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When I was doing kink fic recs, one of the things I said (or at least thought) about why I would never do it all in one post is that I would worry about forgetting things. Well, sure enough, I did forget things. I was reading a spanking fic recently which reminded me of another spanking fic I forgot to rec.

The story is "Before Dinner Kinks" by [ profile] entrenous88. It's a Xander/Andrew maybe AU kind of thing (really, the plot doesn't matter), that involves spanking and sex over a chair. It's totally hot, and I love Andrew's internal voice.

Note: the fic is at Geocities, which is apparently closing later this year. [ profile] entrenous88 has a post about what she's doing in the future so if you've stumbled across this in the future, you can look there to see where it might be now.
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Remember how I said I had more recs than month? Well, to solve that problem, for these last five days I'm going to burn off all the rest of my recs, one fandom per day. (Saturday will be one fandom plus books.) Today's fandom is Buffyverse.

First up is another [ profile] ladycat777 story, cowritten with Green: "Figured You Out." Spike goes to a sex club where he finds Xander serving other men and takes him for himself. Just trust me that it's hotter than my summary.

My other last Buffyverse rec is [ profile] toobusy2write's "Bent Justice," which is an epically long Spike/Angel prison AU where there's a good twenty or thirty chapters of totally hot build-up before they ever have their hot sex. Kink mostly in terms of powerplay.
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We're down to only two superstars left, and they're my favorites out of all of this fic I'm reccing. Today's is [ profile] idyll's "The Hollow." This is an Angel semi-AU - everyone else is the same, but Lindsey's a hooker - Gunn/Lindsey story. I've talked about this story before because it's one of my favorite d/s stories. In terms of sex, the hottest scene is in Gunn's truck in part 3, and sometimes I do go back to it to read that scene. But usually when I'm rereading I skip to part 8, which has some serious d/s going on but no sex, or part 10, which I usually stop reading before the sex scene.

What gets to me about this series is that it's all about power and control. It takes Gunn a while to realize it, even as he watches Lindsey resign himself to the escalation of their relationship, and watching him realize and understand what he needs to do for Lindsey is part of what I like about it. I also love her descriptions of how Lindsey sinks into it:
It's a lost cause. The shirt's tight and too small, so it rides up on all sides, exposing several inches of Lindsey's skin. Through the material, which get thinner each time it's washed, Gunn can see dark splotches above one of Lindsey's nipples and high on his left side. At the join of Lindsey's neck and right shoulder is a bite mark that's mottled purple and slightly raised away from the unmarred skin around it. Half of it isn't even covered by the shirt at all.

Gunn steps closer and reaches out, slowly and seemingly harmless. Lindsey freezes, his eyes getting watchful, but all Gunn does is touch each shadowed mark through the t-shirt with the tips of his fingers. After he's traced the outline of each of them he closes his hands softly around Lindsey's biceps, fitting his fingers and palms directly over the faded yellow bruises he pressed there earlier in the week.

His grip is light but Lindsey's body melts and Gunn has to tighten his hands to hold Lindsey up.
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Today's rec is "Quarry Addition" by [ profile] ladycat777, which is an extra scene that takes place after "Quarry." This is a Buffy Spike/Xander scene that's very hot.
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Today's rec is [ profile] kimberly_fan's "Late Night Double Feature." This is a story worth reading for the plot, which means you should read the story it's a sequel to first: "It's just a Jump to the Left." These are a pair of Buffyverse Spike/Xander stories. In the first one, Xander gets caught in a time loop where he has sex with Spike between every loop. The second is the one with the kink as Xander starts thinking about kink, Spike offers to show him how it's really done, and it's all wrong for a long time. It eventually ends well.
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Today's rec is [ profile] janedavitt's "Face the Front." This is Spike/Xander, with mention of Xander/Anya, spanking and control.
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I woke up this morning thinking about what I said about probably not ever writing up a kink recs exchange post, and thought, why not do them one day at a time? This seems appropriate to do now because May is National Masturbation Month. (Anyone else old-school enough to remember the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge stories?) I'm going to be out of town for a week later this month, and I have no idea if I have enough recs for a whole month, or what's left of it, but my plan is to post one rec a day until I hit the end of the month or run out of recs, whichever comes first.

Please feel free to chime in with your own recs, either on any of these posts or on my original recs request post.

