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I never thought the Chris characterization in this story was quite right, but I really liked it as a story, and kept hoping I would go back to it, but since I haven't worked on it in years, it's time to WIP Amnesty it. (Although I reserve the right to cannibalize the world building for parts, because I still love it.) Fair warning that it's unintentionally very D/s-y.

At some point, I started building a playlist for this story, even though the story wasn't finished.

Orbit 50: The Soundtrack )

Story )
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Yesterday Danny Briere signed with the Canadiens (I can totally be a Habs fan; they have the Gallys, Prust, PK, Carey Price, and a non-hideous logo) and Tyler Seguin got traded to Dallas. This josses pretty much everything I have in progress, including one of the snippets I posted yesterday that I only started writing yesterday morning. But that's okay, because I have no shortage of new ideas. Also, my two long, in progress hockey stories were already jossed, and I've decided I'm too deep in (they're both over 50,000 words now) to try to fix that. They'll just be AUish.

On draft day, I actually said, "Seguin trade rumors: but Fred can't move with him (yet)! He still has another year of college and this isn't a Christian Kane song." But then yesterday afternoon, Fred tweeted the results of a Google search for D3 in Dallas (Note for the confused: Fred plays NCAA Division III hockey and refers to himself as a "D3 warrior."), so maybe this is a Christian Kane song after all. (There's even a lyric about Texas.)

The song, for reference. )

If Fred doesn't move to Dallas with Segs (I'm pretty sure he can't unless he drops out of school), I want someone who is not me to write long distance Fred/Segs fic where Fred and Marshall live in the house Segs just bought in the Boston area and they miss each other a lot even though they know they only have to make it to next summer when Fred graduates and can move to Dallas to be with Segs.


Aug. 27th, 2011 08:07 am
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It's just past eight am and I've already written a thousand words and listened to two Christian Kane albums. My extensive plans for the day also include reading, going to the library, and taking a nap. I'm a big fan of Saturdays.

This entry is also serving as a public thank you to those of you who were around and commented to talk to me last night. You made me feel noticed, and you made me laugh, which is always a good antidote to a cranky mood. ♥
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Christian Kane is at the top of a new list: bands I would go to Sacramento to see again. The concert was fucking awesome, and the experience was tons of fun.

The Stoney Inn is a funky place: you come into the small front bar, which has karaoke, stairs to a tiny upstairs area, bathrooms, and the door to the back bar/performance space. In the back bar, there are tables and bar-height seating around the dance floor that's right in front of the stage. (If you paid for either level of expensive tickets, you got a reserved seat. The rest of us stood, which was fine with me and [ profile] norwich36 hung around the edges and sat when someone either didn't show up or vacated their reserved seat.)

The first opener was a girl named Pammie Lowe. Everything she was wearing sparkled. Her bassist and drummer were about as young as she was (I found an article saying she was 21 as of November 2010). Her two guitarists (she was also playing guitar) and the keyboardist were all old enough to be her dad, or possibly even her grandpa. (If you've seen Country Strong, Pammie Lowe reminded me a bit of the first time we see Chiles on stage, only with less stage presence and no stage fright.) There was a woman on the dance floor trying to get people to dance. I assume it was Pammie Lowe's aunt as mom was probably the woman right in front of the stage taking pictures. There were a few truly skilled couples who did some country swing dancing, and the people who seemed to be Stoney Inn regulars eventually started line dancing. After the first one, I joined in even though I didn't know what I was doing - the regulars were used to this and kept pointing us newbies in the right direction - which was tons of fun.

Picture )

The second opener was the Brodie Stewart Band. They did a couple of covers that were fun - including Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," which only made us feel more like we were in a J2 AU - but that's really all there is to say about them. The most notable thing about their set is that there is a teeny tiny balcony area up above the stage, and Steve was up there watching for part of it. (I decided not to be ultra creepy and refrained from taking a picture of him up there.)

Between sets, there was line dancing, and I mean serious line dancing. The dance floor cleared enough space for a large group of people to line dance and then the DJ called each dance and counted everyone in. There were two women I couldn't stop watching.

