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I've been replied to by an author, a dancer in a reality show, and a costume designer on Twitter before, but today it was John Rogers acknowledging that his show's pairings really are Nate/Sophie and Eliot/Parker/Hardison:

(Assuming I don't manage to break the fourth wall again, your regularly scheduled ficcish treats will resume tomorrow.)

(Also, why are my screencaps a mess? If you view the image, it looks fine, but when I previewed the post or when I try to post to Tumblr, they're a disaster.)
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I realized recently that I haven't bothered to update my master posts or my delicious bookmarks for my fic since before I did 31 Days of Fic in March. Everything is also on AO3, so I'm not sure if it matters. Therefore: poll time!

[Poll #1852026]
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Twitter changed something this week, and whatever it was broke clients, including my beloved Twhirl, which is no longer being supported and therefore will never be fixed. I have two Twitter accounts (one I actually use, one I use only to follow celebrities), otherwise I would probably resign myself to just using the (in many ways inadequate) website forever. Here are the features I want in a desktop client that I loved about Twhirl:
  • Pops up tweets in the corner of the screen. I don't mean a notification that there are tweets, I mean the actual tweets. I don't know what the duration of Twhirl's popups was, but it was more than long enough for me to read the tweet. (If there were four or more, it would just pop up a notification that there were x number of tweets, and then you had to go look at the actual client. This is acceptable behavior.)

  • Everything in one column. I do not want separate columns or tabs or pages for replies. I want all tweets by people I follow and any tweets that are replies to or mention me (even if they're from people I don't follow) in one list.

  • Supports multiple accounts, each in their own column.

  • Not ugly. I tried out TweetDeck, and it's hideous. I want black text on a white background, but I will accept black text on a light gray background, which was one of the Twhirl color schemes. (I also liked that replies were in a different color - Twhirl made the background a dark yellow - but that's not a dealbreaker.)

  • Must work with low screen resolutions. I have a relatively small monitor, and my resolution is set at 800x600. TweetDeck's desktop client is mostly unusable at that resolution (and if you try to do anything with settings on their web version, the box is so far to the right that the x to close it is off the screen). I need something either small or sensibly scalable.

  • Ability to retweet with commentary. This isn't a dealbreaker, but I get frustrated every time I try to use the website to retweet something because it doesn't let you add commentary unless you copy and paste into a new tweet. I would like to be able to do this in a sensible, one-step way.

  • Has a Windows XP version. Yeah, whatever, I live in the dark ages of computer software. I've yet to run into a reason to upgrade.
Anyone have any suggestions for a client that might work for me?

(Just so you understand how important this is to me, my alternate post title was "Summer Meltdown Number Two." And, yes, I did cry my eyes out over this. If I can't find a useful client, my alternate plan is to just stop following celebrities on Twitter, which is not what I really want to do.)
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You may have noticed from my last couple of writing goals check-in posts that I haven't done any work on my book for a while. I hit a point where I feel paralyzed. My characters are going on a first date. I've never been on a date, so I have no idea how this should go: What do they talk about? When they leave together, do they take separate cars to one of the characters' houses or do they share a car, leaving one of them to take the other back to her car later? Part of my problem with this story in general is that I want it to be not terrible (really, I totally buy into the idea that erotica doesn't have to be perfect to sell) because the lesbian romances I've read are unbelievably bad. If this were a m/m novel, I would have no problem; I know the patterns for that, and I can write those kinds of stories all day long. But this. I feel like I'm floundering in a space where I have no examples, and I don't have the personal experience to draw from as a substitute. (Also, one of my characters has business ambitions, which I don't understand at all.) It seems like this should be easy anyway since it's just your standard marriage of convenience plot (think Jennifer Crusie's Strange Bedpersons and The Cinderella Deal), but somehow every time I think about, I get paralyzed all over again.

So, help? I don't know if I need ideas for what they can talk about or if I need suggestions of things to read that would help me learn the patterns or if I just need ideas of how to stop being afraid of it. I'll take whatever you've got.
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I wrote this whole post at work today, and then Carter and Richards got their last piece of happily ever after with their Stanley Cup and no one will care about anyone else, but I wrote it, so have it anyway.

Hockey people, if you don't have [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and her fic journal [ profile] alonewithghosts friended, you're missing out. She finds and/or writes the best things.

Once upon a time, before she even liked them, she outlined the epic Brioux plot for me, and then she wrote some bits of it. She's ditching it now, but she has put the breakup scene of my heart (and a few other bits) up at her fic journal. Be forewarned, it is full of sadness, but in a really satisfying way. (Sometimes I just go reread that scene. I love it that much.)

She also directed me toward this video )which is all about Mike Richards being sad after he got traded. We would both very much like some Mike/Cabbie fic if anyone would be into writing that.