Today's rec is [ profile] jstabe's Playing Games series. (Found via this tag, although that also includes other things. Also be forewarned that she has a tendency toward changing her fic journal and/or its tags, so you may have to do a little searching for it if you're reading this in the future.) Playing Games is an Angel/Spike/Xander roleplaying verse (the first couple of stories are just Spike/Xander). There are a few that are more vanilla, but the ones I always come back to are the kinky ones (of course), and this is the kind of kink that I come back to when I want something hot. Specifically: Playing Games (8/13), wherein Spike is Angel's slave and Xander's the pizza delivery guy; Playing Games (10/13), wherein Angel's Xander's master and picks up a stranger (Spike) to fuck him; Playing Games (12/13), wherein vampires Angel and Spike kidnap human Xander and make him their pet; Playing Games (13/13), wherein Xander and his boyfriend (Spike) hook up with a stranger (Angel) at a club; Playing Games II (4/5), wherein Xander's dorm roommate (Spike) brings home his boyfriend (Angel) who then takes his turn with Xander; and Playing Games II (5/5), wherein Angel is Spike and Xander's dad (I felt much more embarrassed about liking this part before SPN).
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This one was verging on epic. You can also see my thought process where I was reworking the ideas and my end of a conversation with a friend about it. This has not one but two complete sex scenes.

This is long. )
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This was never anything more than a little snippet, which makes me wonder why I never posted it before. (I have had to go sorting through my memories for this clearing out of fic project. On the one hand, I'm sure I moved everything I posted into a different folder. On the other hand, everything's so familiar to me that I'm sure I've posted it before.

Snippet )
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We're not through with unfinished fic yet, and today's theme is Buffy. First up is an AU bunny I never really did anything with. If anyone wants to take it and run with it, I would love to read the results.

San Diego. A bar. The Navy. )
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baddirtywrong - and oh so good
First up is [ profile] entrenous88's "All Together Now," which is the explicit Spike/Xander/Dawn sequel to "Persuasion," where Spike and Xander just talk about it. [ profile] entrenous88 writes really hot Dawn fic. (See also her very, very hot Wesley/Dawn series.)
"Right, just like that," Spike encouraged Dawn.

Xander leaned back, his eyes closed, and his breathing coming fast. They were in the back seat of Spike’s car, since his was the only one with wide, long bench seats.

There had been an arranged date. There had been an awkward dinner. There had been a hell of a lot of wine. And now, there was him, Dawn, and Spike, parked in a dark alley.
Three CSIs in a cabin
No, this isn't part of that cabin ficathon thing from a couple of years ago. [ profile] zeplum's "Newton's 1st" is Nick taking Sara to the woods after her DUI, and Greg joining them later.
"You could've called."

"Wanted it to be a surprise."

Night's falling early and there's already a chill in the air. In the dying light, Greg's face is relaxed, almost happy.

"It was. Greg, man --" and here Nick falters. Sara's always been much more Greg's out clause than his. They've talked about situations like this, but now that they're smack dab in the middle of one, Nick's not so sure -- about anything.

"C'mon, Nick, give me some credit. You...Sara...isolated from the rest of the world. Something was bound to happen."

"And you still let me come?"

"There was no question of letting you."

"So why are you here?"

"Truthfully? I missed you guys." Greg shrugs like this all completely normal. "Besides, right now I'm not sure who I should be jealous of, you or Sara. Y'know, just for the record."
HouseWilson is baby Chase's other daddy
And last (but certainly not least) is [ profile] swtalmnd's "Uniform Violations," an incredibly hot House/Chase/Wilson wherein House and Wilson dress Chase up as a slutty nurse for Halloween.
Knickers first, and the attendant wriggling about and trying to get his cock and balls to stay inside and keep the back from riding up where no man -- well, okay, not many men -- has gone before. He gives up after a few moments when a noise makes him nearly go into cardiac arrest, and decides to hurry the process along. The stockings come next and he's really glad there's no seams to try and get straight, though the white lace tops and matching garter belt are making his cheeks pink anyway with they way they look on his annoyingly masculine legs.