Picture )

This is not the best picture of them, but you can get the idea. They spent a lot of time dancing together, which was interesting in that it wasn't quite the girls dancing together for the attention of men thing (although the two drunk guys with cowboy hats - Jared and Jensen in the AU - did come dance with them a bit later, which kind of ruined my enjoyment of them for those brief periods of time), but more that they were just having fun. Both [ profile] norwich36 and I hope they're actually lesbians and not just friends out having fun together. (In the AU, they're Danneel and Katy Cassidy. Alternately, I now kind of want to read or write a country novel where there's a lesbian couple and a gay couple and they go to shows together because it's less dangerous/more socially acceptable.)

Kane (at the very end, Chris said, "We're Kane," which was awesome since I thought they'd abandoned that as a band name and were doing everything under Christian Kane) finally came on around ten. They were so fucking awesome. I'm an Original Kaniac (as silly as the term is), so obviously I was going to think they were awesome, but they really were totally awesome. I worked my way up so I was in the thick of the crowd (maybe five or six people deep from the stage), and despite being short, I managed to see both Chris and Steve. People, I don't know how to tell you how much I loved this experience, so let me stick to highlights:

This got long. )

Pictures! Kane on stage and me with Steve. )

Out of order (but complete, I think) set list: The House Rules; Callin' All Country Women; American Made; Let's Take a Drive; Let Me Go (Chris said this is going to be the next single); Thinking of You; Whiskey In Mind; Seven Days; Middle American Saturday Night; Luckenbach, Texas; something of Jason's that I didn't catch the name of (maybe "Faith"? It was the one song none of us knew); Blaze; and Rattlesnake Smile as the encore.

WIP Post

Feb. 15th, 2011 09:05 pm
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I've seen a couple of different WIP posts/memes floating about, and I love both reading and doing those. This is bits from everything I think I might actually write more of or finish editing, except the Leighton/Vicky-T, which I still might finish for [ profile] bandombigbang and so can't be shared elsewhere. There are a lot of things I don't think I'm going to write more of, and if you all will help me remember, I'll do some snippet/plot bunny posts this weekend. (You'll notice there are no Mike/Kevin bingo squares in here. I don't think I'm ever going to finish any of those. I'll eventually post them as never finished fic instead.)

I had to retrieve one of these and a couple of things for the plot bunny posts from Twitter, where I also found that I'd said this: "Description of my Twitter habits: Sometimes I write kinky sex. And then sometimes I interrupt the kinky sex to write different kinky sex." So true!

WIPs )
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Very few bands come to Chico (Snoop Dogg does, which baffles me every time), but a lot of bands come to Sacramento. Sacramento is an hour and a half drive each way, and really, there is a short list of people I'd be willing to make the drive for: Christian Kane, Empires, MCR, Black Cards, Mark Rose, and maybe Panic! depending on where and who else they were playing with. This spring, I'm in luck! Christian Kane said on Facebook this weekend that Sacramento and Bay Area dates are coming soon. He said SoCal in April/May, so the Sacramento/Bay Area shows must be February or March. I'm totally going whenever it is he's in Sac. The Black Cards are also coming to Sacramento on Travie McCoy's tour. I bought my tickets through the pre-sale yesterday, so not only am I seeing them on April Fool's Day, but I'm seeing them at a venue called Ace of Spades. (MCR is in Oakland on March 31. If I were more dedicated/willing to spend more money, I'd go to that, stay overnight there, and head to Sac for the Black Cards on the first. I'm not that dedicated/willing to spend more money, though.)

All this blather is really to say: if you're going to or interested in going to either of those shows, I would be happy to drive/have dinner/hang out!
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I started this post early this morning, before I even went to work. Today was a busy - and constantly busy - day, and I loved having this post to come back to at lunch and this evening. So although this is a post of three things that are making me happy, the post itself is a bonus fourth.

Christian Kane's The House Rules
Okay, I know this came out in December, but I just bought it yesterday. I couldn't listen to it and write at the same time because I just wanted to grin and sing along, so I listened to it on my walk this morning. (Thing I don't think I've mentioned here yet: four of my amazing friends went in together and bought me a tiny, red iPod! So now I start my day thinking of them and listening to music on my morning walk.) I'm pretty delighted by it.

Chris's gender politics are interesting as always: he makes a distinction on "Callin' All Country Women" between "uptown girls" and "country women," which is perhaps not the best presentation of "uptown girls," but very interesting in that I read this post, in which the comments discuss the way women aren't referred to as "women" this week. (He himself is a "country boy" in the lyrics.) "American Made" refers to women as everything from "women" to "girls" to "beauties" to "ladies," depending on the fit with the lyric - although he does refer to "my girl."