Also glorious is this post by [ profile] gigantic which has both a video of Kings players talking about Twilight (Did you know Mike Richards read the books? I have no idea why they appeal to hockey players, but I almost hope he and Carter are reading 50 Shades of Fan Fic now.) and a fabulous plot bunny about hockey players having a YA lit book club.

Also devoted to making my summer better: the Tylers. [ profile] littledivinity has an awesome primer about them, and they're continuing to live up to everything that primer promises. They live together in the off-season, which prompted Seguin to tweet about yoga. Then he adopted a puppy. Then Brown retweeted some other guy who said of them, "Good to see u boys are still happily attached at the hip." I don't know why I find these two in particular so delightful, and yet I do. Possibly it has something to do with Brown calling Seguin "the wife" in a cheerful and non-demeaning way.

Also delightful, this picture of P.K. Subban and Carey Price wearing each other's names. )Clothes sharing and people wearing each other's names forever.

Anyway, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I have been discussing tropes we could apply to the Briouxs or Carter and Richards. Tell me your favorite tropes we could plot bunny!

I have so far written no Carter/Richards (Given the way these things go, I'm sure I will eventually. Keep in mind that they once played on a team with Patrick Sharp, who makes everything more entertaining.), but I now have three Brioux docs: the one where Sean has a boyfriend, the one where Hartsy is confused and no one got divorced (I really want to write more of this, but I don't know what else would happen), and the one where Danny is Claude's professor. I was going to post something not Brioux this weekend, but then I decided I didn't want to (a) read through it one last time for anything that needs to be fixed or (b) deal with AO3. But clothes sharing and feelings sometime this week, I promise.
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I know, I have questions about titles all the time. I honestly find coming up with titles to be the hardest part of posting fic. Today I have just two specific things to ask about.

First, how do you feel about lowercase titles versus capitalized titles? It never bothers me when other people have all lowercase titles, but I always feel pretentious using them myself. (Like, I want to preemptively tell people who might scoff that I do understand title case and the lowercase section headings in Leads to Another Kiss were an artistic choice.) Part of that, I think is that lowercase titles seem like they should go with more literary things while I tend to write very straightforward stories.

Secondly, what if a lyric works as a title for the story, but the song as a whole doesn't? Will people notice? And if they do, will it bother them? Or should I just use the lyric?
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Coworker L's partner A now works for us. I've heard L start to call A "sweetie" or a diminutive version of A's name more than once. This is what originally got me thinking about the use of endearments, and then I asked for endearment suggestions for something I was writing and got back the same answer from three different people - and it was an answer that doesn't feel right to me for the story. I did not grow up in an endearment-using household. My mom will sometimes call us "kiddo" or "sweetie" and one of my grandmothers used to call us "kid," but that's about it. For myself, I'm most likely to use endearments when talking out loud in response to a TV show or celebrity interview ("honey," "sweetheart," etc., and usually in an "Oh, honey, no" sort of context) or with small children who I will call "kiddo." A quick google didn't lead me to any useful research on the usage and prevalence of endearments (surely some linguist has studied this), which means I'm going to rely on anecdotal evidence from you. So talk to me about endearments! Do you use them? Did you grow up in a family that used them? Do you hang out with people who use them? Have you noticed patterns in how people use them/who uses them? Would you expect people from different regions to use different endearments? What about people in different professions or in different socioeconomic circumstances? Would you expect men and women use different endearments? Have I used the word "endearments" so many times that it's now lost all meaning?
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All I'm writing these days is hockey fic. Including a story that fulfills my theory that my participation in a fandom is not complete until I write a story about someone getting pregnant. So, WIP post! Have some samples of things I'm writing.

Kane/Toews, Babyfic )

Crosby/Ovechkin, De-aged!Sidney )

Oshie/Toews Star-Crossed Lovers )

Kane/Toews, Gay Bar and Obliviousness )

Girl!Crosby/Ovechkin Babyfic )

Kane/Toews, Clothes Sharing and Feelings )

Unsolved Problems, A List

Suggestions welcome!
  • As you may have noticed, I haven't really decided how to refer to Kane and Toews in the narrative.

  • I need to watch way more Ovechkin and Malkin interviews to get their English speech patterns down.

  • I need to come up with ways for Kane and Toews to be couply in their normal lives in the gay bar and obliviousness story.

  • The girl!Crosby/Ovechkin story needs a lot of work. Even I don't believe Syd sleeping with Alex the first time, and I wrote it. Also, my tentative summary for the story is "Sydney Crosby is a hockey player, not a mother," and so far it's mostly about Syd and Alex hooking up.

