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Summary: Tyler shrugs. "It's my body. It's a little impractical, but I like it and," he curls his tongue so just the bead of his piercing shows between his teeth, half a smirk on his face, "it has its uses."

Notes: Snippet for [ profile] ninja_orange, who asked for Ference getting a blowjob from Seguin with a tongue piercing. When I started writing this snippet this morning, Seguin was still a Bruin, and since this was supposed to be an easy, fun writing exercise, I did not go back and change that. Pretend this takes place in a slightly different world where he didn't get traded today.

Story on AO3

Serpent's Tongue )
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Summary: Five times Andrew Ference acts like Tyler Seguin's big brother and what that means for Tyler's relationship with Fred.

Notes: For [ profile] ninja_orange because we were talking about Ference being Segs' big brother and also Segs and Fred legit dating. Thanks to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for helping me figure out the first section.

Story on AO3

Let's Get Serious )


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