He also does a pretty straight up cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" - the only lyric he changed was from "checkout girl" to "checkout boy," which was jarring the first time I heard it but not the second. (His tweet wondering what Tracy thinks of his cover is what prompted me to finally go buy the album.) It's an interesting choice, and I think it works well.

The most interesting thing about my emotional reaction is that I wish I'd bought the CD + digital download version. I didn't because I thought, "Of course I don't need a CD," but it turns out that when it comes to Chris, that does actually matter to me. Strange! I do have an unused Amazon gift card, so maybe I'll use part of it to get the actual CD.

Rosemary Clement-Moore's The Splendor Falls
The last book I read was bad. Really, really bad. (I'm writing an unrec post for [ profile] romoerotic. I require a lot of words to describe how bad it was and why.) Anything else would probably look good in comparison, but The Splendor Falls is genuinely excellent. It has a compelling first-person narrator, an interesting plot, and the word "collarbone." (Those of you who don't follow me on Twitter may not realize that the use of the word "clavicle" has reached epidemic proportions. There are, of course, appropriate situations for the word "clavicle," but next time you write it, think about your intent. Are you providing a clinical listing of body parts for an anatomy test or trying to give your reader a sense of the beauty and sensuality of the human body? If it's the first, by all means do use "clavicle." If it's the second, switch to "collarbone." We'll all be a lot happier. [If you really feel the need to use "clavicle," I would be totally down with a Brendon/Spencer college AU where Spencer's studying anatomy by using the technical terms for all of Brendon's body parts as he touches/kisses them.]) Every time I start reading, I don't want to stop.

My Inspirational Desk
Between yoga and Sean Van Vleet's obsession with Steven Pressfield, which he has then passed on to several of my friends, I can't escape the concept of resistance. I finally bought white index cards so I could write "No resistance. Just let it be easy." on the back of one. It's more a paraphrase of something my yoga teacher said than it is a Pressfield reference (I've tried to read The War of Art twice, but haven't managed to finish it), but it's absolutely helpful writing advice. Monday's reading at yoga was the first four lines of this. I almost didn't catch anything else she said because I found "Empty yourself of everything" to be so powerful. I now have that on an index card on the other side of my monitor. (I didn't estimate well, so it's not centered and the letters squish together at the end. I'm trying to figure out if I can empty myself of the need for it to be right or if I just need to rewrite it.)

I was so pleased with my index cards last night (I'm thinking about doing a whole series of handwritten cards of things I find inspirational so I can shuffle them and let the hand of fate choose what I need in the moment when I need inspiration), and then I looked at the few other things on my desk, and realized that they are also keeping me in touch with good things. I have a heart-shaped petrified wood paperweight that I got from my belly dance class when I quit my last job to write, which reminds me both of my commitment to writing and the support of others. The cable for my iPod, which reminds me of the people who gave it to me, lies in a slight curve to my right. And then there's a small, wooden whale, which I bought at the woodworking place in Ghirardelli Square on a work trip. Something about its puppy dog expression called to me, even though I don't like puppies and have left my dolphin and whale obsession in my past. Part of one of its flippers has broken off, so it lists a bit, but the wood is as smooth as ever.
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According to the dates on the file, I worked on this over three weeks in February-March of this year. What's fascinating to me, reading it now, is how many of the plot points I reused in You Have My Heart (in your hands).

I think the last paragraph is actually the first part of the story I wrote.

Chris, Steve, and a baby. )
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Title: Starting Today
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Chris/Aldis
Rating: FRM
Word Count: 3300 words
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: On the seventh hole, Chris showed Aldis how to swing again because he somehow hadn't gotten it on the first six, and Chris was starting to lose his patience.
Notes, v. story origin )
Notes, v. real places: Bandon Dunes is a real place. So are the Prehistoric Gardens. Everything I know about them I learned from the internet.
Notes, v. thanks: Thank you to [ profile] schuyler for reading this over to make sure I didn't make any egregious golf errors. Any remaining errors are my own.

Starting Today )
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Title: The Popsicle Man
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Chris/Steve (past Steve/Danneel)
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 3000
Disclaimer: Completely made up.
Summary: "Look! Ice cream!" Kayla tugged at Steve's hand. "Please, Daddy, please can we get some?" AU.
Notes: This started as a writing exercise from my writing group (I had the prompts "look," "full house," and "plant," which became bushes in the end). I eventually realized I wanted to write the beginning and something that's near the end, but not all the intervening parts.

