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I actually have a Google doc titled "plot bunnies" to keep track of these things (sort of; I know a lot of them get lost because I forget to copy them into the doc). If you love any of these and end up writing them, please let me know about it so I can read the story! (Unless you take the disturbing one and write a serial killer story, because I'm not into serial killer fic.)

You know, we always assume Pete is all subby, but there should be a story where he gets turned into a werewolf and turns out to be an alpha. No one is more surprised by this than Pete. Patrick swears a lot when Pete uses his alpha thing to get his own way.


Ryan (Luciani, not Ross) ends up pregnant. Mike K, being the only sensible person in that group, explains that he's going to have a baby and he can't live in his car/people's couches. The Stegers are practically family, so Ryan moves in with Max and the Steger parentals. Then Max/Ryan, obviously.


Possibly horrifying plot bunny: Zack quietly takes care of anyone who might hurt Brendon or Spencer.


You know all that fic where Pete sexes up Patrick to show him he's attractive? There should be fic like that about Max. I would even read fic where Pete (creepy or not) is the one sexing him up.


Andy Hurley and Misha Collins both tweeted about the protests in Barcelona. Where's that cracky fic? They meet, and Misha's like, "I already have a threesome," and Andy's like, "That's cool. Want to have sex anyway?"


Once upon a time, I was going to make an illustrated Black Cards mini-primer/plot bunny, but I didn't get my act together and then they kept losing members, and now this is all that's left of it.

There are four people in the Black Cards:

Pete Wentz (bass, frontman): formerly of Fall Out Boy, father of Jessica Simpson's nephew, soon to be ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson
Bebe Rexha (vocals): the girl, formerly of a publicly unnamed wedding band
Nate Patterson (guitar/keyboard): the one I know nothing about
Spencer Peterson (drums): Cobra Starship's Nate Novarro's best friend and former drum tech

You do have to pay close attention, though, to know there are four of them. Publicity is all Pete or Pete and Bebe. The sense I get from Twitter is that Nate, Spencer, and Bebe hang out together. I would love to read a story that examines that. Possibly something about how Pete feels very alone/isolated - he has this whole new band full of people who seem to like each other more than him, he's getting divorced, so many of his friends live far across the country - and how he slowly comes to realize he can be part of this group with his band.
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Summary: "No," Patrick says, "you did fine." He's quiet for a long moment. "Sometimes you just have to tie him up and fuck him."

Notes: This was going to be a kinky threesome sort of story, with lots of things about how each twosome within that threesome works.

Warning/Enticement: Kink.

Story on AO3

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Summary: The dance students get assigned to work in cross-style pairs. Victoria is tall and there aren't very many boys, so of course she doesn't get one. Instead, Victoria, (ballet/voice/piano) gets assigned to work with Bebe (jazz/contemporary/voice).

Story on AO3

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Happy Halloween! This is the third year I've done this, and it's always fun.

Red Door

Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment.

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user pmschlenker, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.)
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Disclaimer: Fictional.
Summary: Gabe and Victoria's first night home from tour.
Note: While this can probably stand alone, it is the third story in a trilogy. The first two are Going Steady and Knocked Up.

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I am less than twenty-four hours away from one of the greatest pleasures known to workingkind: a three-day weekend. Fourth of July is even one of the three holidays we actually get paid for. I thought that with the extra spare time in my life, and the fact that although I've been getting a lot of work done on my other projects, I haven't been coming up with much outside of them, it's a good time for prompt snippets. Leave me a prompt and I'll write you something by Monday night! Fine print: One per person. Lurkers welcome. Generally first come first served, although things may jump the queue depending on inspiration. I may wander from your original prompt.
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Summary: Pete's whole body floods with relief. She's going to do it for him, and she'll be good at it - maybe just okay at first, but she has what it takes to be really damn good at it.
Warning/Enticement: Nonsexual kink of the bondage/control/light hair pulling variety.