He's not sure what it says about him that he wishes he'd been given warning so he could have shaved, but there you are. He puts that out of his mind figuring out the bra, which seems to mostly exist to torment him as the cups are mere crescent-shaped wisps of that same white lace, attached to devilishly uncomfortable underwires that somehow give him the illusion of cleavage. Then it's on with the dress, one zip and bam, he's a slut. He keeps trying to tug the hem down to no avail, and it barely even touches the tops of his stockings when he moves more than an inch. Sitting down is going to be out of the question, and he's going to sue House himself if there's any bending over in his near future.

"Right, nearly done," he says to himself and fishes out the penultimate bit of the costume, black eyeliner and whore-red lipstick. He tries to pretend he's never done this before as he puts the liner on smoothly, then smears the red stuff on his lips, sulking for a moment that they couldn't even be arsed to buy him a decent brand. He's just pinning on the ridiculous little white hat when the door swings open and he spins around, cheeks redder than any blush could have made them.
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I'm sad to admit that I'm never going to finish this fic. I really like it. I think it was eventually supposed to be Spike/Xander, although it's totally gen at this point.

The Story )
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Title: Ain't No Other Man
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Andrew
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me; I'm not making any money on this.
Archiving: My webpage, anyone else should ask. Archived versions must retain all headers.
Summary: There ain't no other man.
Author's Note: Many thanks to Molly for beta services. Section heading lyrics from Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man." No guarantee of accurate transcription is made or implied.

Ain't No Other Man )
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New Fic
Montana (text)
Spike/Xander FRAO 69K Slash. Xander moves to Montana, and back again. June 4, 2006

900 Miles to Stockholm (text)
Jason/Nicky FRAO 26K Het. Nicky retires. Jason finds her. June 4, 2006

Fic From 2005 You Might Have Missed
Eleven Days at the Rocking M (text)
Matt Damon/Ben Affleck FRAO 34K Slash. AU. City boy Matt meets cowboy Ben. July 11, 2005. This story has been remixed as "Not Wrong" by aleathiel.

Compliment (The Flashback Mix) (text)
Matt Damon/Ben Affleck, Matt Damon/Jude Law. FRAO 4K Slash. Matt's used to compliments. Remix of Brenda's "Compliment." September 5, 2005.

Love Me Like A Man (text)
Spike/Xander FRAO 65K Het, slash. Anya gets her old job back and leaves Xander a girl to take care of. November 1, 2005
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Title: Montana
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: The characters and world don't belong to me. No money is being made on this story.
Summary: Xander moves to Montana, and back again.
Author's Note: Many thanks to Molly and Melle for read-through services.

Montana )
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For those of you who find my travel uninteresting and would rather read something fannish, here's another bit of never finished fic.

I intended this to be the setup for a Willow/Spike/Xander future fic. Willow and Spike are together when Xander shows up, but he doesn't know it. I never came back to it, but it is a nice setup.

Fic Opening )
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Overall Con Theme
Too much SGA. Seriously, people, too much.

Catch Phrase of the Weekend I
"Your vagina is not a purse."

Catch Phrase of the Weekend II
"Penis, penis, vagina."

Bad Story Concept
We were talking about AUs, and someone told us about a lotrips AU. In this AU, Viggo is a teacher at a boarding school that Orlando attends. This sounds good, right? But then whoever it was told us the rest of the plot: Viggo is actually undercover looking for alien activity, and Orlando is an alien but doesn't know it.

Bunny for Sale
The consuite is actually an old nightclub, which had Molly and I trying to think of old nightclub AUs. Here's one I'll probably never write: Angel was Spike's something (father, brother, lover, mentor), but he died recently and left all his money to Spike. Spike takes this money and buys an old, rundown nightclub. His accountant, Willow, suggests that he might hire her best friend/client Xander to do the renovations. Spike instinctively introduces himself to Xander as William, which only Angel ever called him. Faith, Buffy, and Riley are all members of Xander's crew. At this point, you should insert some handwaving about Spike and Xander starting to fall in love/lust. As part of this, Xander brings in a fabulously beautiful wood bar, and it's Willow who tells Spike that Xander actually made it himself. Eventually, at Spike's request, Xander makes exactly the kind of desk Spike needs for the office upstairs. And there's some Spike and Xander having sex in the apartment upstairs during club hours.

Ah, the dealers room. I got the Firefly pics I wanted for my blank wall, and I bought another Spike picture for my Angel and Spike wall which will now have to curve around the corner. I also bought two very pretty Willow and Giles pics. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but they're pretty.

