2017 Goals

Jan. 2nd, 2017 03:43 pm
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I took a slightly different approach to coming up with goals this year. I really like Danielle LaPorte's year in review exercise, so I did that, and looked at what the new year looks like if it's full of what works and the themes from the highlights of the last year. I've also been revisiting The Desire Map and reworking my way through the core desired feelings process, and here are the feelings I think are going to work for me (at least for now): light, giddy, deeply present, and connection; or, possibly, the more syntactically parallel: light, giddiness, deep presence, connection. (I think the first three might be different flavors of the same thing, but they feel different enough that it's worth keeping all three.) I thought about those two exercises when making goals for this year.

Do regular life check-ins. I think I'm going to create a structure/worksheet for this (I'll share it if I do). The basic idea is that I want to check in with myself every week to see what's working, what isn't, what was great, what I want to change, and what I want to stop doing.

Create and strengthen connections. Do at least one thing every week to strengthen connections with existing, new, or potential friends. Do this with local people at least once a month.

Go on vacation/take time off. Take time off from work at least once a quarter. Go to the beach (any beach). Take a vacation of some sort with Molly.

Attend to my spiritual life. Do something every day that draws inspiration from something outside of me. I have a daily yoga and meditation practice, and there's a different sort of inspiration/spiritual lift that comes from taking in wisdom/inspiration/spiritual teaching from outside of myself.

Make time to take in art. Take in some sort of beautiful, unusual, and/or innovative art every month. This may include: attending dance performances, reading something very different from what I usually read, spending time with beautifully illustrated children's books from the library, going to an art exhibit.

Speak up. Part of this is an intention around making the world a better place over the next year(s). For a specific, measurable goal: write something non-fiction every week. I'm not sure if these are things to post here or on Tumblr or if I should start a Wordpress blog like a Real Blogger. Advice, suggestions, and opinions welcome!

Take care of my health. Specifically here: get the gum grafts done, and start taking melatonin before it really becomes summer to see if it works better that way.
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