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I had a plan for this story. Then I only ever wrote the first scene. The idea for this grew out of my fascination at Anna taking on many of the public support duties other players' wives or girlfriends take on (Twitter cheerleading, charity work). The structural idea was for this to be split into three sections with each section including three alternating povs - Alex, Anna, and the boyfriend (whose name and details I never came up with). Here's the basic outline:

Prologue (one scene each)
  • Alex comes out to Anna

  • Anna makes it clear to the Habs people that she is the public support for Alex for charity work and other related things.

  • The boyfriend brings up being out to Alex early in their relationship. The boyfriend is so out he can't go back into the closet even if he wanted to and people are going to figure it out if they keep dating much later.
Center of the Story (lots of scenes for each of them)
  • Alex navigates what it means to be an openly gay NHL player.

  • Anna slowly turns over all of the public support duties to the boyfriend and has to figure what to do with her life now.

  • The boyfriend moves in with Alex and navigates what it means to be the partner of an NHL player.
Epilogue (one scene each)
  • Alex is totally settled in his life as an out player. Maybe this is 24CH visiting their house, or doing some sort of event to support queer kids who play hockey, or talking about the boyfriend in an interview after winning an important game.

  • Anna is totally happy in her own life. Maybe this is a look at her entrepreneurial business or modeling or her with a boyfriend she brings to family dinner. I never quite figured out exactly what Anna's life would look like.

  • The boyfriend is wholly part of the world of hockey player partners. Maybe this is him welcoming the partner of someone who just got signed/traded to the Habs to the group.

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The idea behind this is that Alex and Brandon hook up off and on. They don't talk about it, and they don't tell anyone about it, but Alex keeps borrowing Brandon's clothes. I only wrote some of the snippets of this story.

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I was reading someone else's snippets, and then I wanted to write something where BGally de-ages and AGally turns into a cat, plus Anna is awesome.

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Summary: "Gun! Everyone down!" Brandon shoves Alex down to the ground behind him as he yells it, and then there's the sound of the shot and a line of fire streaking across his shoulder as he throws himself down to cover Alex.

Content Note: Non-graphic gun violence.

Notes: Everything I know about both bodyguards and gunshot wounds I learned from Hollywood and their portrayal in this story should not be taken to reflect actual reality. Title from "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.

Story on AO3

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