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DW only friends, [personal profile] lakeeffectgirl and I are going to rewatch Once a Thief in August, and you're invited to join us! Here is a Tumblr post with details, a schedule, and a link to sign up to join the email discussion thread.
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I've imported my LJ into Dreamwidth and I'm cross-posting for now. (I may switch to only using DW later.) If we're not friends on DW, friend me or tell me who you are! Are any of you using LJ only, or is it time to give up reading my LJ friends page altogether?
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Tumblr! I have no idea how I'm going to use this. Mostly I wanted to follow people on tumblr instead of having them feed to my friends list because there were too many pictures on my friends page.
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I've been thinking about social networks and fandom for a while, specifically since LJ introduced the crosspost to Facebook/Twitter feature and everyone freaked out. This got long. )

But even with all that, I know what [ profile] eleanor_lavish means. On days when I'm busy, my friends list, small as it is, seems overwhelming, but on weekends I refresh and refresh and refresh and wish there were more going on. I have recently become more likely to make small, one-off posts about something I just found. (It's not really a joke when I say I'm always two to three years behind the rest of fandom. I should have all my fic uploaded to AO3 by 2015 or so.) If I did more of that, if I posted here with my favorite picture of the day (not every day, but whenever there's one I love) with commentary, if I posted small plot bunny of the day posts instead of saving them all up for one giant post, would you read them and join in the conversation or would it be too much clutter on your friends list?

TL;DR version:
  • I love social networking. You should be friends with me on Facebook. (I only ask that you let me know who you are if I don't already know your real name.) You can also follow me on Twitter.

  • Feel free to unfriend/unfollow me at any time.

  • I love email. You can send me some even if we don't know each other that well. You should also feel free to comment here, at any time. If you find an older post and want to comment, I have no problem with that. Talking about fannish things is my favorite thing in the world.

  • I will absolutely and completely respect your boundaries around keeping your identities separate.

  • I might post here more often, and I am open to suggestions as to communities I should be posting to.
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(Back in the Web 1.0 days, I had a page listing my friends, and people would watch to see if they moved up and down the list. There was also a gossip section with bits about whatever was going on in life. I was so cutting edge.)

I figure if I feel comfortable telling you that I have a tendency to coordinate my underwear with my outfit (I almost made a poll about that this week, but I thought that might be just a smidgen too weird), then I can let you see what's on my Netflix queue.




If you think of any other "social web" things you want to know where I am, let me know.


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