The Popsicle Man )
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When You Need To Do Something Right
If you ever feel like you need to have someone tell you you've done something right, I can't suggest a more effective way than writing something for an anonymous fic meme. I wrote four last week (some at [ profile] anon_lovefest, some at [ profile] jbkinkmeme), and it was awesome. First of all, writing anonymously meant I didn't feel the same pressure to write something good. Secondly, I didn't think the first two I did were particularly good, and yet people really liked them, and feedback for anonymous fic turns out to be more of a thrill than feedback for other fic. Thirdly, one of the things I wrote was perhaps the most fun thing to write ever (and I fell in love with it and might claim and post it here too).

Academic Overtraining, or, In Which I Want Sources Cited
The Bandom overview at [ profile] crack_van says, "Bandom was built on the backs of a million picspams and primers," which seems to be true, and I've read quite a few now. But a primer is not, itself, a source, and I find myself annoyed when they don't cite their sources. I greatly appreciate [ profile] riorhapsody's The Academy Is... Ridiculous Primer for citing sources. I may have spent too much time writing papers in my college days. (To be honest with you, I'm so committed to proper source citations that I was really tempted to footnote "Not Ever" with the sources for each actual event in the story.)

Serious Gabe Saporta Is Serious (And Hot)
One of the best things about Cobra Starship's album coming out next week is that they're doing a lot of interviews. There are two I've liked recently because they have Gabe being serious about music, which is awesome. First is this one from MTV, which is better if you watch the video than if you read it because the content is not as interesting as Gabe and Alex's attitudes. I love how excited Gabe gets about the interviewer picking up on the influences in their music. (He misses one, though - when they're talking about the oohs on "Fold Your Hands Child," Gabe says that's all Ryland, which, duh! It's totally This Is Ivy League.) Secondly, Gabe and Ryland did an oddly serious interview with MySpace Music. I mean, really, who's serious when talking to MySpace Music? One of the interesting moments is that he's not just serious about music - he talks about "selling out" and says, "The whole concept of selling out is completely nonsensical and asinine in a capitalist system. That's a bigger question." Smart is so sexy.

Christian Kane, I Still Love You Best
John Rogers is doing weekly Leverage Q&As, and in the one about last week's ep, he told us:
Eliot as a teddy bear? No. But Chris is both great with kids, and works well with kid actors (kudos to our guest star for this week, he was really fantastic). And kids basically treat Chris like Batman.
My life needs eighty thousand adorable Chris-with-kids fics now. (I was just reading through unfinished/unposted fic on my hard drive this week, and I have two. But someone else should write some.)

On Writing About Music and Musicians
I always feel inadequate when I try to write about music - which is problematic since my fandoms of the moment are all musician-based. I don't really know much about music, although I have gotten much better at finding/counting the beat in a piece of music. I end up not writing much about music itself or the making of it. I keep thinking that if I'm writing about people who define their lives by music, then I should write about music, too, at least in relation to their lives, but I don't know what I'm doing.

On Writing Self-Indulgently
It seems like everything I write these days is horribly self-indulgent. But then I keep catching myself and thinking, hey, isn't all fan fic essentially self indulgent? Isn't the great thing about fan fic that we don't have to deal with the setup and blahblahblah and get to skip straight to the fun parts? And so what if my current fun parts are all overblown romanticism and cuddling?

Panic! Split: The Story I Most Want
I want someone to write the Panic! origin story where it's all about how much Spencer loves music (and maybe also Brendon). I keep thinking that the fanon mythology (as gathered from reading fic) is all about how Spencer loves Ryan, and that the band was about getting Ryan, and then Brendon, what they want/need, but it's never about Spencer wanting the band and music for their own sake.

Panic! Split: Rec
What would a roundup of fannish things sort of post be without a rec? The rec is [ profile] overnighter's "Mise en Place," which is a Brendon/Spencer story. I should forewarn you that the first thing I left in my feedback comment was, "OUCH. (In a good way.)" It's well written, it has a hopeful ending, and she does an amazing job of giving Brendon emotional connections to food.

