass in the Secret Garden, Dickon over her, kissing her. She opens her eyes and looks up to see Colin looking lost and left out.

Six. Watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. Dara has always been right about Bill and Steve. Although, to be honest, I think jailbait Bill is sexier than either the current real or the PoSV fake version. My mother's comment upon seeing Bill's mugshot: "Oh my gosh. He's even cuter than in the movie."

Seven. Is there anything good in Modesto, California? This is one of the things I shall attempt to discover over the next four days.
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Molly pointed me in the direction of Fake!Britney's journal. She was far too amusing not to friendify, and then I went about reading other Fake!Celeb journals. Some of them are excruciatingly boring. Like Mandy Moore, for instance. Others, however, like Britney and Christina are quite amusing. I'm trying to matchmake Britney and Christina, and Christina seems to be playing along.

And to think, I'm still only 11% Teenybopper. Good thing they didn't ask if you'd ever started a list for the "Teen Blondes."
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Title: Just Like This
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera
Rating: FRAO for m/f interaction.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened, all made-up.
Summary: Fred and Christina sneak around, Christina gets stalked, and other stuff happens.
Author's Note: Many thanks to Nette for helping with this story. She helped me plot it, she told me what didn't work, she found some missing punctuation, and she helped me search for a title.

Just Like This )
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Title: Arms to Be My Shelter
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera
Rating: FRAO for f/f interaction.
Disclaimer: Not mine; didn't happen.
Summary: Britney comes to visit Christina after a long day of filming.
Author's Note: Thanks to Nat for reading this and telling me that the ending works.

Arms to Be My Shelter )


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