Notes: This is another of those [ profile] inlovewithnight posted a picture and then encouraged me sort of stories. The picture in question is this:

Picture! )

And my original response was: Bebe is like, "yeah, put your hands up with your wrists crossed," and Pete is like, "HANDCUFF POSITION YES I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS." Where is that fic?

After some urging, I wrote her a tiny snippet in the comments on her post, and then I wrote the rest of this for her birthday. I would totally love for someone else to write the epic version of Pete teaching Bebe how to be his domme.

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This Twitter exchange from this weekend needs to be memorialized on the internet:

PatrickStump: Currently listening to Mongo Santamaria's version of "Watermelon Man." (source)

BebeRexha: @PatrickStump We used to play that in Jazz band class! :) Love it! (source)

PatrickStump: @BebeRexha I didn't know you were in jazz band. I totally BS'd my way into/through it. Still can't read music. I just swung/improvised (source)

I love the way he says he didn't know that as if he knows enough about her that it's a surprise to learn something new. Fandom, where is the Patrick&Bebe - or Patrick/Bebe or Pete/Patrick/Bebe or even Pete/Patrick and Pete/Bebe V relationship - fic? Do I have to do everything around here?
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Once upon a time, [ profile] inlovewithnight posted this picture:

Picture! )

I said, "I am especially amused by the one where Travis and the other guy are like, 'Picture taking! Pose!' and Pete is all, 'Doggy!'" This led to a discussion of how Pete was the kid who always had to be reminded to be soft with the kitty. Not that he would want to hurt anyone or anything, just that he was enthusiastic when he wanted to play. And then I wrote a snippet about Gabe warning Bebe about that quality.

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I had this goal to post something ficcish every Sunday to Saturday week this month, and then this week turned out to be very busy. So instead of actual fic, have some plot bunnies. If you're a regular [ profile] anon_lovefest reader, some of these might seem familiar.

Cross-Band Threesomes )

Empires )

Cobra Starship )

The Cab )

Panic! at the Disco )

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Having learned my lesson from the last concert review I posted, a note to those of you who have arrived here via Google Alerts: I am the fan fiction writing variety of fangirl. Anything in here about the possibility of people mentioned sleeping together is wholly imaginary and meant for fun, not as either reality or an insult. (If you're a Vizzy fan, being upset that I didn't like him is a perfectly valid life choice.)

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I've been wanting to write this story anyway, and then [ profile] mourning_night prompted me with "Gabe/Bebe/Victoria - nothing is ever simple," which seemed to fit, so I used that as a nudge to write this.

This is a sequel to Going Steady, but you don't have to read that for this to make sense. There is one more story from this world in my head; I might get to it before this month is over.

Warning: Discussion of abortion.

Knocked Up )
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Bebe posted today to say, "Just remember that this is who you are and you don't need anyone to certify that." I find her so freakin' adorable! Clearly this means today's fic should be this tiny Bebe snippet.

A while back, [ profile] inlovewithnight posted some pictures, including this one:

Picture )

In response, I wrote this tiny scenelet. It was also a day when I was supremely annoyed with Gabe, but in retrospect, that doesn't show quite as much.

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Work became ridiculously busy the day after MLK day, and looks to be that way for the foreseeable future. I hadn't realized how much I was depending on work downtime to stay caught up on my internet life. In the meantime, I have been reading very compelling books and foolishly staying up late to do so, with the end result that I'm very tired.

I've been thinking about this a lot, but haven't said anything because I don't want to seem like I'm complaining or fishing for something: I have one group of friends who only talk to me about fandom via email, and then I have this whole other group of friends who will talk to me about fandom on LJ and Twitter. It's kind of strange.

Fandom: Bandom Big Bang
[ profile] bandombigbang posted the rules and sign up posts. I'm still totally unclear as to whether Leighton/Vicky-T is okay or not. They're also fairly adamant about people keeping their stories secret until posting time, which I really have not done. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to email and ask if Leighton/Vicky-T is okay or just say to hell with it and maybe write something else for wave two later. (Assuming I ever finish this Leighton/Vicky-T story.) Opinions on this point are more than welcome!