Girl, Unidentified
There was one particular fan who never wore her nametag that we took to referring to as Hot Girl. The only thing I heard her say was in the femslash panel where she said the LA lesbian community she's familiar with does not look like the community on The L Word. She also spent a lot of time hanging out with [ profile] hederahelix. If you know who Hot Girl is, please let us know; we want to stalk her on LJ. Hot Girl, if you're reading this, we appreciated looking at you, and we mean the stalking you on LJ thing to be complimentary and not creepy.

Thursday Evening
While lounging about in the lobby, we halfheartedly searched for [ profile] soobunny. This consisted of us asking people, "Has anyone seen Soo?" Someone asked us, "What's her last name?" To which we, of course, answered, "Bunny."

Friday Morning
First up: Angel panel. I'd yet to actually see my co-moderator, but there she was in the panel. I was not prepared for this panel, and, uh, I don't really remember much of it. I tried pimping The S Curve, but people didn't seem too interested.

Friday Afternoon
After snacking instead of real lunch, it was time for the Research for Fic panel. This was less about how to do research and more about how to work that research into your story. Again, too much SGA. However, this was where we discovered that more people than we know are into boutique-y fandoms, as one woman was reading a gargantuan book on the pox for research for a Libertine story (I think; maybe Libertine was someone else).

Then we stayed in the same room for the Beta Circle. I greatly appreciated that this was scheduled for Friday afternoon, because it meant that people could take things with them. There were only a few people there, but I think we got some good work done. I have to admit that I haven't yet read all the comments people left for me, but I definitely appreciated those of Glass Houses, who asked sensible things like, "What is he tied to?" and "Wouldn't that take a long time?"

At some point, we swung through the fannish tradeshow, but that was it for Friday panels.

Friday Evening
We ducked out of the party early (as in after about five minutes) and went back to the hotel room to watch, um, something that had a lot of ads for Armageddon the next night.

Saturday Morning
Litslash: Again, I was unprepared. Again, boutique-y fandom people. Dine had just given Molly a copy of Luck in the Shadows, so we even had a visual aid. Molly kept the list of litslash fandoms we came up with. I only remember a few. The most interesting thing to me was the discussion of fan ficcing the fan fic. No one seemed to think anything much of it.

Saturday Afternoon
Religion and Slash: It seemed interesting, but it started out way more about the religion of slashers than religion in fic, so I took myself back down to the con suite.

Eroica: I expected this to be a small panel. What I hadn't realized was that there are no Eroica fans who are also young folk. The funniest moment of the panel was when one of the attendees started complaining about a classic slash plot, which is almost exactly the plot of the Eroica epic I'll probably never finish. Best plot bunny of the panel: Dorian is really deep under cover working for MI-[some number].

DamonAffleck: This panel was myself, Molly, Soo, Charles, and Meagan watching video clips and dividing up the merchandise Molly brought for us. The cigarette smoking thing! Ben's hand on Matt's knee! Ben jumping on Chris Moore!

Dykes on Parade: Mmm, femslash panel. The panel was again awesome, but it really needs to be on the main track. I have the list we made in the panel of femslash places and pairings, and I promise I will type it up in the next couple of days.

Saturday Night
Molly and I played a little bit of He-He, but we were very tired, so after only a few rounds, we headed back to our room to watch the end of Armageddon.

Sunday Morning
This year, we actually made it downstairs in time for breakfast. Of course, we were running later than everyone else, so we ended up, just the four of us, at the table way back in the corner.

Sunday Afternoon
The Absence of Color in Black and White Fan Fiction: This was the best panel I went to all weekend. It was awesome, and Con and Lady J brought academic handouts, which made it even more awesome. (I occasionally have the urge to read academic handouts, but I don't know what to read.)

Jay and Silent Bob: This panel was myself, Molly, Soo, Charles, and Meagan (Elek joined us at some point) watching Charles' highlight reel and discussing both the recs handout Charles brought and the list of fanon. We discovered that my brain full of Jay and Silent Bob is still in action. On the list of fanon is "Jay gives good blow jobs," which is totally canon. In the Clerks comic, Jay gets a job as a fluffer, but gets fired because he's too good at it.

RPS: Ah, the RPS panel. Where everyone loves the RPS and if anyone doesn't, they know not to show up at the panel.