  • The clothes sharing and feelings story so far follows a reality-based timeline, which means I either need to finish it now or only write little bits of it at a time throughout the playoffs. (Why do hockey playoffs take two months? I don't understand.)
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Here's the rule for this post: I will talk about this show. I will even talk about things not in this post if you want to bring them up. However, you cannot ruin it for me in the comments. If you hate the things I love, talk about it elsewhere, not in the comments to this entry. I realize I'm being weird and neurotic about this show, but you're either going to have to just put up with it for now or skip these entries. (Also, in case you're not someone I talk to on a regular basis: I'm having a rough couple of weeks and I stayed home sick today, hence the exacting expression of my control issues.)

Four things:

Detail from "A Scandal in Belgravia"
Spoilers )

Detail from "The Hounds of Baskerville" and "The Reichenbach Fall"
Spoilers )

I want an "I ♥ Molly Hooper" button.
Spoilers )

Is the ending spoiler a spoiler?
Spoilers? )
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If I were the kind of person to have icons, one of them would be Bart Simpson jumping around the screen yelling, "Pay attention to me!" (Quick googling tells me it's from "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy," but I couldn't find video of just that bit in the two minutes I allotted to said googling.) Anyway, I am combining this with my happiness commandment to ask and asking you to come talk to me in the comments. Ask questions, tell me about your day, outline a plot bunny in your head. It'll be a party! (Until I go to bed, but I'll be back tomorrow.)

Caveat: please don't post/link me to video. The sustained time and attention required to watch it makes me anxious. I know it's completely illogical that I would rather read a ten thousand-word story than watch a three-minute video, but there it is. Cat, Channing Tatum, and Star Trek macros are a-okay, as long as they are funny.
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I really want a story where Pete meets an unexpected dude somewhere (like Starbucks or the park or Whole Foods) who is really good with Bronx, to the point that Bronx invites him to sit/play/come home with them. Eventually, Pete and unexpected dude fall in love and have sex on days when Bronx is with Ashlee.

The question about this plot bunny is: who should the unexpected dude be? A Jonas brother? ("You're dating a Jonas," Gabe says, with a look that says way more than his words.) Chris Pine? ("Captain Kirk," Gabe says. "Is it out of this world?") Peter Dinklage? (Gabe says, "I can't believe you found another Peter even shorter than you.") Suggestions welcome!
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I have three things because I wanted to make a post about something, and I couldn't come up with more than three that I really wanted to post about.

1. I have a lot of snippets and ficlets lying about in my Google Docs that haven't been posted here because I don't know what to title them. I will take any and all suggestions for how to go about titling things. (There's also a ficlet I don't want to post because they go shopping at Wal-Mart, which is not an activity I endorse. The rest of the story is incest fic involving a non-celebrity sibling.)

2. [ profile] bandgirlsbang is happening this year! My pairing is okay! I can totally finish this story by October 15. (I can actually probably finish it and do half the editing by then. \o/) You should also sign up if that is at all your kind of thing.

3. Some friends and I have a fic rec thread where we email recs back and forth. One of said friends today added us to a Google Doc where she's been keeping track of recs - from the thread and not - and other things she wants to read. This is way more centralized than my approach. If I see something in the wild that I want to read but not at the moment, I will either (a) remember how to find it again (for example, I know that one of the things I haven't yet clicked on tagged harry/draco+ewe is a 100K story I think I want to come back to on a weekend) or (b) bookmark it (whether or not I ever come back to those is a different matter). For things on the thread or in other emails, I star the message with the link and tag the thread *fic recs (I also have a **fic recs to read soon tag, which was supposed to help me not have so much stuff in my inbox, but I don't necessarily go look at that tag, so mostly things are in my inbox). How do you keep track of things you want to read but haven't?
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Request 1
A fannish friend of mine in the Washington, DC area is looking for a new roommate, and would prefer a fannish type to a Craigslist-found stranger. She has a cat. If you are or know someone who's interested, let me know and I'll get you contact information.

Request 2
A different fannish friend is looking for recs for fic where there is home remodeling and/or decorating. She will also take landscaping and/or gardening. She already has links to Home Improvement (J2), curving like the ocean toward you (H50, Steve/Danny), and Family Portrait and Blueprint (dueSouth, Fraser/Ray K). (I can't personally vouch for most of those - the only one I've read is "curving like the ocean toward you," which I very much enjoyed.) Any other ideas? Fandom is unimportant, and knowing her, she might read het as well as slash. (And threesomes, but it seems like with my friends, that probably doesn't need to be said.)

The Offer
I have a bunch of Dreamwidth invite codes. If you want one, let me know!
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Whoops. I kept forgetting yesterday was June first. Also, it was a Wednesday. Wednesdays are the day of the week I find it hardest to stick to my goals, and if I don't do my writing on Wednesday, then I think the week is already a loss and I'm more likely to skip Thursday and Saturday too. I'm trying to think about Gretchen's commandment to "identify the problem," but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what's hard about Wednesdays. I will take suggestions for ways to make it easier!

Report on May:
  • Write at least 400 words per day on weekdays, except Fridays, and 600 words per day on weekends of book two. - Did this ten days.

