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Today's treat is a bit of nostalgia. I was going to link you to the video clip for one of them, but I couldn't find it. So instead you get just the screencap.

This is from one of my most favorite filmed moments ever. It's from Project Greenlight, and it's Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Ben's smoking as they talk. Matt gets up, gets his cigarettes out of his pocket, takes Ben's cigarette to light his own, and puts Ben's back in his hand, and Ben just keeps talking like he doesn't even notice. It's so smooth, and to me reads of such an easy intimacy.

Bonus screencap of Ben's hand casually resting on Matt's knee. There's a reason they're one of my original OTPs.
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Part I: Movies

The time before last when I went out of town, I saw Changing Lanes )

This time, I saw Forces of Nature )

Today, on the recommendation of a friend, I watched D.E.B.S. )

Part II: Music

On my way home yesterday, I heard a song I really liked. In particular, "if love is a labor I'll slave till the end" caught my ear. The song is "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against. I listened to clips from a couple of other songs on the same album (Siren Song of the Counter Culture) and they're all a completely different sound from "Swing Life Away," and in a way that I don't like.

Natasha Bedingfield is a different story. I love "These Words (I Love You, I Love You)." I was in Tower last week, and her album was playing. "Single" was also entertaining, and then came "Unwritten," which I realized I've heard on the radio before. My copy of the CD is en route from Oklahoma.

I've also heard and enjoyed Carbon Leaf's "Life Less Ordinary" on the radio recently, and I really like Ciara's "One, Two Step." (Heard last night: "One, Two Step" over the beat from "Hollaback Girl." The DJ, who I agree with: I love the beat, but I hate the Gwen part.) Is it just me, or is music on an upswing these days?

Part III: Comics

I got no writing done while I was out of town, but I did manage to read volume 3 of the official From Eroica With Love translations. I continue to be fascinated by how the official translations differ from the fan translations. What was abrupt and harsh in the fan translations seems flirtatious and even romantic in the official translations. I can't wait for the next volume, which is the one where Dorian tells Klaus he loves him and Klaus hits him for it. I'm continually debating with myself about whether that's indicative of an abusive relationship or if Klaus only does it to deter suspicion.


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