Fandom: Space Big Bang
I'm not writing anything for [ profile] spacebigbang, but you should! I will totally read outside my fandom for space AUs.

Fandom: Empires
I've been trying to work out an actual story about girl!Sean in my head. It's not going well. Girl!Sean is difficult to conceptualize, much less write.

I have been writing a lot of Empires kink fic in my head, but none of it has yet made it out of my head. Someday, maybe.

Fandom: Panic!
Dear Panic!,

I am, in theory, very interested in your current goings-on, but in reality I'm tired and trying to keep up with my writing and my email. I promise to eventually listen to your new song.

Much love,

Fandom: Black Cards
Bebe keeps tweeting pictures of her baby cousin. I think the cousin is actually too old for this plot bunny, but I really want a story where the cousin is actually not a cousin but her daughter. I don't know what else would happen in this story.

Fandom: TV
I am caught up with Big Love and Greek, but I realized yesterday that I'd forgotten that Friday Night Lights was back from hiatus, so I am behind on that. I'm also behind on Nikita. And I have two movies in the house (one from the library, one from Netflix). Alas, the problems of a fangirl.

I've also watched the first few eps of Jack and Bobby on Netflix, and it's dated in a very interesting way. The girl playing the love interest is not the kind of standardized pretty that would let her be on a CW show now.

I'm reading Libba Bray's trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet Far Thing), which is incredibly compelling, even if I find it iffy as historical fiction. She does appear to be the kind of writer who learned to write as she went along. Part of the reason I'm reading them is that I remember people talking about them being femslashy. I'm a little disappointed on that point. Perhaps I just read too much explicitly homoerotic fiction for mere subtext to satisfy me.
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Very few bands come to Chico (Snoop Dogg does, which baffles me every time), but a lot of bands come to Sacramento. Sacramento is an hour and a half drive each way, and really, there is a short list of people I'd be willing to make the drive for: Christian Kane, Empires, MCR, Black Cards, Mark Rose, and maybe Panic! depending on where and who else they were playing with. This spring, I'm in luck! Christian Kane said on Facebook this weekend that Sacramento and Bay Area dates are coming soon. He said SoCal in April/May, so the Sacramento/Bay Area shows must be February or March. I'm totally going whenever it is he's in Sac. The Black Cards are also coming to Sacramento on Travie McCoy's tour. I bought my tickets through the pre-sale yesterday, so not only am I seeing them on April Fool's Day, but I'm seeing them at a venue called Ace of Spades. (MCR is in Oakland on March 31. If I were more dedicated/willing to spend more money, I'd go to that, stay overnight there, and head to Sac for the Black Cards on the first. I'm not that dedicated/willing to spend more money, though.)

All this blather is really to say: if you're going to or interested in going to either of those shows, I would be happy to drive/have dinner/hang out!
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Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas or concepts or factoids I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting him or her accurately.
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Summary: "Miss Rexha, I wish to ask for your hand in marriage. I will be a true and faithful husband to you, and you and your mother shall never need worry again."
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Warning: Bebe is 16/17 in this story, which is underage by modern day standards.

Notes Part the First: When I was having a lot of trouble with the middle of "New York to L.A.," I thought, "Maybe I'll just scrap it and write a space AU instead." The problem with a space AU, of course, is: how did they meet? "Maybe," I thought, "they met when Bebe was a child." Then I thought both (a) "Creepy!" and (b) "I've read too much bad Chronicles of Riddick fan fic." But then I took that idea and dumped it into a regency AU, where it might still be mildly creepy but is at least period appropriate.
Notes Part the Second: Many things about this story would be different if I were writing the novel-length version. One of those is the issue of race, where instead of creating some sort of explanation, I have punted and not addressed the issue at all. For shortcut's sake, you can assume this fake regency world is one wherein race is not the influencing factor on what makes one respectable (or not).
Notes Part the Third: Thank you to [ profile] ghostling for providing me with useful information about regency romance meal schedules. Anything that's still wrong is entirely my fault.

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