Feedback: Leaving and Reading
I've been trying to be better about leaving feedback in recent times. This is largely because I found myself sending recs or talking about fic and throwing out one-sentence reasons things were good, and then thinking, "I could tell the author that, too." Obviously authors like feedback, but I also wonder if other readers ever read feedback other people leave on a story. I do sometimes page down through the comments to see if anything jumps out at me, either in the comments or in who left them.
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I've gotten a lot of the music I've been listening to over the last couple of months via fic soundtracks and other mixes people have offered up for download, so this is something in the way of giving back.

Download (If you're from the future and this link no longer works, leave a comment and I'll reupload it.)

I have no idea if you have any interest in reading me talking about music. I'm not even sure if I have any interested in reading me talking about music. But that's what I'm going to do in this entry, even though I don't really have the musical vocabulary to be particularly technical or precise about it.

First, a note about the name of my playlist. You see, a while back, I thought, "Hey, I want to listen to a couple of miscellaneous songs," and I threw them into a playlist that I named "Z - Playlist of the Day" with the intention that I would move things on and off it as I wanted to listen to them. (The Z was so that it would be at the bottom of the list and I could just hit the end key to get to it.) But then I put those six songs in an order and kept listening to it, so I didn't want to mess with it. Then I had a different bunch of songs I wanted to listen to and I had yet to rename the other playlist, so this one got named "z2" to keep it at the bottom of the list.

This also started out longer, but then I couldn't listen to the whole thing before I had to go to bed, so I cut some songs. It's now 57.9 minutes of music. (Thank you, iTunes, for the precision.) The track listing below is in alphabetical order by artist as sorted by iTunes; I've been listening to it on shuffle.

The connective tissue of this playlist is something like things I'm fannish about at the minute, but there's also a theme of voice (mostly in terms of physical voices, but at least one in the more metaphorical sense).

And now the annotated track list.

Boss DJ (acoustic live) - Brendon Urie )

One of Those Nights (feat. Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie) - The Cab )

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship )

Hot Mess - Cobra Starship )

The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It On A Dime) - Cobra Starship )

Spit the Dark - Empires )

Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - Fall Out Boy )

4th Period: Clothes Off!! - Gym Class Heroes )

Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers )

Turn Right (Live) - Jonas Brothers )

Free Fallin' - Jonas Brothers )

JoBros Music and Introduction Resource Interlude )

Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon )

Keep the Mood - Mark Rose )

New Perspective - Panic! At The Disco )

I Wanna Be Your Lover - Patrick Stump )

Should've Said No (feat. Jonas Brothers) - Taylor Swift )
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I've decided that today should be a five things Friday. So prompt or ask me whatever you want. This can be a fic prompt (five pick-up lines that didn't work on Jensen) or a getting to know you question (five movies I love) or anything else you can think to ask (five alternate uses for pipe cleaners). If you want to ask/prompt more than one five things, uh, thing, I'm cool with that. Anyone who gets their prompt/question in before 7 pm Pacific Time will get an answer before I go to bed (unless it gets so long it needs to be its own thing, but if that happens, I'll tell you about it).
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I'm writing a Chris/Steve space AU, and I made a character decision about Chris. It made sense that if space AU Chris likes heat, enclosed spaces, and higher gravity, then he would like being held down. And then I've continued that character piece farther into the story. I even changed the casting of one of the other characters to go with it.

A long time ago, there was thread on some X-Files fic list or newsgroup (I wasn't kidding when I said it was a long time ago) called "No Mary Sues for Alex?" which tackled the relative dearth of Krycek/Mary Sue fic. I remember the conclusion being that people tended to just make Krycek their Mary Sue. I've been thinking about that as I've been working my way through this space AU.

(This is an interesting intersection with my continuing doubts about writing Chris. I don't think my Chris is anything like real Chris. [I think there's only one or two authors writing a Chris who's anything like real Chris.] On the other hand, I have to listen to real Chris with the aural equivalent of peeking through my fingers, so I'm not sure I would want to read real Chris.)

I've also been thinking of my favorite quote about writing about sex. It's from Tony Kushner, who says, "It is impossible to talk or write about sex without revealing too much of yourself. Whereas conversely it is possible I think to have sex and reveal nothing of yourself whatsoever."

