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The idea behind this is that Alex and Brandon hook up off and on. They don't talk about it, and they don't tell anyone about it, but Alex keeps borrowing Brandon's clothes. I only wrote some of the snippets of this story.

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This is a scene I wanted to write for Now I've got you in my space (Alex and Brandon date, and sometimes babysit Alex's nephew. 18,000 words, Explicit). It takes place after everything else in the story, but the last scene of the story felt like the ending, and this didn't fit.

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Summary: "Gun! Everyone down!" Brandon shoves Alex down to the ground behind him as he yells it, and then there's the sound of the shot and a line of fire streaking across his shoulder as he throws himself down to cover Alex.

Content Note: Non-graphic gun violence.

Notes: Everything I know about both bodyguards and gunshot wounds I learned from Hollywood and their portrayal in this story should not be taken to reflect actual reality. Title from "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.

Story on AO3

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I didn't cobble together enough holiday spirit to send cards this year, I'm feeling a little stuck on my current writing projects, and I have a few days off for holidays this week and next week, so it seems like a good time to do prompt snippets.

Leave me a prompt by the end of the day Saturday and I will write you something by the evening of January 4. (If there are a lot of prompts or circumstances change, posting may extend beyond this date.)

Fine print/guidelines: One per person. Lurkers and anonymous commenters welcome. If you're posting anonymously because you don't have an LJ account but I know you elsewhere and you leave me your name, I will do my best to write something catered to your tastes. Generally first come first served, although things may jump the queue depending on inspiration and what can be written at work. I will write hockey, but not Patrick Kane, Drew Doughty, or the Avalanche. I may write other fandoms; feel free to ask if you want something else. I may veer from your prompt. I will take lyric prompts, but be forewarned that I'm not necessarily good at them. This is for new story ideas, not sequels or timestamps. I make no promises about length, but in the past prompt snippets have tended to be 300-3000 words.
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I wrote this whole post at work today, and then Carter and Richards got their last piece of happily ever after with their Stanley Cup and no one will care about anyone else, but I wrote it, so have it anyway.

Hockey people, if you don't have [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and her fic journal [ profile] alonewithghosts friended, you're missing out. She finds and/or writes the best things.

Once upon a time, before she even liked them, she outlined the epic Brioux plot for me, and then she wrote some bits of it. She's ditching it now, but she has put the breakup scene of my heart (and a few other bits) up at her fic journal. Be forewarned, it is full of sadness, but in a really satisfying way. (Sometimes I just go reread that scene. I love it that much.)

She also directed me toward this video )which is all about Mike Richards being sad after he got traded. We would both very much like some Mike/Cabbie fic if anyone would be into writing that.

Also glorious is this post by [ profile] gigantic which has both a video of Kings players talking about Twilight (Did you know Mike Richards read the books? I have no idea why they appeal to hockey players, but I almost hope he and Carter are reading 50 Shades of Fan Fic now.) and a fabulous plot bunny about hockey players having a YA lit book club.

Also devoted to making my summer better: the Tylers. [ profile] littledivinity has an awesome primer about them, and they're continuing to live up to everything that primer promises. They live together in the off-season, which prompted Seguin to tweet about yoga. Then he adopted a puppy. Then Brown retweeted some other guy who said of them, "Good to see u boys are still happily attached at the hip." I don't know why I find these two in particular so delightful, and yet I do. Possibly it has something to do with Brown calling Seguin "the wife" in a cheerful and non-demeaning way.

Also delightful, this picture of P.K. Subban and Carey Price wearing each other's names. )Clothes sharing and people wearing each other's names forever.

Anyway, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I have been discussing tropes we could apply to the Briouxs or Carter and Richards. Tell me your favorite tropes we could plot bunny!

I have so far written no Carter/Richards (Given the way these things go, I'm sure I will eventually. Keep in mind that they once played on a team with Patrick Sharp, who makes everything more entertaining.), but I now have three Brioux docs: the one where Sean has a boyfriend, the one where Hartsy is confused and no one got divorced (I really want to write more of this, but I don't know what else would happen), and the one where Danny is Claude's professor. I was going to post something not Brioux this weekend, but then I decided I didn't want to (a) read through it one last time for anything that needs to be fixed or (b) deal with AO3. But clothes sharing and feelings sometime this week, I promise.


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