Escapade Review: This was the worst panel I went to all weekend. Instead of really encouraging new people to lead panels, they seemed to be discouraging people who lead panels to either not lead them or lead fewer, and it seemed really negative. They are, however, looking for ideas about how to get more young folk to come to Escapade. If you have any, let them know.

Sunday Evening
Dead Dog Party in the con suite. Woo-hoo! We stayed until the last people were filtering out, and then we went back to our room. Where we found the best TV show ever: Bailando por un sueño which appears to feature some people dancing, then celebrities giving roses and candles to people with sob stories, and then some other people dancing. It was hilarious.

Then we got Molly hooked on Grey's Anatomy.

Monday Morning
We got out of the hotel fairly early, and so we found time to visit a mall that was not a mall. It seemed to consist of a Borders, some movie theaters, and a lot of restaurants.

Monday Evening
I decided to have dinner at LAX. I went to the chain clam chowder in a bread bowl place. This was a bad idea. First of all, I burned my tongue. I have burned my tongue every time I've had their soup. A burned tongue hurts a hell of a lot more the second day. Secondly, I spilled soup on me, making me have to wash my sweatshirt in today's laundry. Thirdly, there were high winds and therefore turbulence in Sacramento, and I was nauseated. I appreciated the cold and the wind when I got out of the airport though; it helped settle my stomach.

And then, on the drive home, I hit the worst of the storm just before Yuba City. Thank goodness the road is mostly straight there, because I certainly couldn't see much of anything.
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This bunny of the day has been very heavily influenced by [ profile] othercat's "The One Who Sees," which I was reading at the time. I highly enjoyed "The One Who Sees," although I'm having some issues with the gap between it and the WiP sequel, "Walking With Heroes."

Xander's in England after his tour of duty in Africa. It turns out that he's really good at dealing with slayers with problems. Not severe problems, like Dana. There are other people for that. But slayers with other kinds of problems, like Shelly, who's fifteen and pregnant, or Etana, who he'd found wandering the African wilderness after her village had disowned her. Or Elizabeth, whose parents are the coldest people Xander's ever met, and who struggles against expectations of perfection in ways that are far more likely to kill her than any of the monsters they fight. Xander's good at dealing with them, but it takes a lot out of him. He's always on duty, twenty-four seven, and that's tiring, even though he knows this is what he's supposed to be doing. He finally has a purpose.

Dawn calls Spike first, and wheedles him into coming to help. "Xander's good at this, but he needs some help," she says. "He was always better with you around." He argues a little, about Angel needing him there, but they both know that he was always going to do whatever she wanted him to do.

She calls Xander after that. "Spike's going to come and stay with you."

"What do you mean stay with me?"

"You're better with him there," she says, "and he's better with you. I know you need help."

"I have a house full of unstable vampire slayers," he says. "Do you really think a vampire is the best person to help out?"

"He can help you train them. It'll be good for them to know they're not all monsters. Besides, it's him or Andrew."

Xander shudders but makes one last attempt. "Does Giles know about this?"

"Of course he does. He said if I could make it happen, it was okay."

Dawn makes all the arrangements and somehow keeps them from actually talking to each other.

Xander sits his girls down at dinner one night and tells them they're going to have another addition to the house.

"Another slayer?" Shelly asks.

"No," he says. "His name is Spike. He's a vampire."

He waits until they've calmed down a bit to continue. "He has a soul. He's fighting on our side now. He's the one who closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale."

Shelly pouts and rests a hand on her stomach. "I don't care. He's a *vampire*."

"Is he another Watcher?" Elizabeth asks.

Her question startles Xander into laughing. "No," he says. "No. Think of him as another tutor."

"Glorified babysitter," is what Spike says when he gets Dawn's carefully prepared packet with its clear delineation of his duties, which include holding down the fort when Xander needs a break.

Xander steps out of the house when Dawn pulls up in a company car. The girls are tensely lined up on the couch.

Dawn gives him a tight hug and lets Spike carry his own luggage. Spike and Xander nod at each other, and Xander formally invites him in. He has Spike dump his stuff in the entryway and takes him in to meet his girls.

It's a tense moment while the girls struggle not to react to the slayer sense telling them to kill the vampire. Spike's on his best behavior, which Xander suspects must be due to something Dawn has said or done.