  • Write at least 200 words per day on weekdays, except Fridays, and 300 words per day on weekends of the Leighton/Victoria story. - Did this ten days.

  • Write miscellaneous snippets as inspired. - Check!

  • Say positive things on Twitter. - Always working on this.
Goals for June:
  • Write at least 400 words per day on weekdays, except Fridays, and 600 words per day on weekends of book two.

  • Write at least 200 words per day on weekdays, except Fridays, and 300 words per day on weekends of the Leighton/Victoria story. Ideally write more than this. I don't know that I'll finish this for big bang (if it's going to take another 30,000 words, I would have to write more like 600+ words per day), but that would be nice.

  • If I'm not going to finish the Leighton/Victoria story for big bang, figure out what I am going to do.

  • Write miscellaneous snippets as inspired.

  • Say positive things on Twitter.
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I've been thinking about social networks and fandom for a while, specifically since LJ introduced the crosspost to Facebook/Twitter feature and everyone freaked out. This got long. )

But even with all that, I know what [ profile] eleanor_lavish means. On days when I'm busy, my friends list, small as it is, seems overwhelming, but on weekends I refresh and refresh and refresh and wish there were more going on. I have recently become more likely to make small, one-off posts about something I just found. (It's not really a joke when I say I'm always two to three years behind the rest of fandom. I should have all my fic uploaded to AO3 by 2015 or so.) If I did more of that, if I posted here with my favorite picture of the day (not every day, but whenever there's one I love) with commentary, if I posted small plot bunny of the day posts instead of saving them all up for one giant post, would you read them and join in the conversation or would it be too much clutter on your friends list?

TL;DR version:
  • I love social networking. You should be friends with me on Facebook. (I only ask that you let me know who you are if I don't already know your real name.) You can also follow me on Twitter.

  • Feel free to unfriend/unfollow me at any time.

  • I love email. You can send me some even if we don't know each other that well. You should also feel free to comment here, at any time. If you find an older post and want to comment, I have no problem with that. Talking about fannish things is my favorite thing in the world.

  • I will absolutely and completely respect your boundaries around keeping your identities separate.

  • I might post here more often, and I am open to suggestions as to communities I should be posting to.
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I put all my 31 days of fic things into my master posts, and then tried to post it. My RPF master post is now too big for LJ. I'm going to pull the bandom section out into its own post. This brings up two new challenges.

First, what should I do about things with sequels versus things that are standalones? If I had total control over the look, I would do something with differing levels of headers and some indenting. I noticed that my FPF one has things with sequels at the top of the list with standalones under it. Maybe I'll do that.

Secondly, should the bandom post then be reorganized into subcategories? I could split it out by band, but then how do I decide which Pete things go under Fall Out Boy and which go under Black Cards? Organizing by pairing seems like it would be useful to other people, but then I would have a bajillion (number exaggerated for effect) headings with just one story.

Today, I am not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good and I'm just moving bandom to its own post, but maybe I will go back and make it more useful. Suggestions are welcome! Really, though, the most useful way to sort your way through my fic, especially if you want to sort by fandom, pairing, or rating, is to use my Delicious tags.
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I have now learned the same lesson twice while working on the same story: just because I wrote something down doesn't mean it has to stay that way. I don't know why this is so difficult with this particular story. I know that you can rewrite and rework things. And yet with this particular story, once I write something I seem to think that's the way it has to be. Once I let go of that and just changed the things that needed to be changed, it worked much better.

What lessons, writing or otherwise, do you keep learning?
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Very few bands come to Chico (Snoop Dogg does, which baffles me every time), but a lot of bands come to Sacramento. Sacramento is an hour and a half drive each way, and really, there is a short list of people I'd be willing to make the drive for: Christian Kane, Empires, MCR, Black Cards, Mark Rose, and maybe Panic! depending on where and who else they were playing with. This spring, I'm in luck! Christian Kane said on Facebook this weekend that Sacramento and Bay Area dates are coming soon. He said SoCal in April/May, so the Sacramento/Bay Area shows must be February or March. I'm totally going whenever it is he's in Sac. The Black Cards are also coming to Sacramento on Travie McCoy's tour. I bought my tickets through the pre-sale yesterday, so not only am I seeing them on April Fool's Day, but I'm seeing them at a venue called Ace of Spades. (MCR is in Oakland on March 31. If I were more dedicated/willing to spend more money, I'd go to that, stay overnight there, and head to Sac for the Black Cards on the first. I'm not that dedicated/willing to spend more money, though.)

All this blather is really to say: if you're going to or interested in going to either of those shows, I would be happy to drive/have dinner/hang out!
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I like this one:
If you were asked to pick one scene, one line, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the stories I've written and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?
(I am bad at choosing one and picked six when I answered this for someone else.)


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