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So since the universe answered me, I've been working on clearing out room in my life for writing time. Clearing space has been fairly easy. Writing not so much. Instead of writing, I'm not writing and feeling anxious about it (and damn Unclutterer for introducing me to Chain Factor). So here's an LJ entry full of miscellaneous things.

There's a special place in my heart for Canadian fiddlers.
All fiddlers tap their feet when they play, but Canadian fiddlers chair dance while they play. Some of them even get up out of their chairs and dance while playing.

Exhibit A: The Pilatzke brothers (also here and YouTube results here), who I saw with the Chieftains last year.

Exhibit B: Andre Brunet (YouTube search results here), who I saw with Celtic Fiddle Festival earlier this month.

Monday Night CBS
Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother: Eh. Melanie Lynskey back on Two and a Half Men: Excellent. Also, The Big Bang Theory sounds like a good idea, but isn't. (I also have a HIMYM theory. Hmm...)

I do have a sugar limit.
I think I reached it today. Coworker O made Boston cream cupcakes, Coworker R brought in a chocolate-covered fudge egg, and I brought in my cousin's sugar cookies. I came home and had a very salty dinner. (I have not [yet] stooped to pouring salt in my hand and licking it.)


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