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Summary: "I have two," Shawzy says when everyone turns to look at him. He's so very carefully not slurring his words that he has to have had even more to drink than Brandon thought. "Not the same, like Sharpy's. Different people." He holds up his covered wrists.

Notes: Way back in July, there was a prompt at Grinding It Out In The Corner: Another Hockey Rare Pairs Fest for "Brandon Saad/Andrew Shaw/Brandon Bollig, name-on-the-wrist soulmates - Shawzy has two Brandons on his wrist. Because that's not confusing at all." I plot bunnied one idea with lattice_frames, who turned that into Every Letter a Complication, but it was one of those ideas that I couldn't stop thinking about. I ended up plot bunnying out half of this version to Esueno71 on Twitter, and when that still wasn't enough to get the idea out of my head, I wrote this version of the story. I veered from the original prompt a bit in that this is a poly V relationship instead of a threesome. Thanks to everyone who was encouraging, and especially Lake and Kate who read along.

Story on AO3

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