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I wanted to read something d/s yesterday, and was skimming through the bandom+d/s tag at delicious. I happened to click on [ profile] colouredmango's "Come Here," and am I ever glad I did.
Sisky ignores the rules of pass back and catches Butcher's hand to take another drag, greedy brat. He eyes Butcher and says, "Nobody ever asked me about it."

Unspoken there is, I never asked for it. They never noticed. Butcher gets that urge again to slap himself, the one he gets when he thinks about wasted years of Sisky that he missed out on, while he takes his drag and Sisky rolls closer into him.
This was actually one of those stories where I'm out of touch with myself. I was reading it thinking that I wasn't that into it because there's so much unsaid (which is part of the point of the story), and then I got to the end and had to gasp for breath because I'd been so intensely focused on the story I forgot to breathe.


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