"I'm going to get Spike settled in," Xander says. "Elizabeth, help Etana start dinner. Dawn can keep Shelly company for a little bit."

"England," Spike says, when Xander takes him to his room.

"Yep." Xander waves around the room. "You should be able to find everything. There's a space heater in the closet if you need it. Bathroom's down the hall. If you leave wet towels on the floor, I'll let the girls use holy water when they train with you."

Spike snorted. "Yeah, you're scary."

"I'm watcher to three slayers. I've got some power." Xander crosses his arms and leans against the doorway.

Spike snorts. "Yeah, right. Nanny to three messed up little girls more like."

Xander pushes away from the wall and takes the two steps to Spike. "I know Dawn thinks you're here to take care of me. I'm glad to have you here to help out. The girls could use someone they can really whale on. You're going to help me make them stronger. But if I ever hear you say anything like that to them, I will personally throw you out of the house myself."

Spike seems to think about that for a moment, and then he nods. "Right. No callin' the slayers crazy. Check." Xander waits until Spike says, "Not gonna do anything to emotionally damage your slayers."

Xander nods. "Good. Dinner's downstairs in twenty. We stocked the fridge with blood."

He goes downstairs and supervises dinner. He gives Elizabeth a one-armed hug and tells her it doesn't matter that she's cut the tomatoes so finely they're almost all juice.

Dawn leaves after dinner, but not before she's had a hurried conversation in low tones with Spike.

After she's gone, Spike goes out onto the porch to smoke and Xander settles the girls in for a little generic research.

"Give me the real story," Spike says when Xander joins him on the porch. "Your words. Not the official file version."

Xander wraps his arms around himself; England really is cold. "Shelly's pregnant. We think she was raped, but she won't talk about it. She's strong anyway, but she protects the baby. She might not be able to knock you down.

"I found Etana wandering in the wilderness in Africa. She'd been beaten and expelled from her village. She's never told me the whole story. She's strong, and she's doing the best of all of them. If she keeps doing well, Giles will probably transfer her out in a couple of months.

"Elizabeth." Xander sighed. "She's actually doing worse than Etana and Shelly put together. She comes from some kind of aristocratic British family. Her parents..." Xander trails off. "Her parents are pretty horrible. She's the classic poor little rich girl. When she first came here, the tomatoes thing would have sent her into a complete meltdown."

"And you?" Spike asked.

"One-eyed junior watcher with no vacation time. Wrangled into all kinds of things by women with puppy-dog eyes. But don't tell the girls that."

Xander considers Spike for a moment. "And you?"

Spike drops his cigarette and grinds it out under his heel. "Souled vampire, made some mistakes, but trying to do right now."

"Are you going to be able to do this?"

Spike stares off down their frighteningly normal street. "Yeah, I can do this." He goes back into the house.

Xander waits a moment, breathing in the cold, before he goes back in too.

The five of them settle into a routine. Spike spars with the girls, Xander organizes everyone's schedules, the girls mostly do as they're told.

As much as Xander hates to admit it, Dawn had been right. With a second adult around, he can leave the girls at home when he needs to visit the Council. With Spike around, the girls finally have someone who can really teach them how to fight.

Spike stops Xander in the hallway one evening before dinner. "Take the night off," he says.


"Take the night off," Spike repeats. "That's why I'm here, right?"

"What the hell am I supposed to do with a night off?"

Spike shrugs. "Dunno. Don't really care. Plenty of pubs, theater or two. Could always try to get laid." Spike eyes him critically. "You look like you could use it."

"I am not talking about my sex life with you."

"What sex life? Can't imagine you're gettin' any, what with the full-time watching and all."

"Not having this conversation," Xander says.

"Fine, then," Spike says. "Take the night off and do whatever it is you want. I can handle things here."

So Xander takes the night off. Spike's right about him being here to cover for his nights off. Spike's right about his sex life, too, but it's not like he's going to admit that to Spike. Or anyone, really.

Except that he goes to one of the pubs, one he vaguely remembers from before he was therapy watcher number one, and lets a blond stranger pick him up and take him home.

It's just his luck that Spike's still awake when he gets in, and damn the man and his vampire senses. He sniffs, and then the way he whips around to look at Xander is hilarious and it sends Xander into giggles.

Xander may still be a little drunk.


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