I had an interesting experience with this. [ profile] norwich36 and I exchange fic recs all the time. A lot of them are things with interesting plots or that are amusing, but a fair number of them are about things that are hot. We also had a relatively involved discussion about BDSMy stories way back on my post about the first J2 stories I read. She's also read some of my fic. I give you all this background so you know that we already talk about this kind of thing all the time. Then we started talking erotica ebooks over email, and I wrote a long email to her about the ebooks I've read. I was reading it over before I sent it, and I thought, "It's a good thing she knows me pretty well already, because this is pretty revealing." It was almost uncomfortably revealing. I think there are two things that made it so uncomfortable. First of all, ebooks take more of an investment than fic. They cost money, and you're stuck with them, so you have to choose carefully. Secondly, it was startling to look at the list all at once and see the pattern, especially in the things I bought myself (as opposed to the things I got from other people). Almost all the things I really liked, and a large number of the things I bought were BDSM or BDSMy. And yet, I've written a fair amount about kink, so I'm not sure why this particular email made me feel quite so exposed.

A Confession

Oh, no, wait, maybe I do at least know why I keep thinking/talking about this now. It's been weeks since I last wrote anything on either of the novels I'm supposed to be writing because I quit my job to be a writer. I've only admitted that to maybe two other people. If I tell the truth about my penchant for kink fic, does that balance out my not-telling about my writing?
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Happy Leverage Day! For those of you who don't know: Leverage starts filming today. I think this is worth celebrating. With threesome fic.

(I also, you may have noticed, decided it's time to admit that all of this stuff I've been writing really is fic and needs real headers. Eventually I'm going to have to make a master post, aren't I?)

Title: Under the Influence
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Christian Kane/Aldis Hodge/J. August Richards
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 3300
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened.
Summary: Christian introduces Aldis and J.
Notes: So there was this post and its comments, and then I couldn't resist taking my own idea. This is AUish because this is not how Aldis and J actually met. (I also threw up my hands about how to style J's name, and decided to stick with the initial but that the period made for annoying reading.)

Under the Influence )
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I always feel guilty when I post long, serious things, like I should immediately follow it up with something more fun. So this is more fun! Two miscellaneous Chris/Steve AU bunnies:

The Chef AU

For some reason, the chef AU became very popular in a very short amount of time. I think I read four different J2 chef AUs in the period of a week or so. And because my mind is (almost) all Chris/Steve all the time, I thought they should have a chef AU too.

Steve is the head chef at 67, owned by Eric Kripke. Let's make Danneel his sous chef (if Chris has a female sous chef, we'll give Steve one too), Jared the pastry chef, and Jensen the cute waiter. Maybe the three of them can have a threesome thing going on. Jeff would have to be there too. Let's make him the sommelier. Maybe Mike's the crazy busboy and Tom's the other cute waiter.

Chris is the head chef at Hyperion, owned by Joss Whedon. Stephanie Romanov is his sous chef. Dave has to be there somewhere, so let's make him the sommelier. Alexis Denisof is the pastry chef, and he and waitress Alyson Hannigan have an adorable love affair going on. Mercedes McNabb is the hostess. James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter are bitchy waitstaff. Vincent Kartheiser is the broodingly teenage busboy. (Hmm. Except for the part where he's not actually a teenager. Maybe the fact that everyone thinks he is is part of what he's broody about.)

67 and Hyperion are competitors, of course, in the high-end restaurant business. Chris and Steve somehow meet outside of that and fall in love and there's possibly drama about them working at competing restaurants. I don't know. I mostly just wanted to cast it.

The Werewolf AU

Steve's Alpha of his own pack now, a group of musicians, artists, actors: people doing the work their souls tell them they should be doing.

Chris is Steve's mate, which makes him pack second, although he'd probably be that even without it. Steve took Chris from another pack, or, more accurately, Chris came from another pack because Steve didn't fight for him head on. First of all, he wasn't entirely sure he could win that fight with Chris's Alpha, and secondly, he was pretty sure Chris was the type of guy who wouldn't mind being reminded of who he belonged to but wouldn't appreciate being taken in the first place. So Steve went the long way around and applied his music, his cooking, and the firm certainty of his love until Chris left his pack and joined Steve's of his own volition.

Aldis came from Chris's old pack too. He's barely a pup, and he adores Chris. Steve's had to growl to most new wolves and too many older wolves new to the pack that they're to obey Chris as they would him; Chris had to take Aldis aside and tell him to obey Steve as he would Chris. Even though Aldis is new to the pack and hasn't quite learned to read the lines of power, he knows that Chris is Steve's.

