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Summary: "Miss Rexha, I wish to ask for your hand in marriage. I will be a true and faithful husband to you, and you and your mother shall never need worry again."
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Warning: Bebe is 16/17 in this story, which is underage by modern day standards.

Notes Part the First: When I was having a lot of trouble with the middle of "New York to L.A.," I thought, "Maybe I'll just scrap it and write a space AU instead." The problem with a space AU, of course, is: how did they meet? "Maybe," I thought, "they met when Bebe was a child." Then I thought both (a) "Creepy!" and (b) "I've read too much bad Chronicles of Riddick fan fic." But then I took that idea and dumped it into a regency AU, where it might still be mildly creepy but is at least period appropriate.
Notes Part the Second: Many things about this story would be different if I were writing the novel-length version. One of those is the issue of race, where instead of creating some sort of explanation, I have punted and not addressed the issue at all. For shortcut's sake, you can assume this fake regency world is one wherein race is not the influencing factor on what makes one respectable (or not).
Notes Part the Third: Thank you to [ profile] ghostling for providing me with useful information about regency romance meal schedules. Anything that's still wrong is entirely my fault.

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