Powerful wolves can tolerate silver, and silver jewelry is one of the things wolves look for when they're sizing each other up. Chris has a box full of the stuff. Steve buys him a piece to add to his collection, a wide cuff to cage his wrist. He has the inside engraved with four words in delicate script: wolves mate for life. It makes him feel better. Chris wears it to bed, nuzzles at Steve's neck and lets the metal rest against his skin. Steve doesn't need Chris's whispered "for life" to know what he means.

The thing about having Aldis around, though, is that he makes Jared look mature. Jared's older than he acts, although he hasn't said how much. Steve has some guesses he doesn't share. For a long time, Jared was a floater of sorts. He wasn't a lone wolf, exactly - he had pack ties, it's just that his pack was in Texas while he was in LA - but he hung out with any number of different packs. That was before he met Jensen. Jensen's been with Steve's pack almost since it formed. His previous pack wasn't bad, exactly, just not quite what Jensen needed. Jensen has a habit of getting himself into occasional trouble, nothing too big, just enough to be worrying. It was on one of those occasions that Jared met him, stood at his back and between them they finished the fight Jensen might or might not have started. Jared's been at Jensen's back since then.

This is where the villain should be introduced. The villain is a member of Chris and Aldis's old pack who is displeased that their Alpha (David Boreanaz, of course) didn't go get them back. I don't know who that should be, though. I only know that it can't be J. August Richards. The other subplot is about J (J.? Jay? He apparently refers to himself as J. and IMDb lists "Jay" as his nickname, but figuring out how to style this in prose without annoying or confusing readers is, well, annoying and confusing.) wanting Aldis to come back to their pack because he genuinely likes/is fond of/maybe loves Aldis and wants him there.
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I was browsing [ profile] wolfpup2000's LA Con photos (How awesome is it that she did a whole post of people's shoes?), and I was looking at the pictures of Steve (panel, concert) and considering his newly short hair, and I thought, "I don't think this is a good look for him. He kind of looks like someone. Hmm. It kind of makes him look like Timothy Hutton." At that point, I cracked up and realized it was time to go to yoga and had to put off writing this post.

Here's why that cracked me up: when fangirls talk about connections, we talk about the Aldis-Chris having previous coworkers/friends in common thing. But if you pay attention to what Chris and other people are saying, Tim is the one Chris has really become friends with. I keep thinking there needs to be some Chris/Tim. So the idea that now Steve looks vaguely more like Tim (not a lot, just something about how the hair falls over his forehead, plus the round face) brings me to my wacky bunny: Steve's totally jealous and making himself look more like what he thinks Chris wants now.

(And now I'll go back to my Chris/Steve space AU and my Aldis/Chris/J. August Richards fic.)
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Status updates I would have posted to a fannish Facebook over the past couple of days:
  • Ruth is looking at naked pictures of David Boreanaz's wife.

  • Ruth would like Chris and Steve to stop standing around and get in bed.

  • Ruth worries that her space AU needs a plot.

  • Ruth finds Dave and Jaime adorable, plus Dave's wearing Chris's shirt:

  • Ruth's bracket says Dean, but her heart says Barney.
[ profile] lakeeffectgirl suggested Twitter as a platform for this, but I think I need a specifically fannish thing. I did post my thoughts about 2009 Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness (and you can watch the community for future years: [ profile] f_march_madness) as Facebook status updates, but the other things, well, maybe not so appropriate for a venue where my audience includes such folks as my mother, my teenage cousins, and a handful of ex-coworkers.

I'm also skeptical about Twitter, which probably means I'll end up using it in the near future. Here's what bothers me most about it: I already have LJ and Facebook that I load and reload eighty bajillion times a day; do I really need one more such thing? I also don't have a cell phone, so updating via texting is not a feature that I would have much use for. To let you know how lame and old-school I really am: for the one person I am following on Twitter (Steve Carlson, because this has the potential to be both hilarious and awful, although so far it's mostly boring), I created an LJ feed for it ([ profile] scarlsontwitter) so I can just read it on my friends page. (I would do this with the two other people I'd like to follow, but their Twitter feeds [updates? What's the proper terminology here?] are protected, so I can't.)
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A little in the way of blahblahblah. )

This is not part of my attempt at an unhappy story, so you can read it without fear. There is a lot of sex, which may be an enticement or a warning, depending on your perspective.


Not Ever )


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